Beautify Your Bed

March 10, 2010 at 2:57 pm , by

bedIn honor of our April Fresh New You issue I thought I would tackle an area in the home that is so relevant to feeling fresh and fantastic everyday—your bed! We all know how important a good night’s sleep is, and with so many fabulous products out there, why wouldn’t you make your boudoir both comfortable and beautiful? Here’s a list of some of my current favorites.

I love my new 400 thread count Charles P. Rogers Sheets. They are so soft and elegant, and I feel like I am spending the night in a fancy hotel. Right now you can grab the Prima cotton sheets in any size for $99.

I just got the n-a-p blanket from Brookstone for my birthday, and I absolutely love it! I never had a baby blanket as a child, but I have one now as an adult. This incredibly soft blanket travels well from sofa to bed and back again, and is great to cuddle with.

I like to drown out the sounds of the city at night with the ambient noise of rainfall or ocean waves. Even my husband, who would prefer to sleep 500 feet underground with pillows over his ears doesn’t mind the sound of rain. If white noise helps you sleep too, check out this sleek sound machine from Brookstone. It’s a bit of a splurge, but you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep!

There’s nothing like snuggling into a big, full, comfy, oversize down comforter. I was always so jealous of my friends that had one growing up, as I had a cheap, scratchy Pollock inspired bedspread. Now I am making up for lost time, and have the biggest and best comforter ever. JC Penney has a great collection of affordable comforters.

Perfect pillows are a must. has an amazing variety. They will change your life.

Of course you need a fabulous duvet cover to protect your new fluffy down comforter. The Organic Bloom cover from West Elm is colorful, and just in time for spring—definitely a fresh new look.

Let there be light! Except when I am trying to sleep… I could join my husband underground with my sound machine because I like it dark. These espresso velvet curtains from Pottery Barn are gorgeous, and block out the rays when you need them to. Throw them up with a tension rod from Bed Bath and Beyond, and think power nap on a Sunday afternoon.

Prior to retiring to my sleep haven, I like to have a cup of Yogi bedtime tea and take a hot bath with Agraria’s relaxing aromatherapy Lavender and Rosemary bath salts—complete with seashell scoop. I’ve been practicing this ritual for about a month now, and I have to say, the results are great. Sweet dreams!

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