The Purr-fect Welcome Wagon

January 21, 2010 at 3:07 pm , by

PUPPYThere ‘s nothing more comforting than when your pet greets you at the door, tail wagging. Even on days when you’re coming in from the rain, soaking wet, carrying broken soggy shopping bags, he’s still there, thrilled to see you. It is truly an animal-induced ego boost.  Those could have been anyone’s keys jingling in the hallway, but somehow Fluffy knew exactly who was approaching the front door… But does that mean that pets can tell time? More importantly, how do they know? While Fluffy clearly isn’t wearing a wrist watch every day, he is still in tune with your schedule, according to psychologist William A. Roberts.  Cats and dogs are mainly wired for feeding times, which pretty much throws your ‘just excited to see me’ theory out the window (stupid science). I’ll take the unconditional love waiting at the welcome mat (even if it’s the unconditional love of roast beef)!

5 Responses to “The Purr-fect Welcome Wagon”

  1. I know that pet’s can tell time. When our daughter was in school or cat (yes, the cat) would go down to the end of our lot and perch herself on top of the driveway post and wait until the bus came. She did this every day at 3:00. So cute. Then they would walk up to the house together.

  2. “I have to go.” This sends my dog padding down the hallway to the room she sleeps in when I am away. She seems to know when it is “time” for me to go to work. Maybe I give her clues: turn off the coffe pot, put on my coat, pick up my purse….

  3. You hit it purr-fectly. Although we often take them for granted, they are always there for us. Enjoyed the lift.

  4. Pets always know when you’re coming home. They jump off the furniture that they’re not supposed to be on right before you walk in the door!

  5. Just to give you an idea how boring our life if, our dogs can recognize the Jeopardy music and they know they must wait for that time to get their evening cookies. I believe they could probably sing that song if given a chance.