Dishing It: Gab’s Making Whoopie…. Pies!

October 21, 2010 at 1:44 pm , by

I know, I know it’s an obvious title but how could I not! We are starting a new column on our blog where LHJ staffers make the recipes we feature in the magazine and report on their experience. I’m the 1st victim, so here we go…

I choose to make the Halloween Whoopie Pies since I wanted to make something I have never made before. Plus it was the food and fashion department of LHJ that decided that whoopie pies were the new cupcakes… you heard it here first!

I love to bake and do so often. Although, I don’t recall ever receiving a negative accolade for my treats, I will ask all my “fans” to comment below on my baking ability so I can remain the “modest” girl I claim to be.

my stats:

# of times I wanted to call my mom but resisted: 4

# of times I got mad at Tara (the Food Editor): 2

# of times I dropped chocolate on my foot: 1

# of times I sang “Makin’ Whoopee”: 2

# of injuries: 1 (I slipped and bruised my knee)

# of whoopie pies made: 22 1/2

I like to start by lining up all the ingredients on my counter…

My yellow KichenAid mixer is one of my favorite things I own… after my shoes of course!

To note: whenever a recipe calls for shortening I always just sub in butter and when it calls for milk I use skim. Why? Shortening grosses me out and who drinks regular milk over the age of 5.

Within the first step I run into a problem. I do own 3 baking sheets (how many people living in a small NYC apt can say that) what I don’t have is a 1 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter. Star, heart, gingerbread man… yes but circle, no.  I skip that step and move on.

(chocolate batter… Yummy!)

My next OMG moment comes when I read ahead while waiting for my butter to soften and realize there’s piping involved in this recipe.  Once again, Gab, read the recipe before making! When will I learn. I wasn’t prepared for the mess that piping will cause! I thought this was an easy recipe I can make on a Monday night. Luckily I have a piping set thanks to a Christmas gift from my sister a few years back. I dig it out of the back of my cabinets and google “coupler” (yes! I have it) and proceed….


the white tip-holder is called a coupler… wow, cooking and learning!

Now I get to the point that I ignored in step 1. If you are like me and don’t own a circle cookie cutter you can just do as I did and plop out the piping in some what equal size cookies (as shown above).

It’s during this process that my hands and kitchen becomes covered in chocolate. This is not a surprise. Anyone who knows me knows I tend to get messy nay very messy when I do things.


Yes there’s chocolate all over my Olympus camera

After I fill the 3 trays and the mess is too big and forgo any left over batter. Chocolate is all over my small kitchen. I clean up and prepare for meringue butter cream, which is a bit intimating at first but actually isn’t that bad. It did take me longer since I didn’t realize I had to put my KitchenAid on high… again I have problems reading directions.


yup! that is what 5 egg whites and 4 sticks of butter gets you!

I begin to assemble the cookies which is fun and easy!


Yeah! it’s starting to look like it does in the magazine!


Voila! All done!

Now, it did take me over 2 hours to make…. but I was writing this at the same time and was distracted by the Yankee game and I did stop to clean. Tara also assured me that the size of your kitchen has something to do with the cook time (small kitchens are harder to work in)- so those of you in tiny NYC apartments, take note!

I brought them into work the next day and there were no complaints. Some staffers (that will remain nameless) even came back for seconds!

I also have a ton of icing leftover in my fridge (Although the recipe says it stores for up to a week, Tara keeps hers in the fridge for up to 3 weeks and thinks it stays fine!) so I will be making more in the next week or two… interested parties feel free to start bribing me for samples.

20 Responses to “Dishing It: Gab’s Making Whoopie…. Pies!”

  1. I can attest that they were as delish – although not as photo-ready – as Tara’s version! But I can’t believe that some people came back for seconds! That’s glutenous! I would never….
    (Gab, thanks for not telling them it was me!)

  2. I definitely came back for seconds, but there were none left. I call some of the next batch!!

    Really, these were delicious and I never would have known you had any confusion judging by the way they tasted! Cute, delicious and bite-size = party ready!

  3. I hope i was on a photo shoot that day and that would explain why i didn’t get to taste one of these delicious little pies.
    my kids and i have decided we are going to get into the Halloween mood and make the candy corn twist cup cakes to take to a party.
    It will be my first time making cupcakes!

  4. I will go ahead and admit that I had two! And they were so yummy…it was totally worth it :)

  5. Absurdly impressed.

  6. Great job Gab! When can I try!!!

  7. Thanks for only getting mad at me a few times Gab (wink!). Yes, making them in a tiny NY kitchen isn’t the easiest thing, but you pulled it off like a superstar! They were delish!

  8. I have a large Utah kitchen and plan to make these this weekend! They look delicio-so! Good work, Gab!!! I loved the commentary and photos!

  9. Now, do you NEED a kitchen aide mixer? I don’t have one of those. I have a hand mixer, though. No fancy tools ofr it. Just the… normal ones? I’m obviously an avid baker.

  10. Gab, your blogs are always so fun to read–regardless if the subject is fashion or food!

    I love this idea of DIY. Maybe you can expand and do DIY with the looks you’ve featured in the magazine and how they (or an interpretation of them) look on you. =)

  11. You do realize that you can make those with a cakemix, don’t you? SO MUCH EASIER.

    Also? Piping? For real? I just used a 1/4 cup measuring cup, dumped it on the pan and smooshed it into a roundish shape.

    I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Frosting that I tinted orange. MMMMMM. Good Stuff.

  12. But, where is the recipe as magazine says recipe is on website. I only bought the LHJ for these cookies, ticked when recipe wasn’t in mag and now even more ticked that recipe not on site as promised!

  13. Make that a “me,too” looking for the recipe. Beautiful cover, but no follow up. Please include on this website.

  14. I did the same … bought the mag and no recipe … took about 15 minutes of hunting to find recipe … although there are a ton of other websites that offer a whoopie pie recipe.

  15. Where is the whoopie pie receipe that is suppose to be on this website??????? DUH

  16. sorry for the confusion everyone… here is the link!

  17. I bought the magazine, twice of course! I think the magazines want to create more sales so they trick us in purchasing the magazines knowing they put out 2 completely different covers..I purchased this issue because of the wonderful whoopie pies on the cover. I read the magazine twice, searching for the recipe. I was more than ticked to see that the recipe would be online. Also searched online and “that” recipe wasnt. A few others were, but not what I was searching for.

  18. [...] learned something from my last “Dishing It” post (see my whoopie pie experience) and read the recipe before starting. This was a good thing because it serves 8-10 [...]

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