LHJ Reader on WE-TV’s “The Locator”

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The editors here at Ladies’ Home Journal get to do a lot of cool things in the course of a day’s work, but here’s one of the coolest things we’ve done in a while:  We helped one of our readers, Leticia Schaub, get reunited with her dad, who she hadn’t seen in 25 years.  Okay, we didn’t quite pull this off on our own. Leticia, who lives in Monroe, New York,  had written to us telling us how eager she was to see her father. She’d been trying to track for years, ever since he left her and her mom decades ago to remarry and start a new family.  We were touched by Leticia’s story—particularly her forgiving spirit—and so passed her letter along to  Troy Dunn, host of  The Locator, a reality show on WE-TV.  Troy worked his usual magic, and found Schaub’s dad, Gilbert Velez, living in Florida.  Troy brought Gilbert to New York, and …well, if you want to see what happened, tune into the broacast tonight at 10 PM.  A warning: Be sure to have a box of tissues on hand.

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  1. This touched me double because I’m originally
    from Monroe, N.Y. To see The Captain’s Table
    where they met took my breath away cause I lived
    only building away from it at one time.
    I’m an avid fan of the Locator and this segment
    was super.

  2. I enjoy the Locator. Because in Dec. 25, 2003 my twin Brother call me and told me that he had found my Dads family. But he had bad news that my father James Tuttle died on December of 2001. My mom and Dad was divorce in 1957. And my mom told us that we had a older sister. And very time we ask about my sister. My stepdad got mad and we were told that my dad was a no good person. And took her from my mom. So when my mother died in 1999. We found proof that my dad was giving custodian of my sister and mom was giving custodian of my brother and me. We look for a long time. So when my brother told me that he found my dad family, I was overjoy with it. But in a week time we found my older sister Cheryl. We talk on the phone and on August of 2004, We all went to a Family Union and I and my brother got to meet some of our brothers and sisters.. I think there are 13 or 14 kids in all. This was the most happiness day of ours lives. And it took us almost 48 yrs to find us. I wish everyone who has lost love one to find them. Because this feeling feels so good. Thank you! Joyce Holcomb

  3. What a compelling story (Leticia Velez). Closure is everything. Moving on is to be strong. Remember the past just don’t obsessed over it.