Go Ask Gab: To Bootie Or Not To Bootie…

October 13, 2009 at 10:22 am , by

Gab, I trash-talked ankle boots a lot when they first came out, but now I’m secretly drawn to some of them. How do I come to terms with my uncertain feelings about ankle boots? And if I decide that they we’re meant to be, I’m worried that by the time I get them they’ll be out of style.  How long do we think they’ll be acceptable for?  - Katebr1

Kate, I think it’s always great to admit you were wrong about something. You don’t always have to be right and being wrong is a great lesson… oh wait we are talking about fashion!  I remember when I was young making fun of my older sister’s Dr Martens only to get a pair a year later. Our style and tastes change year to year. And sometimes it takes a season or two for a new trend to become wearable for “real people” and not just something that models or super-trendy ladies can pull off.

SamIn terms of forecasting, you never know what will be in one season and out the next. When metallic was huge trend a few years ago, my friend asked me if she should buy a pair of bronze flats. I told her no because metallics had been around for a few seasons already and I thought it was probably on its way out. I was wrong and metallics are still around—and she likes to remind me of my mistake!

M+OBooties are huge and everywhere right now. If you’re still on the fence about them, go for a classic pair—nothing too trendy, edgy or expensive. Get something that you know you’ll wear and can work into your lifestyle and wardrobe. Stick with black and other neutrals. (For those of you out there who are more comfortable with your booties, I encourage you to certainly take some risks!)

Once you buy a pair, rock them with a slim pant, short dress or skirt. And don’t worry about what you said last year. I’m sure no one will remember once they see you looking hot in your new booties!

Boots pictured above from Banana Republic, Sam Edelman, and Martin + Osa.

4 Responses to “Go Ask Gab: To Bootie Or Not To Bootie…”

  1. Absolutely LOVE booties. Especially with skirts. Got a grey Pink Studio pair that make me forgive mother nature for turning the weather cold.

  2. My people traditionally have wide feet because we were bread to stay afloat in the Peat Bogs of eastern Europe. This physical anomaly does not allow me to comfortably wear stylish boots. I walk like a penguin with a yeast infection. Are there manufacturers who cater to the Eastern European Foot so that I similarly can show off my legs..

  3. I love ankle boots and I felt odd in them at first. But, they can set off any outfit…

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