How to Host a Kids’ Fashion Show Birthday Party

March 25, 2010 at 12:29 pm , by

sophiafashionshowMy daughter’s are lucky little girls. With a fashion editor for a mom, they get nice perks like an huge wardrobe of “mommy” shoes to play with and the chance to accompany me to really cool events like fashion shows. Ever since I took Sophia to the Rebecca Taylor show last year, she’s been playing “fashion show” at home. This fun game consists of putting on princess dresses, piling on accessories, and then strutting down the runway (aka: our family room). So, when Sophia recently turned five, I decided to host a fashion show birthday party. The kids had so much fun that I’d love to share my tips with you. And you don’t need to be a fashion editor to pull it off. What you’ll need:

1) Fashion show invitation. It said, “Please join us for the Sophia Erneta spring 2010 collection with a runway show starring you!” At the bottom of the invite, I listed pretend seating assignments “Section A, Row 1, Seat 5.” Everyone got a front row seat!

2) Princess dress-up outfits and pirate gear. If you have a young girl, you probably have dress up clothes, but if you don’t have enough, ask guests to wear a princess dress. I also got foam tiaras for the girls to decorate and foam pirate hats for the boys. When it was time to get dressed, the boys also got pirate tattoos (temporary, of course!), eye patches and bandannas. I just laid all the dresses out in my room for them to choose from. Surprisingly, there were no fights over which dress each girl got to wear.

3) Rainbow mylar curtain. I know it seems ridiculous but the kids were all obsessed with this fashion show backdrop that I got at Oriental Trading for only $5.29.

4) A “runway”. This does not need to be fancy. We just pushed our dining table back and lined up chairs. It helped the kids understand which way to walk. You could also put some kind of cheap paper runner along the floor or tape down streamers along the edge.

5) Music and an announcer. Once the kids were ready, we put on some of Sophia’s favorite dance songs and my husband (dressed in pirate accessories) announced the kids as they came down the runway “Here comes Sophia, the birthday girl, dressed as Ariel! Put your hands together for Sophia!” (I can assure you, this does not happen at a real fashion show but the kids don’t know that and they loved it!)

6) Someone to tell the kids when to walk. This was something I forgot to do and since the kids were all so anxious to get out there, the whole show was over in about 45 seconds. It wasn’t a big deal though, they just did it again, and again…

7) Fashionable favors. We bought cheap beads from Oriental Trading and Sophia and I made necklaces for all the kids with their names on them so they could all take home a “Sophia Erneta original.”

Everyone had a blast and I was very pleased to do something so fun—that was so inexpensive too!

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  1. This is so cute!

  2. Too cute!!!!

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