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March 1, 2010 at 4:24 pm , by

oscar partyUnless you are a big movie buff, you might have forgotten that the Academy Awards are on this Sunday! I usually tune in just to watch the disastrous red carpet interviews and then call it a night, but last year my friend Lisa (our entertainment guru here at the mag) urged me to throw a small gathering for the event. It was an absolute blast! Why not host your own little shindig this year? Read on for Entertaining Expert Mark Addison’s great suggestions on how to host a red-carpet worthy Oscar party.

  • Have a Polaroid camera set up near the entrance to snap attendees as they enter. Encourage guests to come dressed to impress for the “paparazzi.”
  • Serve Best Picture-themed snacks and beverages such as:
    • Pandora punch with blue Kool-Aid and a crazy straw.
    • Popcorn out of a football helmet for The Blind Side with iced “Gator” Aid.
    • Chocolate-covered dog biscuits for Up! (your furry friends can join in the fun too).
  • Play a compilation of music from the soundtracks for the Best Picture nominees. During commercials, encourage guests to dance or play “Name That Movie” for each song.

  • Print out the list of nominees from During the pre-show, and have guests circle their favorite in each category. After the ceremony, tally up who selected the most winners and present them with a small gift such as a Best Picture soundtrack CD, or a bottle of champagne.
  • When I travel, I’m always finding great miniatures from hotels and industry events. If you’re a collector like I am, use them to put mini-gift bags together for guests to take home (99 cent stores work great as an alternative). Print out mini-Oscars and fill the bags with fun industry schwag. At this Oscar party, everyone is a winner.

For more Oscar party tips check out the Journal section of our March issue, which is currently on newsstands!

3 Responses to “Host an Award-Worthy Oscar Party”

  1. Yay! And it was SO much fun. I highly suggest everyone up the glam factor for their Oscar party. Try making tuxedo strawberries or serving champagne…who says celebrities should get to have all the fun?!

  2. I love to host award show parties! i make ballots give out prizes… and of course comment on the fashion!

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