Trying It Out: Hyp-Yoga

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Hyp-Yoga Session

Everything goes with yoga—or at least, that’s what it seems.  There’s hot yoga, power yoga, laughter yoga, and of course the hybrid-types like yogalates and doga. So when I got an email about trying a session of Hyp-Yoga, a new wellness program founded by Carly Cummings which blends—you got it—hypnosis and yoga, I couldn’t resist.  Sound like an unlikely pairing?  A little.  But it’s not as odd as it initially seems.

Research shows that there are there are plenty of health benefits of yoga and hypnosis.  While yoga can help improve your flexibility, lower blood pressure and fight stress, hypnosis has been used to help people lose weight, quit smoking and control pain.

Did that mean that in a Hyp-Yoga session I could get two for the price of one?

Hyp-Yoga combines hypnosis and yoga with the goal of helping people make positive mind and behavior changes like losing weight, fighting insomnia and reducing stress, says Carly who teaches classes in Omaha, Nebraska.  A typical session starts with 40 minutes of yoga, followed by 20 minutes of guided hypnosis.  The yoga half is intended to open up your body and relax your mind, making you more open and receptive to the suggestions during hypnosis.

I met up with Carly her colleague Kim Isherwood, RN for a Hyp-Yoga session meant to boost my creativity. The yoga part was pretty straightforward (regulating my breathing, aligning my body in power positions), but I was really looking forward to the second half.

Going in, I was a little suspect about the whole hypnosis bit, which brought to mind images of people on stage quacking like ducks. But hypnosis isn’t the “you’re getting sleepy, very sleepy” gimmick that it’s popularly portrayed as, Carly explained.  Rather, a trance is a heightened state of concentration, like when you’re so engrossed in reading a book that you don’t hear someone call your name.  Read our story on hypnosis.

Okay, I’m lying down on a mat getting hypnotized.  Hypnotized! I’m imagining myself in a room of creativity and fed words of affirmation.  You are amazing. Yes, I am! You can accomplish any task before you. Yes, I can!  My elbows tingle and my body feels like it’s sinking into the mat. I can feel myself smiling.

The session ends.

While I can’t speak to the long-term effects of Hyp-Yoga, I definitely felt refreshed and ready to face the mounting pile of work on my desk.  As I finished up my work, I found myself reciting some of the affirmations.  Yes, I can!

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7 Responses to “Trying It Out: Hyp-Yoga”

  1. Intriguing…I’ve only tried hypnosis for relaxation, combining it with yoga sounds like a winner.

  2. WOW! what an amazing idea! Carly, what an awesome creative person. :)

  3. That’s a really interesting idea. I will have to try Hyp-Yoga.

  4. I call this the ultimate mental vacation! who doesnt need a mental vacation that includes an easy work-out?

  5. Hyp-Yoga sounds really interesting, but at we were skeptical about its effectiveness. Thanks for trying it out and reviewing it. It’s great to read a firsthand experience.

    Your review inspired us to blog about Hyp-Yoga on Fitsmi. Our post is called “Hyp-Yoga: Real Deal or Baloney?” and we included a few quotes from this article (with a link back to you, of course!) Check it out :)

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