Veggie Love

March 23, 2010 at 1:05 pm , by

Rachel & JennieEating healthy is difficult in today’s convenience-driven food market, and getting kids to eat healthy is an even bigger challenge – that’s what led us to Hidden Valley’s ‘Veggie Central’ event at NYC’s Grand Central Station last week. Although the flowing fountains of ranch dressing were fun, the main draw was talking to Jennie Ranch bottlesGarth (of 90210 fame) about her involvement in Hidden Valley’s ‘Love Your Veggies’ campaign. “I try to pick things I can relate to,” says Garth of her spokeswoman status, “I feel good about my work when it aligns with a message I already believe in.” So how does Garth embrace eating healthy at home? “I don’t have junk around as an option.” By eliminating tempting treats from her cupboards, Garth says she and her kids end up snacking on carrot sticks instead of potato chips – makes sense huh? As for parenting tips in this department, Garth advises, “Educate Veggie Lollipopsthem about taking care of themselves and give them a choice without emphasizing the words diet and fat.”… rules for all of us to live by!
With the stress of hectic schedules and the option of ready-made (usually processed) meals, Garth, the self-proclaimed ‘salad queen’, believes that eating healthy and being conscious of nutrition is something people have to make room for in their lives. How do Jennie and her actor hubby, Peter Facinelli (Twilight) manage this with three young girls at home? “We eat together every night,” says Garth, “Sometimes if my husband is filming and can’t have dinner with us, we’ll skype him during dinner or before the girls go to bed.” How refreshing!  Learn more about how to make nutrition a part of your life from Jennie Garth and the folks at Hidden Valley Salad Dressings, and remember to ‘Love Your Veggies’.