Beauty Coach: Best Mascaras for Lashes

April 8, 2010 at 8:13 pm , by

There are lots of nifty tricks to amplify your lashline. You can glue on a few individuals, apply a full strip of falsies or head to the salon for a set of extensions. You can even grow longer, darker lashes with a prescription. Me, I’m sticking with the simple stuff — eye lash curler and mascara. Actually, make that mascaras. Two mascaras and I’m all set in the lash department. I’ve probably tried a hundred different mascaras and find that the best fall into one of the following two categories:

Favorite Jeans Mascara: If you’ve already found your perfect go-to formula for natural, pretty definition, kudos to you! I bet it took some trial and error to find your perfect fit. If you’re still on the hunt: I love Shu Umeura’s Mascara Basic. It’s super light and never clumpy. You can layer on 10 coats and it won’t look heavy or goopy. It’s also soft on the lashes and doesn’t leave them dry and brittle. Cover Girl Lash Blast Length is another top choice.

Cioccolata Calda Mascara: I don’t know if you’ve tried a really dramatic, extra-fringe-fattening mascara yet, but they’re quite incredible. (Just like your first Italian cioccolata. You think you’re ordering regular old hot chocolate, but then you get this cup of incredibly decadent, almost dark chocolate pudding. Divine!) This amazing version of a classic is definitely not for every day, but it’s fabulous when you want over-the-top lashes. My favs in this category are YSL Faux Cil Noir Radical, Lancome Hyponse Drama and Maybelline Great Lash BIG. Take your time when applying and use a lash comb because these guys do tend to clump if you’re not careful.

What’s your favorite mascara?

14 Responses to “Beauty Coach: Best Mascaras for Lashes”

  1. I like Maybelline’s Stiletto

  2. Mmmm Cioccolata Calda…so good once it hits your lids.

  3. My favorite mascara in the world is shu umera basic. You hit it right on the nose! This article was awesome!

  4. I love MAC X mascara — never clumps and it’s very resasonbly priced.

  5. I appreciate the info in your article, I’m always on the lookout for new mascaras and the ones you recommended sound awesome! Thanks

  6. Will use these recommendations to buy mascara for my teenage daughter.

  7. My all-time favorite was Almay’s Amazing Lash, which was discontinued about four and a half years ago. (You never forget a good mascara!) Right now, I’m loving Bourjois’ Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara. Good stuff.

  8. I just LOVE Chanel Inimitable mascara!

  9. My fav is any mascara by Lancome…though Cioccolata Calda sounds awesome where can i get it?

  10. Very interesting. I usually wear Mary Kay but like the suggestions. Any views on waterproof – I wear that since I wear contacts.

  11. Ladies, thanks for all your feedback! So much to say about mascara, right?
    Lisa, I think the hot chocolate at City Bakery comes close. It’s not quite as thick as the cioccolate calda in Rome, but

    As far as waterproof mascara, I personally am not a fan. I find them very drying and difficult to remove. (I also wear contacts) I can vouch for Shu Uemura’s mascara basic. It doesn’t run and I have really oily eye lids. Tubing mascaras a good alternative to waterproof. Trish McEvoy and Blinc make good ones.

  12. Thank you so much for all the advice.. I am always in the hunt for a good mascara.. I presently wear stiletto by maybelline, but will consider the ones you suggested

  13. my very fav mascara in the whole wide world WAS max-factor comb-on. it was awesome! then they discontinued it and i’ve yet to find one that compares, but i’ll try some of the suggestions posted here. (ps i went to great ‘lengths’…lol…i even tried to keep the comb-wand and dip it in the other mascaras, but the effect wasn’t the same)

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