Do Good: Join My Village

October 1, 2009 at 10:51 am , by

JMVUpdate: My apologies if you’ve already read and joined, but this is so exciting and important that I’m bumping this post back up to the top!

We’re so excited to spread the word about Join My Village! It’s an awesome new initiative to help fight poverty in Malawi by giving women and girls the tools they need to make a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities. Malawi is a very poor country with high infant mortality and low life expectancy—especially for women. But the way to change can be surprisingly simple (at least to us Westerners). Whole villages are uplifted when women and girls can improve their schools and access to education, farm their land, and start their own businesses.

Of course we can’t all travel to Africa to help directly, so Join My Village sponsors CARE and General Mills came up with a great way to help us all have an impact from home: All you have to do is visit and join a virtual village. General Mills will donate up to $500,000 to nearly 75 villages in Malawi through the program, so when you join a team, take quiz questions, and share the site with friends, you’ll raise $1 each time. (Up to $3 per day, per person.) Plus you’ll get to learn about the real live village you join, and the real women you’re helping to support. You can also donate money and General Mills will match your donation.

Pretty cool, right? I just signed up today (Go Kalimira village!) and I’m asking everyone who reads this to join a village too—and tell your friends and family. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it can make a big difference.

2 Responses to “Do Good: Join My Village”

  1. I’m on team Chigodi – how cool!

  2. I joined Zumani! and just learned that purple isn’t a color on the Malawi flag!