Shopping For Boys’ Clothes

July 22, 2010 at 4:16 pm , by

As you know by now, I am mom to two of the most fashionable little ladies on the east coast. And I love shopping for them! Pairing together silk bubble skirts with ruffly tops and necklaces makes me so happy to have girls. But sometimes I see a little boy’s elbow-patch sweater in the Mini Boden catalog and I long for a little dude to dress up to my heart’s content. OK Moms-of-boys: I know, I know—boys’ clothes are nowhere near as fun as girls.’ Not fair, I know. That said, there are lots of cute boy clothes to be had. (Why else would I dress Sophia in a unisex Peter Beaton tee and Vans like in this picture? I could get away with the androgynous look when she was 3. Now it’s all pink tutus and gold wedge sandals and “don’t I look glamorous?”)

Anyway, here are my picks for best boys’ clothes with a little help from my good friend, fashion writer and mom-of-a-stylish-boy, Selene Milano Angel.

Crewcuts – You know I’m obsessed with all things J.Crew and their boys clothes are no exception. All of the clothes are perfection but my favorite item is the MacAlister boot—but don’t forget the neon laces. (Those laces make me crazy. They almost make me want to try for a third…)

Mini Boden – The aforementioned elbow-patch sweaters, supersoft graphic tees (with the best designs), and a little bit of kooky fun stuff like this shaggy lined hoody make this one of the best boys’ resources.

77Kids – The store that made boyfriend jeans for my little girl has equally cool skater-type stuff for your little man. And coming soon near you, they’re opening free standing stores that’ll have lots of fun kid activities to keep ‘em happy while you shop.

Egg Baby – Selene swears by this brand for cool button downs, cute little trousers and shorts for her hip two-year-old.

Cool sneakers – From pink Converse high-tops to checkerboard Vans, my girls have always had cool kicks. Selene recommends black and white Adidas Sambas as a boy’s must-have but she also likes Puma. These tiny suede ones are adorable for the little guys. And I especially love Converse’s Dr Seuss collection and Vans’ Crayola collection for boys and girls.

See moms-of-boys? It’s not that bad out there. And just think about how much you’ll be saving in the teenage years when my girls are busy putting me in the poorhouse!

So tell me…where do you get clothes for your little man?