Woken up in a cold sweat, anxious that you're not prepared for a meeting or that you're being pursued? No matter how ordinary, scary, confusing, or bizarre your dreams may be, they likely have a deeper meaning. Find out what it all means and track your dreams in your private online log.


Dream Interpretation

Waking :The dream of waking and getting up when in fact the dreamer is still fast asleep may signal reluctance to face unfamiliar challenges at times of change - such as marriage or a new job. Then again, perhaps this disconcerting dream-state of false wakefulness is the mind's way of subverting the signs that we are about to wake up for real, thereby fulfilling what Freud himself described as the main purpose of all dreams - "prolonging sleep instead of waking up".

Object Coming To Life :Bizarre transformations of objects into living creatures (such as a table turning into a horse, or a bed into a herd of sheep) suggest that the dreamer feels able to release some hitherto untapped inner potential. If an object turns into a monster, this could be a warning from the unconscious not to antagonize others in the process of realizing your potential.

Changing Season or Time of Day :A sudden switch from winter to summer or from night to day may indicate a positive new development in the dreamer's life. On the other hand, a change in the opposite direction - summer turning to winter, or day to night - might point to the need to confront and deal with some potentially dangerous impulses.

Unfamiliar Surroundings :An alarmingly grotesque landscape suggests an unwillingness or inability to cope with the unfamiliar. However, friendly people beckoning into strange but intriguing buildings may point to the stimulation and satisfaction that a new opportunity, such as a change of job, may offer. A return to the comfort of a once-familiar environment - the classic experience of deja vu - is widely interpreted by Freudians and Jungians alike as a desire in troubled times to return to the womb.

Bridge :A bridge marks the frontier between the comfortable present and the unpredictable future. Crossing the bridge indicates our ability to move forward - our underlying strength to cope with life's journey, especially in the face of difficult events such as divorce, a new job or moving home.

Labyrinth Or Maze :Jung saw the dark, enclosed labyrinth as a symbol of the tortuous depths of the unconscious, and a dream of entering a labyrinth as representing a journey of self-discovery. A void at the heart of the labyrinth may suggest the emptiness of despair, but according to the circumstances could also symbolize the serene centre of our being. As in the Greek myth of Theseus, who penetrated the Labyrinth of Crete to slay the Minotaur, our personal descent into the unconscious may involve confronting impulses that threaten our well-being. Similar to a labyrinth but open to the light, a maze can reflect the difficulty of finding a direction to follow in life. No one can predict the future, so we may have to rely on our instincts. A map or chart can reassure us that we are on the right path.

Being Lost In Dense Vegetation :Lost among towering trees or tall reeds, we may feel our progress to be impeded by insurmountable obstacles. As in the tale of Hansel and Gretel that many of us will recall from childhood, this feeling might evoke a profound longing for the comfort of a mother.

Destruction and Ruin :Images of destruction can relate to life-changes that quite literally break with the past. A house standing in ruins may convey the broken family that will be left by an imminent divorce; fallen trees can symbolize a family uprooted by emigration, exile or just a move to a new locality.

Car Losing Control :Dreams of a vehicle careering out of control evoke worries about losing all sense of direction in life, especially if we are a passenger or bystander, powerless to influence events. Anxiously searching for the right road in a strange town could point to fears about losing our personal identity.

Wearing a Mask :The wearing of a mask in a dream relates to the appearance we present not only to others but also to ourselves. We often cannot remove the mask or are forced by others to keep it on. This may be a warning that we risk losing all contact with our true self.


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