Let’s Make a Deal: Fashion Bargains

October 20, 2009 at 1:59 pm , by

lets make a dealOK, ladies. Let’s stop moping about the bad economy! With financial turmoil comes deals to be had. Just yesterday, I put together this outfit online in 20 minutes. And don’t I look good?

Martin and Osa cashmere and silk cardigan. Don’t like this color? Fine – pick one of the other 5. Original price: $130. Now: $49.95!

J. Crew embellished tshirt. So cute and modern under a suit. Original price: $49.50. Now: $19.99!

Banana Republic cotton skirt. I love the exposed side zipper! Comes in black too. Original price: $70. Now: $39.99!

J. Crew patent leather belt. I have last years version of this belt and I can attest that the color works with everything! Original price: $42.50. Now: $9.99!

Cole Haan woven leather bag. Still not cheap but you can’t skimp on a bag. And this one’s a beauty. Original price: $395. Now: $275.99!

J. Crew suede and patent pumps. Like the belt, this neutral goes a long way. Original price: $168. Now: $79.99!

Looks like I just saved you $379. You’re welcome.

Maybe you love this look, maybe you don’t. But the point is that there are deals to be had and they’re just a click away. So…tell me…what great deals have you scored lately??

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3 Responses to “Let’s Make a Deal: Fashion Bargains”

  1. Such a great idea, and I love the outfit! I’ve been seeing those embellished tees on my fashionable coworkers and seriously covet them, so maybe I’ll just mosey on over to JCrew.com…

  2. Thanks for these sales tips. This is a terrific feature. I hope you continue with updates.

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