What’s Your Good Deed For Today?

November 16, 2009 at 3:51 pm , by

kindnessHere at LHJ we’re all about Doing Good, which can mean a lot of different things. Sure, we’re 110 percent behind ending global poverty, better education for our kids and lots, lots more. But we also think it’s important to remember to do the smaller good deeds that make your own little world a better place: Holding the door open for a stranger, bringing in coffee for a coworker, giving up your seat on the bus, or as our Editor-in-Chief Sally tweeted about on Friday, giving up the last pair of fab shoes at the store to the other woman who really wants them! We think all these small deeds will add up to a much happier world.

So, what kinds of little good deeds do you regularly do? (Or tell us something that someone has done for you!) I’m looking for ideas—still have to do my good deed today…

6 Responses to “What’s Your Good Deed For Today?”

  1. I just texted a photo of my newborn nephew to a friend. But it turned out I had her number wrong, and I got a text back that said, “I don’t know who this is, but that’s a really cute baby – made my day!”

  2. Good deed for the day. Went into a Dunkin Donuts to get my usual medium coffee(fav coffee), and began talking to the lady behind the counter. Came to find out she was so very depressed and sad, began to cry and I reached out to her and asked her what was wrong. She had worked that day 14 hours so far, and her bosss was yelling at her the day before all day, and she felt she never can give enough, at work or home. I took time to hug her , and chat with her letting her know we all have those days, and she gave me a bunch of donuts for my family, no charge, which I never would have wanted, nor expected. My heart went out to her,b ut to spend a few extra minutes to talk with a stranger, you find out they can and do have the same days you do! We made each others day by emphathizing and taking time for just a few short minutes. Take the time, it may make a big difference to someone.

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  6. Everynday when I wake up I pray and ask The Lord what he would have me do for someone today. there are a lot of needs and of I can help I try to,accommodate. today my friend called me and asked me to read from my daily journal as she needed encouragement for the day. Of course I read to,her. This is,something I have done for her for one and a half years
    .When her house was involved in a flood, she had to move in with a friend who,did not,have the channels she for at home, so every day for about 4 months I called her and let her listen to my t.v. Via the telephone . Last week I spent two days with my grandson who had the flu so his mom didn’t have to stay home from work and loose her pay. This is so rewarding when I can help . It is such a feeling of accomplishment..