Talbots is Cool

March 29, 2010 at 11:12 am , by

talbots-bagI love Michael Smaldone. Who’s he, you ask? Well, just the genius Creative Director who has transformed Talbots into a really cool brand. Have you noticed how good Talbots is looking lately? Michelle Obama has. And when the best dressed woman in America is wearing it, so should you.

It’s kind of crazy when my mom’s favorite brand is suddenly appealing to me—and I’m not even 40 yet! (Okay, I know I’m getting close but I still shop at American Eagle so clearly I’m fighting that “40-something-look” every way I can!) Their clothes are cut a little closer to the body now, and their jewelry is looking downright modern. And the bags? Don’t get me started on the bags. At their recent fall presentation, I was drooling over all the gorgeous (and well-priced) styles. You’ll have to wait for fall to get the get the one pictured here but you can find other great handbag styles on their website right now. I particularly love this little camel clutch so much that we featured it in our March fashion feature. I’m also dying over this python-embossed leather clutch. And bonus: Most bags cost well under $300, with many under $200.

If that wasn’t enough to get you running to your nearest Talbots, how about this: They’re not just promoting looking good, but they’re doing good too. Talbots is giving $200 gift cards to 600 female veterans as part of Maria’s Shriver’s WE Support program that helps veterans transitioning back to civilian life. In addition, 2,100 military spouses will receive Talbots 30% off discount cards. Now, that’s something that makes shopping feel even better.

5 Responses to “Talbots is Cool”

  1. There is an entire look that will have me running to the store this fall!

  2. Talbots IS cool lately. I’ve been telling co-workers and they’re just starting to come around. But I just recently discovered that their clothes are looking less frumpy and more hip and professional. And they have great sales. I bought a few sweaters from there in the fall and they looked great and most importantly they’ve held up pretty well. I hate spending money on stuff only to have it look crappy after washing.

  3. In addition, Talbots has a great range of size diversity in their clothing. They offer many of their styles in regular misses sizes, as well as in petite, women’s (larger sizes), and women’s petite (larger sizes in shorter lengths). Kudos to them for creating clothing designed to fit ALL women.

  4. Talbots clothes have always worn exceptionally well, I have shopped there since I was in college,and have never regretted anything I purchased at Talbots. They have great sales, stand behind their product( I hear even years later!) and will help you when shopping there. I may not like everything, and mainly buy sporty clothing there, but what’s not to like!

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