Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Active Gifts!

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These presents are perfect for the health and fitness nuts in your life. And maybe scoring some of this shiny new gear would help those of us who are more couch potato than marathon runner get motivated to get fit too! (Okay, maybe that’s us…) One lucky reader will score all the great gear here. Read more about each item in our Fitness Gift Guide.

Enter to win by posting a brief comment below telling us why you’d like to win one of the holiday gift packages. Comments must be posted by 11:59 ET on Monday, December 20. We will randomly select one winner. Read the full rules here. Good luck!

199 Responses to “Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Active Gifts!”

  1. I would love to win the fitness package. I have just started playing tennis and this would be a perfect way to start conditioning!

  2. This would be a perfect way for me to help fight the battle of the “menopause” bulge!

  3. I would love to win the fitness package. I recently started yoga and would like to give some of these as gifts to get family members interested.

  4. this would help kickstart my workout program

  5. I’m thinking my physical therapists would be estatic for me if I won these prizes. They would sure go a long way in my recovery.

  6. This would be great way for my husband and I to start our new years resolution to workout!

  7. These would be awesome since I work from home quite a bit, and am always looking for things to keep me motivated to work out!

  8. I am a stay at home mom of triplets. I am trying my hardest to start taking care of myself. It has been hard because I juggle it all….taking care of them, cleaning, laundry, cooking….so “me time” is rare. I want to start losing weight…but its been hard to get motivated. This prize would be ideal to get a jump start…and the great thing is that it has everything I need to start at home! love your site!

  9. I would love to get my hands on these amazing gifts!! They would help me stay focused!

  10. I would love these gifts. They would be so great for everyone to stay in shape and take time to take care of themselves, me included.

  11. I am 49 years old and I plan to run in the first race of my adult life next year, including the Chicago Marathon. I will be 50 when the marathon comes up next year. This package would help me prepare for the big race!

  12. Hi this is Grace’s tushie entering the giveaway for her because she NEEDS to get me in gear. 2010 was a very sluggish year for her and she needs to get back into things!

  13. Man, I would LOVEEEE this giveaway! I’m an avid fitness fanatic and have been for several years! This package is heaven!

  14. I have had one of the most stressful years of my entire life. I would like to reward myself for coming through it all with this win!

  15. I need all the help I can get to keep active and healthy.

  16. I really would love to have this prize package to try and get back on the right track to exersise. would be a great prize for the new year.

  17. This would be a fantastic prize to win.

    I need to get a start on getting back in shape.

  18. I have lost 42 pounds but have so much more to go! I think these prizes would be a huge help to me in losing even more!

  19. I’ve recently started a new fitness routine; this gear would help me stay motivated and try new things.

  20. These are gifts that inspire!! A perfect way to kick off the new year.

  21. I would absolutely love to win these prizes to give away to friends and family that are starting to get into fitness routines! I have a few friends that have signed up for a marathon and I know they could use these!

  22. Perfect for my New Year’s Resolution!

  23. This would so help w/ my new year resolution!

  24. I’m a senior in college in Boston and my dream has always been to run in the Boston Marathon my senior year. So,the time has come! All these items would be amazing in helping me reach my goal for my first marathon!

  25. Oh, how great it would be to win these! I am in the process of trying to lose weight and get my body fit and healthy. My husband and I are very much on the go as we are in pastoral work. Would love to have these items to help me out.

  26. I’m working on my health and fitness right now, and this would be perfect!

  27. I would love this because I really need to get back in shape

  28. I recently restarted my workout routine – so I would love these tools to continue me down the path to good health!

  29. Love this for “new year, new me!”

  30. Winter is setting in and that means I need an excuse to get in gear (for ski season of course!) Would love a chance to win this to help myself do that (and share with others too!) Thanks!

  31. I would love to win this. I was injured training for a half marathon at the end of last year and completely fell out of my routine. This past year has been so hard to get back on track. I would love to win all these fun fitness toys to help get motivated!

  32. Motivation acheived with these fabulous items… what a fun idea!

  33. I’d love to have that great yoga mat.

  34. some great things for me, some great gifts for others… i’d love to win!

  35. Special request…If I win the “foodie” category, can you throw in this fitness package too…I’m going to need. great stuff!

  36. This is a great collection. I visit Ladies Home Journal on a daily basis. I love your website! Thank you for all that you do!

  37. I may actually start my diet and exercise program on Monday if I win this. :)

  38. I would love to use these inspiring gifts to start the new year off right by making exercise a more regular part of my daily life.

  39. I could really use some “Active Gifts” to inspire me to get back into shape while recovering from a back injury.

  40. Would love to win this to help get and stay in shape!!

  41. This prize would help me to continue on my path of good health into 2011… lost 30 in 2010.

  42. I would love to win this package…always wanted to learn yoga and pilates.

  43. I would love to win these incredible gifts. They would definitely help motivate me to move more!!

  44. I’m reuniting with my college cross-country team to run a team race this summer and could really use some new fitness gear so I don’t look like I’m still running in the 80′s!

  45. Love the outfit!

  46. These gifts are fantastic. I’m always interested in trying new exercise equipment/gadgets.

  47. I have been working out now for several months and I have lost over 40lbs. I am not stopping anytime soon, but this gift pack would sure make, sticking to a daily routine, a lot easier.

  48. I would love to win this gift package. I could really use a new yoga mat!

  49. I would love to win this package because I need the encouragement to keep going in my fitness goals.

  50. One can never have enough workout clothing and gadgets!!

  51. I want to win because I need something to jump start my workouts. After completing a half-marathon I can find the motivation to get back into training again.

  52. I need to get my fitness life back on track! I’m pretty sure all these goodies will help me achieve just that!

  53. 75 pounds down, and a chunk left to go, and I need a kick in the backside. These would shove me back on the right path.

  54. This package is just the kick in the pants that I need!

  55. This awesome package would help keep me motivated in my lifestyle change!

  56. I’d love the Champion Body Balance Revive Tank Top and Double Dry Semi-Fitted Absolute Workout Pants

  57. I would like to win.

  58. I would love to win these products to inspire me to return to daily exercise

  59. WOW! This is an amazing giveaway. I am an active girl and every single thing on this list would be used by e on a regular basis. Pick me!! Pick me!!! Love it.

  60. I would love to win this package since on my weight loss journey I’m finally getting to the point that I can actually work out!

  61. I could lose about 30 lbs, winning these items would make it easier for me to get excited about exercising.

  62. As a mom of 4 it would be a huge blessing to me to win! Thank you!

  63. I would be so stylish at yoga class.

  64. Amazing guide–would love to win!

  65. Winning this prize package fits in with my budget!

  66. Winning this would give me motivation to get in shape.

  67. LOL, need to get in shape!

  68. just what i need to kick start my running goal for 2011!

  69. Alright, I’ll be honest; I’d give all the other catagories away to deserving friends, neighbors, kids’ moms, teachers, aquaintances at the places I frequents, etc., but this awesome prize would be for ME~ I love Fitness and I love all the cool new ways to have fun and stay in shape!! Ok, ok, I’d probably share with my kids…my husband says I never think about myself until last, and you know, he’s right about that; lol!!

  70. I so need this gifts…they are so inspiring..everyone on my list would love these!!!

  71. My sister-in-law has recently lost 60 pounds and some of the items would make a great gift to keep her inspired. The rest would be for my husband to get him on the right track. He needs to get in shape so he can be around a long time!

  72. This would motivate me to fulfill my new year’s resolution! Plus, it would be so exciting to win this package!

  73. I lost over 90 pounds, exercise helps me keep it off. I am currently training for my first marathon and any help I could get would help. This package would be great!

  74. I would love to win these fabulous gifts to kick start my need for fitness. I have recently been working at home and not walking the 3 blocks to the train station each day and I feel the difference. I also have high blood pressure and would love to keep that under control without medication. Thank you for your consideration.


  75. This group of items contains something for everyone, what a wonderful gift to open on Christmas.

  76. Would love this collection. There are a lot of great gifts in it.

  77. Help me achieve my dream of 6 pack abs!

  78. This would be something for my husband and I to start our weight loss program after the new years!

  79. You’re never too young or too old to take of the one body that’ll take you through life!

  80. I have set my health goals for the New Year and am ready to take it to another level. Let’s get started!

  81. My daughters are quit active (and I should be!). These gifts would be perfect for them and might motivate me!

  82. My family would love to get in shape and this would prove very helpful.

  83. Besides having a strong mental commitment to staying physically fit, there is nothing that would support this more than having the right gear to propel me to the next level in achieving my fitness goals. Having the right equipment makes all of the difference. Selma

  84. After losing my job a year ago the gym has not been an option. Hopefully if I win this package it would provide me with the tools to get more active.

  85. Thank you for sponsoring.

  86. I have a very busy schedule and don’t get to the gym as often as I would like. This would be a great way to stay in shape in the comfort of my own home. My daughter would also love some of these items. Great package!

  87. My mom and I both want to eat better and stay more active. I want to get her something to help her and give us both a reason to hold each other accountable for living healthy. This would be a great package to help us on our journey together!

  88. A good thing to start the new year. I need to tighten up and loose a few. Can’ afford a Gym membership.

  89. Please pick me!

  90. runner here! would love to win this package for myself. :)

  91. Just started back to exercising last summer. Finally shedding the baby weight after 3 kids. Great gifts!!

  92. I need this so I can get off my baby weight. OF course she is 28 and pregnant. Maybe we can do it together!

  93. Staying active is the key to maintaining your weight and looking more youthful.

  94. This package of items would be absolutely perfect for me. I never buy things for myself and this would be a rare and much needed reward. And there would be enough to share a few items with others too!

  95. This would be a great gift assortment and would really help me, I just found out I will be a Grandma soon and this could really help me get in better shape to be a great one!!!

  96. Since my Mom came off Army mobilization she has been working on a horse ranch to pay the rent. My brother and I help out, as does my baby sister, but there is never enough money for extras or to eat better, healthier food. Because of this and because we are in a remote area, my Mom hasn’t been able to keep up her regular exercise to keep her fit for Army duty. She is getting older and when she gained a little weight she had to go inactive just to stay on the Army books. She needs 3 years to retire, but she can’t get back into a unit until she loses some weight. I would love to win this for her to give her a little motivation and a few tools to help her get started on the path to getting fit again so she can get back into a regular Reserve unit. Thank you for the opportunity.

  97. Did you overhear us talking at work? LOL Oh the holidays are soooo here and unfortunately so is the weight gain. This would be great!

  98. I’m on a menopausal weight gain train and I’d like to get off of it. This would be my inspiration with all the great stuff in this package. Pick me please, I want this so bad!

  99. I really want to lose those last 10 pounds! I need something to motivate me!

  100. This would be a great prize to keep me motivated in my weight loss journey. I read all the tips and recipes on the Ladies’ Home Journal website. Thanks.

  101. I want this motivation

  102. Man, gifts like these would get my fat butt moving and I might shake off some of the baby fat.

  103. I would love these to help me get in shape. ALso, I would like to share with some fitness buff I know.

  104. I would love to win these great items to encourage my daughter to exercise with me.

  105. I will be 45 in 11 days. I have been morbidly obese for the past 15 years. I have started Zumba classes, which I LOVE! They are kicking my butt, which is just what I need. I know my pulse it too high during the class, but I could use some technological help monitoring it. My husband has been off work on disability since October of 2008 and with two kids and a household to run, things are TIGHT, to say the least. This would be put to good use and very much appreciated!

  106. These items would certainly help me get back in the exercise groove.

  107. uhhh.. do I look like I exercise?! It requires alot of effort & makes me tired & sweaty…not a pretty site…you don’t want me to look like that do you? Really? You do?! Well, OK then… I’ll do it, but just for you, but you’ve been warned!! :)

  108. Winning these items are great motivation to stay fit!

  109. I need all the help I can get. I want to really get into Pilates and Zumba this year.

  110. I’m doing this for my mom.She does so much for my sister and I, that we would like for her to win.I think these would help be more relaxed and healthy.written by Brandon

  111. id like to win this to donate to the local community center for the many people who are in need and some things for my mom whose helped many charities and myself.thank you

  112. This would be great to win for gifts for my friends.

  113. My sis & I have been trying to lose weight for the last year, we’ve done good so far, but we need that extra push, these would help a lot

  114. Finding it hard to lose the weight..this would surely help my Husband and myself out. Plus, it would be fun to work out with him.

  115. I love it, it just makes me WANT to exercise!

  116. This spells MOTIVATION.

  117. Great gear to get the year started off right!

  118. Just the right gifts to start off a healthy, and
    Happy New Year for everyone on your gift list,
    and some good ones to keep, too, like the Pilates, and the Timex heart monitor.

  119. Would love to win these.

  120. Just what I need to keep me motivated to lose my “middle age” middle!

  121. I could stand to be in better shape. My kiddos run circles around me.

  122. I could use a little health and fitness in my life!

  123. All of these items would be very useful for my yoga, zumba and newly found kick-boxing routine! Would love to win!

  124. Just starting a much needed weightloss program and these would certainly help me with that effort

  125. I would love to win this! After being diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and eleven operations I really need to get into shape and feel like myself again. This would be perfect!

  126. This would be great to help me get (and stay) motivated to work out. I NEED to get in shape!

  127. This is what I could really use to get me healthy & fit!

  128. I am a very active person and would love to have more tools to help me stay fit and mix up my routines!

  129. Of all the prize packages, this is the one I covet the most. I’m 55 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to yoga, zumba, and weight lifting. Loooooooove these prizes.

  130. Winning this would be just the thing I need to get me motivated!

  131. Merry Christmas!!

  132. My sisters are big fitness people, and I know they would love to receive any of those things for Christmas!!! Thanks for hosting!


  134. I had an illness earlier this year. A side effect of the medicines was increased appetite and weight gain. Now I’m feeling much better but I’m still stuck with an extra 30 lbs! This gift pack will really help me and my family get back into shape.

  135. Ooh! These will help my New Years Resolution to exercise more!!! Pick me, I never win anything….

  136. I have 100+ pounds to lose. I have so far to go to get healthy so I can be around for my girls, this would be the perfect gift to get me going. Regardless whether I win or not, I WILL make progress this year. But…I would love to win this package to help me out!!!! :D

  137. Would really like to win this to use some of these items to shape up and lose that extra holiday weight that is making my pants feel a little too tight right now!

  138. Winning this package would be a great way to recharge my winter workout routine!

  139. This would be the perfect gift to start my new years resolution of getting back in the gym!

  140. I would love to win this set for my pregnant sister. She can really put it to use to get back in shape after giving birth soon.

  141. I would love to win these so our family can work off that holiday ham and dessert!!

  142. How cool are the no-slip socks?!! I hope I win!!

  143. I will admit, I would love to win this and keep everything for myself! I’m the biggest fitness buff I know, aside from my brother-in-law (and I don’t think he’d look good in Spandex).

  144. I would like to win because my so will graduate from basic with the Marines in about 12 weeks and I am trying to surprise him and get in shape

  145. Would love for me and my dd to win a gift pack as she is home with me now.

  146. I am the mommy of 2 beautiful lil boys. I just started running, and this would be a wonderful addition. I have done 2 5k’s, and training for a 10 mile run next may. This would be PERFECT!!! =)

  147. Wow great stuff! I’m a trainer and would love to give some of these gifts to my hard-working clients!

  148. I am addicted to running. ‘Nuff said.

  149. I run every morning, and the cold is killing me! I would love to win some of the awesome indoor gear to use on the snowiest days!

  150. Wow, would love to update my running wardrobe or a yoga mat to exercise inside on yucky days!

  151. Wow, this would make some really nice stocking stuffers for my fit family with me included!

  152. I would like to win this package for my wife. She just gave birth to our first child last month, she worked out all the way up to the day her water broke. I know she would love this gift to get started in getting back into shape.


  153. I’m training for a spring marathon and all this gear would help me concentrate on my training and cross training, something I don’t do enough! :-) I’d like to stay healthy and finish strong!

  154. I have been in TWO car accidents: the first Nov 16- hit a deer and wrote off my mini van. The second: hit TWO DEER in the DEALERS car!! I’m not even kidding. I haven’t been to my kick boxing class since the 15th and am having major workout withdrwls..I need to know that the black cloud that has planted itself over my head is gone!! And it START my xmas shopping as I haven’t been well enough to even START!!

  155. I am an avid runner. I struggle to find motivation this time of year. I recently (last Friday) graduated with my Masters Degree, so have had precious little time for anything besides work or school, let alone exercise. This might be just the kick start I need to get started and work towards that marathon goal.

  156. Wow! Why WOULDNT I want to win these prizes? I am a runner and lately its been tough to find motivation to get out of the door. Each of these prizes have their own dose of motivation in them and would continue to encourage me right on through 2011!

  157. I have a 6 week old baby and I am getting back into running shape and would love the extra motivation of new, cute workout gear to keep me feeling and looking great!

  158. What a great package to get in shape and have fun!

  159. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ChampionUSA, ChampionUSA. ChampionUSA said: It’s giving season and if you’re blanking on gift ideas, is having a Fitness Gift Guide Giveaway! Enter… [...]

  160. I would really love to win one of these packages. I have lost 50 pounds in the last 2 years and need to lose between 75 and 100 more pounds to be healthy. This package would help me continue my weight lose and help some friends out who are trying to become healthier people. A couple of my friends and I are going to start working in Jan. on training for our first ever 5K. This package would be such a blessing for me and help me stay on track. Thank you so much for the offer!

  161. I am in love with running but it has been so ridiculously cold lately that I can’t go outside because it makes my asthma worse :( I would love to win this prize so I can workout inside!! The only thing I have for working out inside is a set of old hand weights from my grandfather. So this would be so awesome (:

  162. I would love to win this package for the fact that I am trying to get certain family members involved with trying to live an active/healthy lifestyle. I have lost about 100 lbs. and tend to offend certain family members when I try to get them involved. Maybe with a gift, they will see my sincerity and genuine care for their well being. I would honestly keep one gift for me to keep me motivated on this weight loss journey!

  163. I would love to win one of the packages because, it would be a terrific motivation to start the New Year workout, get healthier, and to prepare my beach body for spring break and my birthday in march! I really want to spend more time outdoors, and at the beach and not feel pressured by how I look. Plus all of this items looks easy to use and I could add thi sto my daily routine!

  164. I am a huge fitness enthusiast and just began training to climb 42 flights for a fundraiser for the American Lung Association. I lost my job last year and have been unable to afford some of the nice ‘extras’ to make my workouts even better! I would love to win any of these prizes and would also share with my friends and daughters who are also into running! Thanks for this great giveaway- I so hope I win!!

  165. As a former two-sport D1 athlete I’ve found it very hard to manage my hypoactive thyroid ever since I graduated from college. The giveway items would be great to help keep me motivated when I stall out and get discouraged in the winter months.

  166. I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer for the YMCA and would love to use these products for myself and for my members and clients!

  167. I love everything you’re giving away! It would be an amazing prize! This Christmas I’ve been trying to stay fit and this would be perfect to help me stay on track.

  168. I have been wanting to get fit for a while. Having cute workout gear and all the necessary tools to work out will inspire me so much more! I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.

  169. I have hypothyroidism and I’m in the Army. I need to lose 30 lbs to make weight and winning this would be a huge help!

  170. I would like to win this fitness package to get in shape for the New Year

  171. I am training for my first marathon through the snow, and I would love to win this package, it would be the best christmas present ever!

  172. I love staying fit, but I can barely afford groceries, let alone all the “stuff” that goes along with working out.

  173. I’m a new runner and a stay at home mom so money is tight. I would love to win this package to help me stay motivated and fit!

  174. Need help with the post baby weight!! PLEASE!!

  175. As a pre-school fitness teacher, I work with over 300 kids a week. We learn how important it is to be fit and that it’s fun to exercise and be healthy. These great items would encourage me in my workouts and to stay active for my students, too.

  176. I’m a law student and marathoner with little time and even less money. Running is one of the ways that I keep my stress level to a minimum, especially during finals. Unforuntately, it gets dark and icy early during Chicago winters, which keeps me from being able to get out on the trail safely. Not only would this allow me to work out at home on those days where it’s too icy/dark to run, but it would really help me to maintain a consistent level of activity through some of the most stressful times.

  177. My husband and I have been trying to come up with some ideas on how we could get out of the rut we are in and how we need to start thinking more about our health and physical fitness.
    My, how this would help us start to find our way and what a blast it would be for us!

  178. I am a new racer and I lack a lot of the high tech gear that would help me train.

  179. I am currently in nursing school and attempting to stay active and keep off the 50 pounds I have lost. My husband is military; our finances go to support our family and my education, so there is little extra for new things.

  180. i would live to have all these items!! what a great motivation, i wouldnt miss any of my workouts!!!!

  181. What a perfect way to start the new year & a new workout plan with new gear! I’ve just recently added yoga to my plan & these goodies would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  182. I want to be in shape and be a runner so bad! These products will inspire me and help me reach my goals!

  183. Wow, this is a great fitness package! I would use everything in it, especially the pedometer, heart rate monitor, and balance ball. Great selections!!

  184. Having twins, stress of moving around, the house from hell, and other various problems have added 80 pounds to the person I once was over the last 20 years. Have been working on loosing weight. This package would help.

  185. I’m getting up at 4:30 am 4 days a week to do boot camp…new fun stuff would be a great motivator…

  186. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this package for me and my fiance. We got engaged last month and I am on a mission to look my very best in a wedding dress next July. (My fiance has started his mission to look his best in a tux, too.) This package would be very helpful to us. We both would be forever grateful (and live happily ever after!!)

  187. i was rear ended while stopped at a red light in oct 2010. recovery has been slow. Physical therapy 3x week has not progressed. previous car accident victims say PT doesn’t work for injuries like mine, yoga and light exercises do. i need to lose the weight during my sad days post accident. thanks

  188. Yay! Fitness!

  189. My mom would LOVE this package. Thanks!!!!

  190. Trying to be more active and keep in shape. I would love to win these amazing gifts!

  191. I would like this fitness package because I have
    been working out for a long time and have not seen any results.

  192. I would love to win. I am the mom of two toddlers and I can barely fit in exercise lately….so I need all the help or tools I can get!

  193. I would love to win. I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and need help getting rid of the weight that chemo has put on.

  194. I could really use this. I just restarted my fitness and healthy eating routine today after realizing I’d really been slacking over the last few months. This would be a great motivation!

  195. Quite honestly,winning this fabulous giveaway would motivate more to exercise-which I need..thanks

  196. I would love to win this because I am trying to loose weight. I have 90 more pounds to go and every tool can help me at this point. I need to be healthy because i am a mother of three little boys. I need to be a good example for them.

  197. It would be great to win all these cool items to help me get back into shape again. Would definately be of great motivation!

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  198. One of my main goals for the new year is to be more active. Although I have a healthy weight I live a very sedentary lifestyle which is not healthy. Since heart disease and diabetes are both problems in my family it’s time I started exercising and taking better care of myself.
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  199. I would love to win this I just had baby #3 and am working really hard to get active and back ins hape so this would be amazing thanks for the chance to win