Everyone Needs A Portable Perfume

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How do I love rollerball perfumes? Let me count the ways…

  • They’re perfect for travel. I love taking these little slivers of scent with me anytime.
  • They don’t spray everywhere. I can be discreet when I need a scent touch-up. Instead of filling the air with an odorous cloud, I simply rub the wand on my skin and leave the scent only on me.
  • They’re much cheaper. I can buy at least two rollerballs for the price of one perfume bottle. And even though I’ll gladly shell out for a bottle of my favorite scents, these let me experiment.
  • They’re made for mixing. Bored with your current scent? Layer one of these scents over your everyday favorite to add a little something extra.

Ready to try? Bliss’ Eau De Toilette, $18 for the rollerball, feels like you’re at their spa, wearing the cucumber-infused water, but in a good way. It’s a refreshing pick-me-up.

I can’t stop dousing myself in Pacifica’s Calfornia Star Jasmine, $12 for the rollerball. Of course, it’s anchored by a sweet jasmine scent, but has a fresh, grassy note so it’s not a knock-your-socks-off floral.

And Lisa Hoffman’s Madagascar Orchid Day and Evening Fragrance Oils, $39.50, are completely genius. Inside a little pouch she gives you a lighter oil for when the sun is up and a second, sultry blend that’s perfect for nighttime.

Want to learn more about Lisa Hoffman’s creations? Tune into QVC August 27th at 9 am EST to hear from the creator.

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One Response to “Everyone Needs A Portable Perfume”

  1. I was at a wedding this weekend; the bride pulled out her Marc Jacob’s Lola rollerball right before the ceremony and I had my Pacfica California Jasmine in my clutch. So perfect to take with you anytime!