Go Ask Gab: Boots for Wide Calves

November 9, 2010 at 2:51 pm , by

Boot shopping is always so frustrating for me because my calves are rather large. Do you know of any places that sell boots with extended widths? —  Zoe

I’ve discussed this before in a post last year and like I said then, it’s definitely a question that I get asked a lot, especially this time of year. I can’t personally relate to this problem but I think every lady (and possibly guy) has their version of the wide-calf. We all have that item that we yearn for that our body just doesn’t cooperate with. Well ladies you aren’t forced to wear ankle or combat style boots the rest of your life — there are options out there!


I sent one of my “well-endowed calf” friends to check out the Naturalizer store. Naturalizer has always had a large selection of wide shaft boots but now 90 percent of their boots are offered in that size. Note: extended-width boots usually measures 18 inches but if you get a pair with an elastic panel you could get it to stretch a bit wider. My friend had a great experience and was impressed with the selection. She even recommended them to her mom, who was equally impressed.

J. Crew also has a great selection. So do sites like Zappos.com, Piperlime.com and Endless.com.

You can also check out my fall boot story for a great selection of boots for legs of all shapes and sizes!

8 Responses to “Go Ask Gab: Boots for Wide Calves”

  1. I’ll have to tell my sister in law about this article. She is always looking for good wide shaft boots. Thanks!!

  2. I suffer from giganticus calfus! My solution is Jon Fluevog’s. They have gorgeous styles and quite a few of them have lace-up sides, which are pretty, and allow for size variation.

  3. Hey, don’t forget about skinny mini me! I have sent back three pairs of boots so far, as they are way to big on my calves. A problem in the other direction, still a problem.

  4. Sometimes the problem is that a maker simple does not change the calf circumference in ratio to the foot length. Obviously someone with tiny feet is probably also petite in stature and build. I don’t need wide calf boots, just ones made in ratio! I used to think I did but I discovered the wide calf ones slouched too much- really it was about finding good makers.

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  7. A tip I have found that helps is wearing capri or ankle jeans with my boots – not so much to tuck in, no additional bulk at the bottom, etc……. It WORKS great!!!

  8. I bought some of Betsey Johnson “Leigh” leather boots have a LOT of room for a woman with a larger calf. I ordered them from HSN.com and am returning them. My legs look funny because my calves are little and the boots protrude out, so if you have muscular, bigger calves these are the boots for you! (And the leather smells heavenly!)