Amy Grant: Better Than A Hallelujah

July 20, 2010 at 7:00 am , by

Amy #1B

We’re so excited to be premiering your video on How did you choose “Better Than a Hallelujah” as your first single?
The first time I heard “Better Than A Hallelujah” I was completely blown away by it. A lot of hard things were going on in my life at the time, and I found so much comfort in this song. It’s all about honesty, vulnerability and not being afraid to come as you are—it’s okay to be broken.

What do you enjoy most about the process of making a video?
When it’s over. (Laughing) I’m being silly. I love making music. I love providing songs to be a part of people’s lives.

Can you share a funny behind-the-scenes story from filming the video?
The studio where we filmed had this unbelievable wig collection. I’ve always wanted to have long, blond hair. So, after we were done shooting, our guitar player Gene Miller and I enjoyed trying on the wigs. (laughing)

Your 17-year-old-daughter Sarah sings on one of the tracks of this album, which is very cool.
Yes! I’m excited.

Do you think you two will sing again together?
I hope so. I just saw the movie The Karate Kid, and I just kept thinking about Jaden Smith and what an amazing opportunity he has because of his mom and dad. And I thought, Isn’t that what we all do? When we have children, we try to give them opportunities to do the things that have mattered to us. Even if it’s a hobby, like when my Dad took me fishing as a kid.

But how would you feel if she wanted to get into the music industry? Obviously it can be a tough business.

Yeah, I know. She has been exposed to really talented people that still couldn’t pay the rent with their skill. I feel like she’s kind of seen it all and there’s no mystique there.

Do you and your husband Vince Gill sing together around the house?

Sometimes. It just depends if one of us is working on a song. He came home the other day, and I was working on a song and he said, This is what the house should sound like. Sometimes I’ll be putting my youngest daughter, Corrina, to bed, and Vince will be downstairs playing. And she’ll say, Momma, leave the door open so I can listen to Dad. And that’s when I think, Okay, this is the greatest thing in the world.

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125 Responses to “Amy Grant: Better Than A Hallelujah”

  1. I love this song…the lyrics are great and so true. They speak to a mothers heart directly.

  2. This is my favorite song….God bless you!!!

  3. I have been one of many fans of Amy Grant, for many years. This is the best song in a long time. Thank you LJH for sharing this with us.

  4. Gorgeous song and sung beautifully. This song will touch so many hearts!

  5. Wow, did I ever connect with this new video by Amy Grant…especially at the last night I sat at my deck looking up into the stars and saying to God, “I see the moon, I see the stars, I see the sky, Oh, God, why, why, why?”

    My only son took his life at the age of 37 this past February; his wife, boys (5 ages 13 & under) and all the rest of us, family and friends, have been totally overwhelmed with grief.

    I had been hearing the song played on Christian radio for some time and really love its message. Thanks LHJ for sharing this on your website!

  6. Sherry, we are so, so sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing your story and we hope that this song can bring you a bit of comfort.

  7. WOW…is all I can say! This video is the perfect accompaniment to this song. It eloquently depicts those situations in life where our mistakes, tragedies or regrets cannot be undone and we are left with our sad realities where only God can give us comfort. It brought me to tears.

  8. beautiful song and beautiful woman.

  9. beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful artist

  10. Wow is all I can say…This man’s face tells the whole story. My grandmother use to say, “you can see their youth in the eyes and their life story in the lines on their face.”

  11. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Christian Music Zine, Megan Parks and Courtney Hyder, The Media Collective. The Media Collective said: It is here, check out the online debut of @amygrant's new music video @lhjmagazine, enjoy & pass along everyone! [...]

  12. Real and raw, what an affecting video and song. I just love Amy Grant.

    To Sherry, i want you to know that i will keep you and yours in my prayers. May you all feel the respite and healing of Jesus and His unending love for you and your precious son.

  13. Great song and video. I have been a fan of Amy’s for a LONG time. Her music got me through some pretty rocky times as a teenager. Thank you Amy for your music, it does make a difference.

  14. Great song.

    This is one tool of many that God used to bring me back to him.

  15. Fantastic song. I have a newfound respect for Ladies Home Journal.

  16. Thank you Lisa for a wonderful interview of a truly inspirational artist and person. Thank you LHJ for featuring this video on your website.

  17. Thank you LHJ for posting this video. Thank you Amy Grant for making it. Loved the wonderful lyrics and melody.
    Sherry…thank you for sharing your tragedy so we can come alongside you in prayer.
    God’s grace is amazing and we are abundantly blessed because of it.

  18. Amy Amy Amy!!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!

    I think the video for BTAH is even more powerful than the song itself!!! Thanks for both the song and the video and for reminding us that God is there for us through the good and the bad!!!

  19. love this song, they play it alot on our local radio station and my children and i sing it out loud… thank you amy for this wonderful song God bless..

  20. Wonderful interview! Thanks for giving us insight into Amy!

  21. Aloha,
    I just love Amy’s music and I have this CD and I love this song….. the video is so sad it really made me cry. Not used to videos like this from amy.

  22. what an awesome song and super video, sung by an incredible artist! I have been an Amy fan for as long as I can remember! Thanks LHJ for premiering this video!

  23. i love this song. everytime i hear it i cant get enough of it. ive been through divorce lately, have grandparents died, and it really gets to the heart of the matter for me. ive gone through a lot of stuff but this song really helps me get hrough every day.

  24. I have grown up listening to Amy Grant. My sister used to sit in the living room playing her cassettes and singing along with them. When “Lead Me On” was first released I was struggling after graduating from College and that CD spoke to me on so many levels. It has seemed, at some pivotal moments in my life, her music, a song or a lyric has resonated within me and helped ease or celebrate whatever was going on in that moment. When I moved back to California she’d just released “The Water” which is still a favorite, but so deep and so moving. I’m somewhat convinced that in any moment, of a given year, month or day, a part of an Amy Grant song is being replayed within in me. What a blessing to have such a talent and to have touched so many.

  25. Love this video- it’s such a great treatment for a truly timeless song, and it is TIMELESS. BTAH will no doubt be one of her biggest hits ever, because its a message we all need to hear, especially these days.

    I have had the privilege of spending a little time with her, and Amy is beautiful-both inside and out. Blessings upon her, Vince and all the family.

  26. My sister told me about this video and said I needed to come here to watch it. Now, I understand why. I had never heard the song before and it is truly beautiful; however, the video is what really spoke to me. I am overcome with emotion. Thank you for sharing it, LHJ.
    And thank you, Lisa, for a wonderful interview with Amy. I’ll be checking this site out more often!

  27. They did a great job on this video! I enjoyed the vintage theme of this video! This songs message is absolutely beautiful! Some of Amy & the teams best work yet :) ) I cant wait to hear it performed in concert on the next run!! Thanks guys for sharing!! Wish I was going to PA with you all….:( Have fun though!!

  28. Oh my gosh… I cried watching the video. So sweet and so beautiful! Way to go Amy!

  29. I have listened to Amy for years. I enjoyed, spiritually speaking, all her earlier music. This song I could feel the Amy that I missed and loved and soooooooooo happy that she is back in the Christian side of music. I pray that the Lord will continue to use her to sing these kind of songs and minister to so many.

  30. Oh my I will defiantely not beable to listen to this song without crying now! I have already been crying when I hear it. But now that I have seen the video I will defiantely tear up!
    Love the song and Love Amy Grant! :)

  31. Thank you Amy for this song and for your TIME! I love the part about your daughter enjoying listening to her daddy sing at night!

  32. I loved it…I have been waiting to see it and as usual Amy is awesome. I have listened to Amy all my life and had the great oppurtunity to meet here when she came to WV with MercyMe and Bebo Norman. It’s something me and my Ma shared and I will never forget. God bless you Amy for touching my life the way you have. All your music has touched my life and got me through some really hard times. Your such a blessing in my life….Thank you for all you do and continue to do.

  33. I’ve been a fan of Amy’s since my late mother brought her music to my attention when I was a teenager(which I said you’d never catch me listening to that stuff,”Age to Age”)Fast forward manyyears later I became a fan,anway I heard Amy sing this song in Orlando,Fl which happened to be the day before my b-day,went to buy a ticket and was wondering how am I going to get a ticket and t-shirt(you have to have a t-shirt,anyway the security cop heard it was my b-day and bought my ticket).I was actually able to get 2 shirts,you would’ve thought I won the lottery.Hopefully one day I’ll run into the cop and say thank you,and to my now late mother every time I listen to Amy I think of you( at one point it was hard to do,sorry Amy,I’ve actually sent this info to you in the past to say thanks,and Lori Mcalister sent me a letter back.Never forget it.I will always be a fan,you could sing polka and I’d listen(please don’t).As long as you sing my mom and I will be o.k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry but writing this made me cry,you always miss your mom.

  34. This song is beautiful. The lyrics just speak to my heart. I’ve been hearing it on the radio for awhile and loved it from the first time I heard it.

    My oldest son took his life last summer and I truly believe that God does hear us the best when we come to Him with our raw emotions and broken hearts. This song has blessed me so much. I share it with everyone I know.

    Thank you, Amy, for a beautiful song and video and thank you, LHJ, for sharing it with us.

  35. Love the song…and the soft touch Amy always has with a song & melody. You might note that the video is not synced up — video & lyrics are not matched up.

  36. When I first heard the song I thought, wow, that’s depressing. But it’s true. Sometimes we need to be broken so that we remember that it is only with God’s grace that we have life.

    I love this song, and I hope it will continue to inspire people! :)

    The music video made me cry, by the way!

  37. My dad was a friend of Chet Atkins and he used to fingerpick Chet’s music in our basement studio. My room was on the second floor and the music would come up through the vents in the floorboards. I loved going to sleep with the sounds of guitar music all around me.

  38. Love the song and the artist. Amy, you’re a light in my life and you have been for a long time. I started listening to your music when I was 17 and haven’t stopped since. You’ve made such a difference in my life. Thank you for everything that you do. You are truly a wonderful, caring person and I think that’s what really matters in life. Thank you again for being who you are and for your wonderful music.

  39. This really speaks to a guys heart too, lost a wife and a child.

  40. Amy, Thank you for sharing your lovely voice and inspiring music. I have been a fan for many years. I enjoyed the Amy and Vince Christmas concert in Baltimore a few years ago, and signed up for a child with Compassion International because of you. I also attended the concert In Nashville in 2004, and the concert in DC for the Wounded Warriors last year. I take your CDs whenever I walk in the park and kayak down the river. Once, my CD flipped out of the kayak. I ordered another right away. Galileo and Baby Baby have the best beat for walking and the words encourage me to keep going. I ordered your latest CD for Christmas. God Bless you and Your’s.

  41. I have loved Amy’s Christian songs for years. This song reminded me of how Amy helped me in my Christian walk as a teenager and young adult. I hope she records more songs with a Christian message. I miss her Christian songs!

  42. We lost my Dad March 12, 2009 and lost my sister July 28, 2009. This past year and a half have been the most difficult time ever in my life. Amy this song, “Better Than A Hallelujah” has ministered to me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. God has used you and your music to minister to me so many times … but this time it is to the core. The video is such a compliment to the song. They both make me cry … God’s mercy and grace make me cry and they heal me as well. I pray that His mercy and grace will see you through the tough times and tough decisions that lie ahead as well. God Bless You!

  43. Have loved the song since I first heard it…but now w/the sweet, touching, & moving story told in the video, makes it very special! God bless you for your longevity in the industry & your staying true to the message of Jesus in your songs.

  44. I absolutely love this song, and the video only makes it more powerful. I have listened to Amy’s music since I was a young girl of about 9. Her music spoke to me then and continues to do so today. Her music has also brought me closer to Christ in a way that I never thought possible. Thank you.

  45. I cried reading these posts even more than the song. Amy Grant’s music is healing and worshipful. So many are touched thus being able to touch others. God is good thru all our pain.

  46. I adore and appreciate Amy and her sincere approach to our humanity. Her songs always remind me that it’s okay that I make mistakes. God is aware of my frailty and and still loves me! I’m so thankful for her ministry and her talents! I’m hoping when we get to the other side I’ll have a chance to spend some time hanging with my sister in Christ!

  47. Amy, I simply love and adore everything you do. I am your forever fan.

  48. Amy,I just can’t explain how you and your music has moved me over the years! I have followed your career from the time you were still in school and would travel around(with your Dad in the back of the room), just you and your guitar! The first time I heard you sing was in a conference room of a hotel! You were wonderful then and wonderful now! This song is beautiful but not surprising coming from you. Thank you for the blessing of you!

  49. Amy and I are the same age and people have compared us vocally. I think Amy is the best singer on the planet and I used her song BTAH for a singing contest at my church and I won!!! I love the songs that she sings and I hope she’ll continue to do this until were both old and she’s grey! I’m already there! MY bucket list wish is to sing a duet with her!!!

  50. This song has been sustaining me for months now- beautiful, messy-hearted mama that I am. And now this video- brilliantly capturing a woman holding on for life- hers, her baby’s, her baby’s dad’s; a soldier, a dying man, tears of shame… the words and pictures work on so many levels, uniting us in this shared human experience…peace.

  51. I love the song! Welcome back Amy! I may be the only one asking this about the video…Is the elderly man the same man as the soldier? If so, don’t understand why he didn’t return home to his wife. If not, is that a random letter he found in his now workshop? Anyone else confused? Thanks from clueless:)

  52. I love this song and video! Love Amy and her message of God and love and hope. She never fails to bring this across in the music the Lord gives her.

  53. This video was beautiful and like many others I was in tears…such a touching story. Thank you Amy Grant and all those who work with you for sharing God’s blessing through your music.

  54. to Michele – I think the elderly man and the soldier are the same person and that the woman was not his wife. He went to war, met someone else and didn’t return to the first woman. Years later he came back to the house to look for her and found out she died. Found out where she was buried and opened the letter that she sent decades earlier at the cemetery telling him he was going to be a father.

  55. As always, Amy’s songs bring me healing right where I need it!

  56. This video brought tears to my eyes…how touching! I am 43 years old and I have grown up with Amy Grant playing in the background of my life…every album I can tell you what my life was at that time and the music prompts memories good and bad–I have always felt healing through her music…

  57. I, too, have followed Amy Grant and enjoyed her music since I was a tween. I love this song, it’s so beautiful, the video brought tears to my eyes.
    I listen to every genre of Christian music but I just love her smooth sound now. Her music has evolved wonderfully over the years.

    Hope to hear more of Sarah soon as well, she has a phenomenal voice!

  58. I have followed Amy’s music since I was a teen and now I am almost 40! Whow! Her songs are so amazing and this album has come at a good time in my life. Its so real, honest, hopeful and deeply touching. Sarah’s voice is so rich, just like her mothers. Amazing album….
    The video made me cry very moving and I just love the words and melody..

  59. Thanks so much for posting the video and the article on Amy Grant. I have been a long time fan of hers since Jr. High and I’m now 40. She has always been an amazing woman to me. Her music has touched and inspired me throughout the years and I have sung many of her songs in church throughout my life.

    Amy, thank you so much for allowing God to use you in a mighty way! Though I’ll probably never meet you here on earth, I look forward to the day when I’ll meet you in heaven! God bless you!!

  60. The video was wonderful to watch. I love Amy Grant and have been a fan of her music for a very long time. I also have grown up with her music. I am profoundly deaf and am being evaluated for a cochlear implant or two as the hearing aid company that manufactured my now 8 year old pair of hearing aids no longer manufacture hearing aids for my type of loss. I also think I have lost more hearing as I tested within the limits of the audiometer. I can no longer hear someone come up behind me. I am looking forward to hearing more of her music.

  61. I got Amy Grant’s new CD for Mother’s day from my daughter. What a total blessing to listen to her music. I feel close to the Lord through her lyrics and able to Praise His Name. Amy Grant is connected. Thank you and God bless.

  62. Sorry to hear of all the losses described in earlier comments. This song brought tears to my eyes, too, but also helped me to cry some of the tears I’ve been feeling as I continue to work through a series of losses over the last couple of years.

    Amy’s music has been there for me during this time, just as it was when I first started listening to Christian music about 20 years ago.

    Loved “The Collection” enough to buy it again for myself after giving it away. “Sing Your Praises” is one of my favorites from that album.

    “Heart in Motion” takes me back to early days as an aunt, particularly “Baby, Baby.”

    Now I need to listen to both of the albums and see about getting a copy of the new album. : )

  63. Thanks Barbara for clearing up the confusion about the video! Makes sense now:)

  64. I love this song so much, and the video just makes it even better. Amy – you are the voice of words so many of us have to say, and aren’t able to. Thanks for all you do.

  65. My 4 kids grew up listening to Amy.I think we have all cried and been broken like this video depicts at some point in our lives.Thank you Amy for allowing The Lord to use you in such a powerful way.

  66. After experiencing some difficult times in my life, your song spoke to my heart. It’s truly a song sent from God! Thank you for using your talent for the Lord!

  67. I have listen to Amy since 1990 and she has been one of my favorite artist. I fell in love with this song from the moment I had heard it on the local Christian radio station, Joy FM 91.5. I am thankfully for her and the songs she has written. She has touch my life and so many lives through her music! May she continues to inspire and touch more lives!

  68. I love this song because it gives me a new beggining with my walk with Christ and to be and overcomer and to love others so much more than ever.

  69. I just LOVE this song, a local radio station introduced it to me when Amy was in their studio. She sang it with the acoustic guitar and I’ve been in love with it since! Amazing, how it always seems to be played when I need it the most. A great song and artist! Godspeed——-

  70. This is it, SONG OF THE YEAR, Dove, Grammies, People’s Choice 2010!!! Thank you Amy Grant and Ladies Home Journal.

  71. I live with loss everyday and this song honestly speaks to the often times difficult task of negotiating faith and loss at the same time!

  72. Amy Grant is one of the classiest artists that we have today. Although the video made me cry and feel sad, I realized that God heals all wounds and he hears our cries. Amy has been an inspiration to me for over 30 years. Her songs are from the heart and true to life. If I were ever asked who I would like to have lunch with, it would be Amy. She has been through some tough times, but with her faith and perseverance, she has weathered the storm and has been a role model for all of us! Thank you Amy for the gifts you give to each one of us! God bless you!

  73. Dear Amy,
    I am Eric Paslay’s mom. I just want you to know how your music kept me going when I was a missionary in Thailand for 6 years. Dave and I are back now and have moved to Nashville a year ago. One day I would love to connect and talk about your life. I always thought to myself….why are people so critical of you???? All of us have problems and make mistakes and it’s only by His grace that we are forgiven and make it from one day to the next.

  74. The prophet Jeremiah compares the man who trusts in God, come what may, to a tree planted near a stream, the roots of which reach out to the moisture below the surface. Such a tree, even in years of drought, has green leaves and bears abundant fruit. (17:7)

    In a similar way, the man who trusts in God is not shaken by the trials and crosses and difficult situations of life, for he has spiritual roots reaching out to God for those streams of grace that come through persevering prayer and the faithful and fruitful reception of the sacraments. His life bears fruit, not so much in spite of the trials and crosses of life but, in a way, precisely because of those trials and crosses.
    From “Light and Life” Vol 42 No 5

  75. Timless Amy your Awesome!!! P.T.L. for that.
    Also a side note. Everytime a travel through Mineral City Ohio and when I pass the Library there. I think of all the good you did with HOME Depot making DREAMS come true!

  76. Ms. Gerry-thank you for the wonderful article, blog notes, and video on Amy. Amy and Vince are both wonderful donators of not only their money, but also their time to many charitable events. All of Nashville is proud they are part of our community. Her video was very touching and I am looking forward to purchasing her new album. Your journalism definitely captured Amy’s special gifts. Thank you again for sharing- Linda

  77. These messages are a touching reminder that our God is an awesome God, and Amy Grant and this song are a tool to bring others closer to Him.

  78. Thanks sister for bringing good Christ loving music to others and not asking but giving to the world(youtube ZanyBengals | March 27, 2010).

    Giving to all and asking for nothing. Isn’t that what Christ is all about? Yes, yes, I think it is.

    Thanks sister, again.
    God bless you and your family(not that he hasen’t already.
    Kent Kruelski

    P.S. I just bought that album today.

  79. I for one think your great amy,as a young girl i sang your songs,on tape.Your one of my favorite singers.Im a christian,born again at age 12.I was born in flesh on june 12/1967.I have a story that has changed lives everywhere.Im a gifted woman.Have had gifts eversince childhood.Ive been tested tride,and highly persicuted for my faith,considered the most persicuted in canada,though i count it all cost,ide rather Jesus Christ dream comes true as a result,ill go distances for His name sake,so His dream comes true,and His promises unfold for all nations,that noone perishes.Ide like it if you gave me a chance to share with you my testimony,in order to glorify my Jesus Christ,and help others know what Gods truths are,and who He chose me to be.For truths to prevail,and more lives changed for Jesus name sake.Amy grant take a chance,trust and obey God,and contact me ok?Love ya nina mccutcheon from london ontario.446 king st 407.n6j1r8

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