This Stuff Works: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

April 7, 2010 at 5:42 pm , by

mrclean-magic-eraser-bath-scrubberDon’t you love it when products actually live up to their claims? Us too! That’s why we’ve got a brand-new weekly feature for you. Every Wednesday our editors and readers will share “This Stuff Works” picks for the must-have products they couldn’t live without. First up is Courtney.

A few months back my local grocery store was having a sale on these Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubbers, so thought I would try them. I tossed them into my basket, and forgot about them until last weekend. (I do clean my bathroom frequently, I just happened to hide this particular product from myself). I read the simple instructions and climbed on in to the tub to see if these things would do the trick. Oh wow—I never thought I could be this excited about cleaning my shower, but this little sponge really was magic! I just scrubbed a bit here and a bit there, and before I knew it my tub was gleaming brighter than the top of Mr. Clean’s bald head. There were no harsh chemical smells either, just a clean Febreze scent which was a total bonus. I’ve already told my friends and family about this great product (I know, you can only imagine how exciting my life is) but I wanted to share it with all of you as well. Happy Cleaning!

Now it’s your turn: Share your “This Stuff Works” favorites–the beauty, home, or other products that you can’t live without–in the comments. You could be featured next week!

7 Responses to “This Stuff Works: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser”

  1. i am 76 years old.i used maybelline age works for it doesnt cover all my wrinkles but it does cover all my age skin looks good

  2. For Earth Day…my favorite new product is the solar PV system on my roof. I found a company (Sungevity) that put the panels up for free, and I’m paying monthly the same as I used to pay for electricity (it’s called a “solar lease”). Love watching the meter spin backwards on sunny days and love the credit I get from PG&E when I produce more power than I use.

  3. This Stuff Works : Shout Color Catchers

    We can’t understand why these things aren’t flying off the shelves faster than a fly buzzing around your head in the summer time.

    If you’ve never tried “Shout Color Catchers”, you’ve just got to !!! We bought a burgandy set and a creme colored set of towels and decided to see if this product lived up to its name. We had been using Color Catchers for some while, but this was our “ultimate” test.

    We read the back of the package and it says this product has “DyeHold Technology – that traps and locks away loose dyes in the wash so they can’t transfer onto your other clothes.” We wanted to make sure…

    We selected hot water as we wanted to loosen as much dye as possible; added the laundry detergent , the towel sets and one color catcher.
    We were so curious my husband and I kept opening the washer lid during the cycle to see if we had made a horrible mistake, but once the cycle was finished, we took out our burgandy and cream colored towel sets and voila! they were the right colors !!! Not one bit of color faded to the other towels. The color catcher came out a bright pink. Since then, we’ve done dark purple towels and whites together and the result is the same. Not one bit of color/dye faded to the other.

    So if you’ve got a husband or a college student that doesn’t want to wear pink underwear after washing his red polo shirt with his underwear and socks, tell them to throw all of the clothes together in the washer with one color catcher and you can take the day off!

  4. My dishes & glasses were film covered every time after running them through the dishwasher. I then hand washed them with Dawn & Bleach, but could not remove the film. Then I read about Lemi Shine.
    After one wash in my dishwasher everything came out shining like new!! Needless to say I’ve told all my friends about it. I had come to the point where with our hard water I was ready to throw them all out & buy new. It is an amazine product!

  5. My dishes & glasses were filmed covered after running them through my dish washer each time.
    I tried getting the film off by washing by hand in detergent & bleach, but nothing worked.
    I read about Lemi Shine, but figured with our hard water, nothing would work. I was amazed when I saw the results. The shine was like new!
    I’ve told everyone I know about this product.
    So many products are not as wonderful as they are advertised to be, but Lemi Shine is!!

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