Do Good With Botox

June 3, 2010 at 9:36 am , by

We all know a simple act of kindness can go a long way—so what if I told you $25 would be donated to charity on your behalf, just by filling out a no-strings-attached profile online? It’s really that easy! That was just the thought behind Allegan’s BOTOX® Cosmetic My Expressions of Kindness campaign.

Share your act of kindness (by filling out that simple profile) and $25 automatically goes towards the $250,000 total that will help support the causes of three outstanding organizations. Tweet or Facebook the campaign (the site tells you how) and an additional $5 is donated, for a total of $30.

Didiayer Snyder from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition shows off her before and after!

I happen to be a fan of Botox treatments (I get just a little above my eyebrows to prevent the pesky vertical lines that look like an “11”).  I realize that admitting I use Botox will not garner the attention Cindy Crawford did when she was so forthcoming—but like her,

I’m really not embarrassed. There was one treatment, however, that went overboard. I let a doctor talk me into a little injection in the corners of my mouth (he said it would prevent my mouth from turning down so I never looked like I was frowning—not that I was). Lucky for me a treatment lasts 3 to 4 months–because inhibiting the use of those muscles around my mouth caused me to have to re-learn chewing my food and smiling! It was crazy (and really quite funny), but in a few months I was back to normal.

I now stick to the treatment I like–right between the eyes! After you fill out your Kindness profile, if you feel like providing further acts of kindness, please donate to my personal Botox fund—since treatment is still a bit pricey for the average indulgence!

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  2. When a kind thought or positive observation crosses my mind about someone, I make a point to tell them. I saw a woman in a lovely colored top the other day while standing in line at the store and made a point to tell her how good she looked in that color. She absolutely beamed when I told her that and said a very sincere thank you. Kindness is always in fashion.