Go Ask Gab: Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas

October 27, 2010 at 2:36 pm , by

What kind of Halloween person are you?

A) The type who picks her Halloween costume in August and slowly starts to plan for it?
B) The type who decides on October 31st only to wait on an hour long line at Ricky’s?
C) The type who skips Halloween all together and stays in? (Booooo!)

Personally, I am an A person. I take Halloween very seriously and as a fashion editor, I must search for the best pieces to make my costume perfect. If you are a B, this might be useful. According to Yahoo.com these are the top-searched Halloween costumes this year. For the more “fashiony” costumes I added some insight on how to pull it off.

  • The cigar guy: not being an avid golf fan (or any golf fan for that matter) I had to look this guy up… he’s actually one of the top searched costumes?  Wow! Who knew?!
  • Katy Perry: obviously a wig with bangs (in any color) and any sort of romper (spend the money, they will still be around next summer) or totally retro outfit would work. You could also go the whole Elmo t-shirt route. Extra points for having a bearded British gent on your arm!
  • Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down: mullet, ‘stach, beard, baseball uniform… It’s a goodie!
  • Chilean Miner: Jumpsuit, sunglasses, Chilean flag and you’re set!
  • Jersey Shore: I’m an expert on this costume, as you will read below. For guys, it’s easy. This is the one AND ONLY time you should be wearing an Ed Hardy tee or go out and buy a fake one. Slick your hair back and bada bing you’re Paulie D! Gals — basically dress as inappropriate as possible, bump up your hair, big hoop earrings and lots of makeup. Extra points if you show up with a meat- or juice-head.
  • Lady Gaga: this is not a last minute costume, unless you are gong to go to the meat store and get 10 lbs of beef to slap on you for the night. If you were going to replicate one of her amazing outfits you should’ve hit up the craft store weeks ago!


If you want to do a DIY (not celeb-inspired) costume, get creative. My favorite was when a friend in college dressed in pink and tied a sneaker on her head… she was gum on the bottom of your sneaker. Very clever!

Of course for kids, princess costumes and are highly searched. Check out Mommy Sue’s blog on dressing your little ones up for the holiday. As for me I’m dressing up as the number one searched reality star: Snooki. Follow me on twitter: LHJFashionGirl and I’ll be tweeting pics of my costume Saturday night! In the meantime, enjoy a picture of my cutest Halloween costume. That’s me and my twin sister dressed as bees and yes, that is my older sister dressed as an Ewok!

7 Responses to “Go Ask Gab: Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas”

  1. Those twins are the cutest! Great blog Gab! Happy Halloween!

  2. I applaud you for not supporting those people who give into my pet-peeve and use Halloween as an excuse to be sexy (ie: sexy bumblebee, sexy devil, sexy nurse etc etc)!!

  3. Love the bees!!

  4. Can’t wait to see your costume! I will be MJ.

  5. I am definitely a type B) so thanks for your amazing blog and costume ideas!!

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