Cheat Sheet: 5 Things You Missed While Living Your Life

September 25, 2009 at 2:30 pm , by

1. Obama made us laugh on Letterman.
The president took a seat with David Letterman on Monday night, and discussed – what else – his health care plan. Not only did he randomly accept the gift of a heart-shaped potato from an audience member, but he might have gotten more laughs than Letterman during their chat. When Dave asked him about Jimmy Carter’s suggestion that the opposition to his healthcare plan is rooted in racism, Obama said, “I think it’s important to realize I was actually black before the election,” to which Dave replied, ”Really, how long have you been a black man?” with a totally straight face. The two of them brought out a lot of laughs in the audience – check the video here if you missed it.

2. Hollywood actors defended insurance companies – hilariously.
Speaking of health care, a bunch of actors got together and made this Funny or Die video playing devil’s advocate to Obama’s health care reform plan. You really need to watch it to appreciate it, but I’ll give away one gem: “Insurance companies are detail oriented enough to deny claims for things like typos…if you spell something wrong, do you really deserve surgery?”- Will Ferrell

dan-brown-250x2503. A new Dan Brown novel came out, and we’re not sure if it’s good or not.
Dan Brown, of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons fame, came out with a new novel – The Lost Symbol. Will it take the world by storm like the other two? It got some mixed reviews this week, including this one, that claims the story “dies repeatedly” and “doesn’t ever have the chance to develop any pace because Brown dumps chunks of often irrelevant information directly into the text, stopping the narrative dead in the water.” Ouch. Decide for yourself – the new book is on Amazon.

4. Hugely famous stars have embarrassing high school photos too.
Brangelina, Jennifer Aniston, Paula Abdul, Tom Cruise, Mariah, and more…in high school yearbook photos. Enough said.

5. Baby does Beyonce!
I’m willing to bet this is the cutest thing you’ve seen on the internet all week. This adorable tot is giving Sasha Fierce a run for her money – the baby doesn’t have a metal glove, but does have all the attitude!

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