Shopping With Sue… At Old Navy

October 19, 2010 at 1:53 pm , by

sue-oldnavy-newMoney’s tight in the Erneta household right now. Two young kids in childcare. A pending move. And of course, this economy that’s messed up all of us. That’s why today I’m taking you shopping at Old Navy. I know I don’t need to tell you that the Navy has some of the best deals around but what you might surprised to hear is just how classy it looks. It’s not just performance fleece. Check out this look I put together:

Black leather motorcycle jacket. $199. I know. Count on me to find the one expensive item at Old Navy! But if you know me, you understand that I rarely pay full price for anything so I’ll be waiting for this baby to go on sale. I just love that you can find something this luxe and stylish at a place known for basics.

Ruffled dress. $29.50. A dress for this price is just amazing. (Bonus: It’s totally machine washable and comes in petite and tall sizes too.) I love this pretty blue color but there are also three other colors — including black — if this one doesn’t butter your muffin.

Dome cocktail ring. On sale for $10. I love a chunky ring. No cocktails required.

Double buckle boots. $39.50. Okay, so they’re not leather but with the way I can kill a pair of shoes in one season, it might not be a bad idea to save my money rather than investing.

What do you think? I really like my little outfit! And if you skip the jacket, you can be put together for only $79! Not bad for three fun pieces that will totally update your wardrobe.

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So, tell me…what have you picked up at Old Navy lately?

Photos courtesy of Old Navy.

13 Responses to “Shopping With Sue… At Old Navy”

  1. honestly nothing beats the price of their jeans. they are great and all under $50!

  2. I was planning on picking up some new cheapie jeans this week. Maybe I’ll have to get that dress too–so cheap!

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  4. Since when is an outfit for under $300 a good deal? You’re pay too much for clothing. Old navy overcharges for poor quality clothing.

  5. Today I went to buy some much needed jeans at old navy and ended up with 3 pairs of jeans, a pair of black dress pants, a hoodie, a sweater, 2 long sleeve shirts, and a tank!! The best part was I got all that for only $117!!!

  6. I do love ON but you really do need to inspect every piece you buy from them. And their return policy is great. Online and in store. I usually go for some crazy event sale and walk out of there with a very full bag and never spend more than 100.00 per trip. Tuesday is 10 percent off with ON card. They also send 10 certificates to me often in the mail.

  7. I like a deal for less than $30….CLEARANCE racks…LOVE THEM =)

  8. Honestly I think I’d rather scour the sales racks at a higher-end store and find pieces that actually fit me and won’t fall apart after a couple of washings. I’ve found a few good items at ON over the years but absolutely nothing memorable — and I usually end up being unhappy with the fit, which means it’s not worth the money, no matter how inexpensive. I will still go in there and shop around to supplement my wardrobe, especially with basics like t’s and camis (and I love their kids’ clothes) but generally buy my clothing elsewhere.

  9. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, that their jeans are going to fall apart on you in a few months? No way! I’ve had a pair of jeans that I wear on a pretty regular basis and I’ve had them for over 3 years!! I love Old Navy, their prices are perfect and the quailty is pretty good, I’ve had my more expensive pieces break on me quicker than my Old Navy. I am a true Old Navy fan for life !

  10. I agree with you, Kim. I have things from Old Navy that have lasted for YEARS with regular wearing/washing and they still look great. Maybe it’s just a “Kim” thing. ;o)

  11. So, did you see the 50% OFF coupon Old Navy posted on Facebook today!!!!??? Now you can get the moto jacket for 50% off on 10/26-10/28! (Coupon code for is OUTER50 since you can only get the moto jacket online)

    So excited!!!

  12. I love your jeans . they are so soft and comfy.

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