Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

June 4, 2010 at 2:28 pm , by

luckyTechnically it’s not even summer yet but it definitely feels like it is. The heat and humidity is already making me cranky and uncomfortable but my adorable French bulldog, Smuckers, has it way worse—he starts panting the minute I take him outside lately. (Flat-faced dogs have a harder time breathing and they overheat very easily.) But he can frolic happily and safely now that I’ve been using this genius Dura Doggie fetch toy/water bowl hybrid. Imagine if a pie tin and a Frisbee made out of really tough rubber mated—that’s what it’s like. (Okay, that sounded really weird. What can I say, it’s Friday.) I also love the company’s do-good efforts: Dura Doggie donates one disc for every 10 sold to a foundation helping dogs. You can order one for your fur baby here.

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