Cheat Sheet: 5 Things You Missed While Living Your Life

September 11, 2009 at 5:17 pm , by

1. Matt Damon is not dead.

According to the internet frenzy (that may or may not have started on on Wednesday, Matt Damon passed away — but rest easy ladies, the Sexiest Man Alive is still breathing. He was actually in Venice promoting his movie The Informant, and not on a camping trip gone deadly as the rumors making the rounds all said. He confirmed that the stories were untrue when he showed up – in flesh and blood – on David Letterman last night.

2. Tyra Banks showed us her real hair.

On the season 5 premiere of The Tyra Show, Tyra Banks appeared in front of the audience without a weave — something she’s never done on TV or while modeling. Why? Because the theme of season 5 is going to be all about accepting inner and outer beauty — you can see pics of her natural ‘do here.

3. Ellen Degeneres is the newest American Idol judge.

ellenPersonally, we think this is a welcome change to the judging table of the country’s favorite talent competition. Ellen is friendly, entertaining, and completely hilarious — and she’s always been huge fan of the show so she’s going to have a ball doing it. What do you think – will she be able to win over the die-hard Paula fans?

4. The Hubble Telescope gave us new images from space.

The Hubble Telescope was refurbished in May, and it’s now back in business – we got to see some brilliant new images from NASA this week, including this one of the Butterfly Nebula. Even if you’re not a space geek, you’ll appreciate the awesomeness of these shots – see the whole gallery here.

5. Fun Times on Michigan Ave

Oprah kicked off her 24th season this week with a fun Black Eyed Peas performance. This video of over 20,000 happy fans dancing along will make your day.

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  1. I love the Oprah video! So neat. I’m impressed everyone was able to remember all the moves!