Beauty Coach: How to Wear Blue Eye Shadow

March 18, 2010 at 1:24 pm , by

“Can I really wear blue eye shadow?” When LHJ’s very own oh-so-stylish fashion editor Sue asked me this question yesterday, my first reaction was, Yippee! and Hooray! I love talking about our gorgeous spring runaway trend story with makeup pro Mathew Nigara. My second reaction was to invite Sue to the beauty closet to prove that yes, she absolutely can wear blue. Here’s how it went down:


Before: Sue without eye makeup


Step 1: Prep with a neutral base

The first trick to wearing colorful eyeshadow: Prep your lids! I applied a little eye primer and then blended a tan eye shadow over Sue’s lids as a base color.


Step 2: Apply blue eyeshadow like a liner

Then it was time to add color. Sue loved this new palette from Maybelline in Sapphire Siren. I applied the bright blue shade just along Sue’s top lashline with an eye liner brush. Note: You could use a pencil but I prefer shadow because it has a softer finish.


Step 3: Blend in outer crease and over lid

Sue was game for more color on her lid so I added more blue to her outer crease and blended a touch of the emerald green shade on the center of her lids.


Step 4: Line lower lashline

Finally, I lined her bottom lashline with more of the blue shadow. Some of the shadow drifted underneath her eyes but it was easy to clean up with a little foundation. We finished the look with lots of black mascara.


After: Sue's new baby blues!

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  1. The eyes look good…but what are you going to do about that poor girl’s hair???????