Define Your Decor with Curtains

April 7, 2010 at 4:30 pm , by

orgcurtnsTo cover the window, or not to cover? That is the question! I say cover. With all of the different sizes, colors and patterns available in the world of curtains, finding something that suits you, and your windows, is simple. I chose these bright orange curtains for my kitchen window and I absolutely love the homey feel they provide. Here are some simple tips to help ensure that you hang just your curtains, and not yourself.

Take Measurements. I know it sounds simple, but I can’t tell you how many times people get the wrong length. Make sure you measure from where you are going to hang the curtains to the floor. It’s better if the curtains pool a bit on the floor verses having them too short.

Select the Right Rod: Decide what sort of curtain rod you want to use. I like to use a tension rod if possible because you don’t have to drill or hammer. Make sure the curtains are light enough and that the distance the rod has to reach isn’t too wide, otherwise it can bow. If you have to go the hardware route, make sure you have all of the connectors and screws required. Most kits will tell you if you need something that isn’t included, but it doesn’t hurt to double check with a sales associate—when in doubt, ask.

Block the Light, or Don’t: Hanging up curtains doesn’t mean you have to block out the natural light that your window may provide—you can choose a sheer panel or keep them permanently tied back. Alternatively, if you want to keep the glare out, in your bedroom for example, you can choose a dark velvet or purchase actual room darkening panels from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Patterned or Solid: Decide ahead of time what sort of statement you want your curtains to make: Do some research online to determine what you like—and what you definitely don’t. Solid panels make a simple, clean statement but can still really warm up a room. If you do decide to go with a pattern, choose something that doesn’t compete with the walls or furniture. Buy several patterned panels first as samples, and take them home to see how they look against your furniture and walls—keep the pair you like best and return the others!

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