Simple Calorie-Saving Swaps Can Prevent Diabetes

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At a recent lunch event, I didn’t notice there wasn’t any bread on the table until Chef Franklin Becker mentioned it. I was too busy noshing on homemade giardiniera (pickled vegetables) and marinated mushrooms, trying very hard not to make a fool of myself in front of him and Howard M. Shapiro, M.D., the authors of Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss. As Chef Becker explained that bread has too many carbs that can raise blood sugar, a mushroom rolled off my spoon and onto the white tablecloth. “Don’t worry, it happens,” an editor from another magazine said to me. (Here would be a good point to note that I’m an intern.)

My mushroom mishap didn’t stop me from chowing down on the diabetes-friendly food that was being served at Abe & Arthur’s (a restaurant in the Meatpacking District in New York City). It was lunchtime, and I was at a weight-loss book launch where the main course was salmon with misoyaki marinade and stir-fried vegetables. It sure sounded good, but I wasn’t sure it would fill me up. (I’m used to turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch, not fish sans carbs.) According to Dr. Shapiro, however, a simple switch like this can help maintain a healthy weight and prevent the development of Type II diabetes, the sixth most potent killer of Americans.

Being overweight or obese is a major contributing factor for developing Type II diabetes (T2D), and about two-thirds of Americans are at risk for getting this disease. The leading cause of blindness, amputations and kidney failure, T2D can also triple the risk for heart attack and stroke. Dr. Shapiro and Chef Becker encourage healthy eating in Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss by visually comparing foods and their caloric content. Their unique approach is eye-opening and will make you think twice about eating that second slice of pizza when, instead, you can have one slice, a bowl of minestrone and a small antipasto for fewer calories (300) and more fiber (12 grams).

You tell us, which of these options from Eat and Beat Diabetes With Picture Perfect Weight Loss would you prefer: one-third of a six-ounce bagel or one serving of fruit pizza? Three doughnut holes or one serving of French toast stuffed with egg substitute, light cream cheese, blueberries and strawberries? One-cup scoop of rich strawberry ice cream or 22 sugar-free strawberry Creamsicles? Don’t spend too much time deciding, just go with your (shrinking) gut! Each of these food pairings contains the same exact amount of calories.

Photos courtesy of Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss.

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  2. Great advice! It’s all about choices and the better choice can actually be more appealing!