Victoria’s Real Secret: More Than Great Undies

November 3, 2009 at 10:13 am , by

Picture 9Ask any American woman where she got her bra and undies and there’s a good chance she’ll say “Victoria’s Secret“. But even though they make a great catalog and have a well stocked and organized website, most ladies’ don’t think of VS as a place to shop for clothes. I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out!

Just a quick peak at the website reminded me of some of the reasons why I love Victoria’s clothes as much as her lingerie:

Trend-right modern pieces: I’m absolutely loving this navy sequin blazer. And at a time when sequins are EVERYWHERE, VS offers them in different styles and colors – there’s even a sequin legging! (Do you dare? I say go for it with a tunic dress.)

Well-priced jeans in LOTS of different styles: Click on all jeans and you’ll get 81 different choices! I love the pencil jean, pictured here, but one of my other faves is The Cheeky. For those who need it, it’s like a padded bra for your butt. Genius!

Great shoes: Not only does Victoria’s Secret carry lots of different brands but their own line, Colin Stuart, is fabulous and well-priced. I love these boots that have a hidden platform and treds on the sole.

And while you’re there, pick up a lipgloss in Cupquake, the color that looks great on everyone. Happy shopping!

Photo illustration by Sue Erneta using photos from Victoria’s Secret.

6 Responses to “Victoria’s Real Secret: More Than Great Undies”

  1. Their shoe selection is great! stylish yet affordable!

  2. I saw a great sequined cardigan at J Crew that was reasonably priced and not super flashy, as the sequins were only in the front.

  3. I’ve been buying most of my pants there, actually, because of the long lengths.

  4. love the pants and jeans but wish they had more of them in petite or shorts lengths

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