Cheat Sheet: 5 Things You Maybe Missed This Week

April 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm , by

The All-Animal Edition!!

1. Dog Breaks Free

A beagle makes an, ahem, relief appearance at a minor league baseball game.

2. iPad Cat

This cat is a genius. He should run for president.

3. Cat Roulette!

Instead of getting matched up with a stranger on a webcam as on Chat Roulette, Cat Roulette serves up a random video of a cat every time you hit the “Next Kitteh” button. Maybe you like being adventurous and meeting potentially wackadoo people on Chat Roulette, but me, I like kittens.

4. Whale Kisses Dog

5. Cutest Pets Photo Contest

It’s a shameless plug, I know, but we’re having a cute pets photo contest! The winner gets $500 and will be featured in the magazine. Everyone enter!

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