Do Good: Real-Life Fairytales

September 27, 2010 at 10:31 am , by


Maybe I just needed a little warm-fuzzy on this gloomy, rainy day here in New York. But I am loving the heartwarming Facebook Fairytales, a sort of less-cheesy Chicken Soup For the Soul of the social networking era. There are, of course, plenty of slightly-stalker activities to do on Facebook (why, exactly, do I need know so many intimate details about people I haven’t seen in 15 years?), and plenty more time-wasters (Farmville, anyone?).

But the story of the parents who were finally able to adopt a child after posting their plea on Facebook, or the young mom dying of kidney failure who is now alive and well thanks to a kidney from a friend of a friend found via the site…  well, they got me. If you have a soft spot for acts of kindness and do good stories (and c’mon, who doesn’t?), I bet they’ll get you too.

3 Responses to “Do Good: Real-Life Fairytales”

  1. Almost 30 years ago, a good friend of mine from high school and I had a falling out. It was a ridiculous teenage fight, but we never spoke again after that incident. I always regretted we never mended fences or spoke after that incident. About a year ago, I received a very nice e-mail through Facebook from my dear friend apologizing for what happened so many years ago. I was elated. I had wanted to contact her for so many years and apologize for my actions, but never was really sure how to contact her of if my apology would be accepted. Through that initial contact through Facebook, we were able to catch up on our lives, share stories, have lunch and just pick up where we left off. We both have October birthday’s & would always think of the other on our birthdays. When we reconnected, I was reminded of how smart, witty and fun she always was. We never mentioned our falling out namely because it was so ridiculous & juvenile & so many years ago. I am grateful my friend reached out to me & thanks to Facebook, we were able to become friends again and turn over a new leaf. My friend & I getting together after so many years, was healing & taught be a lot about forgiveness, not just about forgiving others, but how to forgive myself. I have tried to become a better person because of my past mistakes. I’m grateful for those who have helped me become a better person by their acts of kindness & forgiveness.

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