A Night In The Life Of A Working Mom

September 30, 2010 at 5:07 pm , by

I love my job and I love my kids but sometimes the two combine for nights like this:

Run out of work. Must make two subways then catch the New Jersey transit train to Secaucus so Pablo can pick me up. We have to get the girls by 6:30 p.m. because daycare closes at 6:30 p.m. Closed means closed. As in, we’ll be penalized $3 per kid—that’d be $6!—for every MINUTE we’re late. So run, run, run.

Made my trains. Thank goodness. Pablo picked me up. Twenty minutes to talk to my husband about everything else that’s happening in our lives before the kids take over. Selling the house… blah, blah blah… work…. blah, blah blah… his family, my family, blah, blah blah.

Tons of traffic. Oh my God—are we going to make it? What? The street is closed? We park nearby and Pablo jumps a fence to grab the girls with just minutes to spare. (Yes, he seriously jumped over a fence.) The girls are in the car and the chaos begins. “Stop taunting me!” Lily the 2-year-old says to her 5-year-old sister, Sophia. They’re fighting over which song they want to hear. They each want whatever the other one doesn’t want, of course. “Sophia, did you just hit her?” I ask. My cell phone rings. “Oh, hi Realtor. What? The people who wanted to come for a second showing want to come tonight? At 8pm? Okay—as long as they realize that Lily will be sleeping and we’ll be home.” Oh crap, I think. What state is the house in? Certainly not prepped enough for potential buyers!

We get home. Pablo takes the girls and starts dinner while the whirling dervish (that’d be me) bolts upstairs and begins scrubbing bathrooms and making beds (Don’t judge, we leave the house at 7 a.m. All four of us. Dressed and ready to go. That’s harder than you think.) Oh no, where I am putting this dirty laundry? I guess I’ll throw in a load. I’m hiding toys under the bed. Hiding EVERYTHING under EVERYTHING.

I go downstairs to make sure Sophia does her homework. Yes, kindergarteners have homework. (It’s usually just drawing and writing which she loves to do in her spare time but hates to do when it’s called homework.) After potty time, several books and lots of singing, Lily finally goes to bed. By the time the potential buyers arrive to see the house, it’s spotless and quiet. Dinner is cleaned up, all signs of real (crazy) family life are hidden away and we are positioned on the couch reading books to Sophia. We are the picture of calm. Just another quiet evening at home.

Phew. What’s your typical evening like?

6 Responses to “A Night In The Life Of A Working Mom”

  1. 1) Very impressive that your two-year-old knows the word “taunting.”
    2) Your life makes me tired. I don’t think I have the stamina for a child!

  2. You must be kidding. You have a job, a working spouse who helps around the house, and reliable daycare???? Your biggest worry at night is cleaning the house for the realtor and picking up your kids on time. Let’s hear from a single mom with 2 jobs whose child care cancels at the last minute, whose kids are sick, and who is juggling the bills so the utilities don’t get shut off. THAT is stress.

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  4. this is a response to the person writing lets here from a single mum working 2 jobs. Just because this woman only has one job to manage and someone to help her, doesn’t mean she isn’t stressed out. Why you want to make her feel like she is complaining about nothing is beyond me, she is clearly doing the best for her children and just because she chose her life partner wisely and gets by working just one job, doesn’t mean she can’t feel as equally stressed as someone who has made bad choice’s.

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