Beauty Coach: Save Money and Get a Free Lipstick

September 9, 2010 at 12:35 pm , by


Like most people, I’m feeling extremely cautious about shopping these days. Actually, cheap is probably a better word. I’m basically avoiding stores entirely and trying to get creative with the contents of my closet.  (Hey, I may be purchasing a home in the next month!) I’m so determined that even a 20 percent off coupon isn’t enough to lure me into the stores.

Yet, when I heard that Talbots is doing exactly that, plus giving away an exclusive lipstick from Three Custom Color Specialists, I felt a little less frugal. After all, I really love this indie beauty brand. Their formulas are amazing and if your favorite makeup shade is ever discontinued or you want to a lip gloss to match your iPod, Three Custom can whip it up for you. (They also have awesome cream blushes. Our associate beauty editor Mandy Hendrix got me hooked on the Rebecca’s Favorite Blush shade.) The gift-with-purchase lipstick at Talbots is a flattering, ladylike shade of red, aptly named Charmed. It’s so charming that I kinda, sorta have to have it.

My shopping resistance already weakened, I figured I’d better ask my favorite style gurus, our very own LHJ fashion editors Sue and Gab, whether Talbots was worth a trip and possibly a calculated splurge. To quote Sue, “Um…yes! We love Talbots.” (For more elaboration on the subject, check out this chic dress from our September issue and Sue’s recent review). Sue also suggested a few items to update my fall wardrobe: a leopard pencil skirt, a leather handbag or a pair of lace-up booties. Hmmm, so that’s a discount, a fabulous free lipstick and personal shopping advice…now I’m finally sold.

So tell me, what will it take to get you shopping this fall?

9 Responses to “Beauty Coach: Save Money and Get a Free Lipstick”

  1. I’m needing some new lipstick so hope I get this!

  2. Based on the description, I’m intrigued. I would like to try this brand, and a free stick may be just the ticket. Thanks for offering a means of trying this new brand. My grandma always said, lipstick is as necessary as water for any woman’s beauty routine. Signature colors coral and red. Fingers crossed!

  3. Free is always nice to try out something new.

  4. Money has been very tight and free is the right answer. Sometimes this is the only way I get makeup.

  5. Would love to try a new brand and coral is my color!

  6. Springtime is around the corner and a new coral lipstick will brighten the season.

  7. I love free!!!! and i never splurge on myself!

  8. I live in a nursing home and I don’t have money to spend on such nice things. $30 per month does not go far. Hoping to win this beautiful and free lipstick. Please and Thank you

  9. Also like trying new products and this lipstick would be great to win!