Let There Be Candlelight

November 4, 2009 at 6:44 pm , by


I’m a candle snob, I admit it. I see nothing wrong with spending a little bit of money on a great smelling, long lasting, fancy candle. Go ahead and drink your White Zinfandel and order your well done steak (ok, don’t) but really don’t buy one of those scentless teal drugstore numbers. Yuck!

I light a couple of candles every night when I get home from work and instantly feel more relaxed. Their soft glow and subtle scents force me to kick off my shoes and de-stress. Okay, maybe the candles don’t force me to do this, but they are an important part of my nightly ritual, and I love them. I’ve listed a few of my favorites for you here. Try a few, and light up your life!

Voluspa These candles come in a beautiful round shaped container that look great on any surface. The Japonica Collection is my absolute favorite—they smell heavenly as well.

Archipelago These candles burn for hours and smell fabulous! I dare you to not fall in love with the Stonehenge glass jar candle. I can’t get enough of it.

Tocca Elegant, simple, and quite possibly perfect. It adds a bit of class to any bathroom.

Illume A great selection that never disappoints. My new favorites are the retro tins (pictured above). These colorful over-sized tins are sure to put a smile on your face.

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  1. I agree that cheap candles don’t do anything! Use tealights for ambience, not fragrance. That said, I feel compelled to share one of my favorite, and completely unexpected, candle sources: Nars. They’re nearly impossible to find, as Nars’ candles are often only sold in their makeup boutiques, but if you can find one (and are willing to pay for it,) it’s completely worth it. My favorites: Jaipur, a lovely, balanced floral and Acalpulco, which smells like a whiff of sugared coffee. But, when I do need a cheaper fix, I love Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar scent.