Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Crafty & Handmade Gifts!

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These gifts will appeal to the crafty ladies and the lovers of cute handmade goodness alike. We love the ideas of supporting artisans and small businesses with our holiday shopping—and the gifts are so totally unique and special! One lucky reader will win all of the handmade and crafty gifts here. Read more about each prize in our Crafty Gift Guide.

Enter to win by posting a brief comment below telling us why you’d like to win one of the holiday gift packages. Comments must be posted by 11:59 ET on Monday, December 20. We will randomly select one winner. Read the full rules here. Good luck!

284 Responses to “Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Crafty & Handmade Gifts!”

  1. I think this site is awesome. i would love to win

  2. I would like to win cause I have never won anything.

  3. I belong to a fellowship and we get together to make items for a non-for-profit organization so that they can raise money to continue to offer their services to people in need. Winning this prize would help us continue this goodwill.

  4. Would love to win one of the prizes. I am a stay at home mom with triplets and find it so hard to have some me time to go to the stores. I do it all here at home — take care of them, laundry, cook, clean…its all about making sure everything runs smoothly…but if I look in the mirror…my gosh…I have abandoned myself…so this would be a sweet gift that will come in good use.

  5. I would love to win these amazing prizes. For no special reason why just because these are awesome prizes and I would never buy them for myself since money is tight.

  6. How very cool! Would love to win anything, not sure that has every happened before!

  7. I’d love to win so that I could afford to give some amazing gifts to the people in my life who really deserve them!

  8. Oh my! I’d love to win because I make EVERYTHING, but with 2 kids under 2, I don’t get out much to check out fun things for myself. This would make me so happy :-) as I’ve never won a giveaway :-(

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  10. I am usually crafting and designing for others as an etsy crafter/seller myself so it would be great if I could enjoy being the recipient of some crafty goodness!

  11. I may not be a lady, but I do like being creative and think the prizes are pretty awesome!


  13. I would love to win.

  14. i love every gift item on there, and would love to win them so i can have more motivation to get crafty, especially when i’m stuck inside during the cold winter. :-)

    thank you!

  15. I love everything here, wow, great give away! I would love to win!

  16. Fabulous!!

  17. This giveaway would be fun to win to help cure some boredom!

  18. Would like to win this! would be great.

  19. I love crafty things and love to make crafty things. It would be so much fun to win this prize.

  20. I’d love to win this wonderful selection of Craft makers’ produce as it would make my Christmas shopping so much more bearable lol
    Great site, great features. Many thanks.

  21. It would really be nice to win this! I see several things on there that I could give to friends and family!

  22. I’d like to win this package because I just moved into a new house, and this would help me make it a home.

  23. I would love to win because I treasure hand made items.

  24. I LOVE handmade gifts and treasure them more. They also give me inspiration to craft my own gifts and treasures.

  25. My sister is visiting & this would be great to share.

  26. This is a great prize package! Some of it would be wonderful for our new home and there are some great christmas presents in it as well!! and i love handmade things!

  27. This is HANDS DOWN the coolest compilation of gifts ever. They all have a special quality that I love (and know would be appreciated by the recepient). Thanks for the ideas!!

  28. I would like to win because my family is having a crafty Christmas this year! All of our gifts are going to be unique and homemade so this would really help!

  29. I love hand-crafted anything and would be sharing the love but using some items as gifts for friends and family who some of the items would be perfect for… share the love!

  30. I would love to win because these items just sing to my little crafty soul! I’m trying to a 100% crafted Christmas this year and these items are a great motivator!

  31. These are great gifts! I love how creative they are!

  32. Hi! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I would love to win any of these items because they are lovely and were made by such talented people!! I love handmade things and don’t have alot of time yet to make them often. <3

  33. Love the gifts! I have four wonderful children, I work full time and on the weekends I try to be as crafty as possible with the busy schedules of 4 activie children. My favorite moments, are those when we can sit down, have a breather and craft with the children, memories that last a lifetime!!!

  34. thank you for the giveaway! what a passel of goodness! i’d love to win cause i love to give gifts to others and this would allow me to give more.

  35. What a great giveaway… I actually have a few of these items on my Christmas shoppinglist already! I love the Plum Pretty Sugar robe for myself, and have been eyeing the make do and mend print for my mother who is an avid sewer!

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  37. I’m an avid crafter and love to make things for others but don’t usually receive handmade things myself. I’d love to win this package and spoil myself with some special, unique goodies. :)

  38. I would love to win because several of these prizes are things I have dreamed of owning and I would love to share the rest with friends and family! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  39. Pick me pick me. i want a craft hope book.

  40. Wow, these all look awesome! The wrap and the vegetable bags are especially lovely, and I’d love to own any of these!

  41. Gosh, I’ve been super stressed planning our upcoming wedding for the past year and half – it would be such a treat to win! Wearing a Plum Pretty Sugar robe on my big day would be absolute perfection!

  42. I love homemade/handmade gifts!

  43. Anything that’s going to inspire more creativity….I’m all for it!

  44. What a beautiful prize package! We just moved to a little town tucked away on a hillside called “City of Stars”… that stainglass star would be perfect to hang in our window. And who could say no to any of the other yummy yummy prizes you’re offering. I hope I win!

  45. I’m thinking of this as a Christmas gift to myself if I win seeing as I won’t be getting one under the tree – I know, poor me, right :) . All of these beautiful things are making me a little giddy with excitement. Oh how I love pretty things. More to the point, pretty, crafty things.

  46. pick me, pick me!!

  47. i would love to win these gifts. they are nostalgic, and also never won anything in my whole life before.

  48. Love crafts…love free stuff!

  49. I would love to win! I didn’t do very much in terms of crafting as a kid, and am only now finding my artistic side! Trouble is… with two kids and a student budget there’s not much extra for supplies, books, etc!
    Thanks for considering me!

  50. I would love this package as I love crafting of all kinds.

  51. I love crafty things, but my budget doesn’t always allow me to get the tools I want. This would be a great starter kit to re-jumpstart “Girls’ Craft Thursday.”

  52. What great prizes – both books have been on my wishlist for a while now, it would be great to win them! They would be great to add to my crafting book collection.

  53. It is such a beautiful compilation! Who wouldn’t love to get one of these?

  54. I would love to win one of these books because it would be a double pleasure — a present for me, and a tool to make gifts for others!

  55. What lovely things! My family and I are trying on a new holiday tradition of spending craft time together instead of doing a very lavish gift exchange. We realized we really just need time to connect with one another and some lovely goodies would be a welcome addition!

  56. I would love to win one of those prizes! I love crafting gifts and love buying handmade goodies.

  57. How fun! I love doing projects – it would be so fun to have all sorts of new things to play with!

  58. Handmade gifts have been important in my family since I was a kid. Now that I have a child of my own, it’s becoming more and more important to me to keep that going. Handmade is SO much more meaningful that something that was mass-produced!

  59. Amazing prizes! I love crafting for the holidays and all year long. I think a handcrafted gift is priceless.

  60. I love doing crafty projects and I organize a sewing circle at my church, so I’m always looking for ideas for projects we can do.

  61. Because I’ve been dreaming of getting the Craft Hope book.

  62. I’d love to win one of these packages because I always buy things for others (I am the mom of 2) but never for myself! I am also an avid crafter!

  63. I just got a new craft desk so would love some inspiration – and enjoy supporting other small businesses!

  64. Such a lovely selection of prizes!

  65. Would love to win just because I would use them for AWESOME Christmas gifts! Thanks!

  66. I am currently making some pillowcases and an art kit to donate for Christmas. I would love to win these goodies!

  67. I would love to win such fabulous hand-crafted things! Beautiful crafts show us just a little bit of the crafter’s heart and soul.

  68. I can use all the help that I can get when it comes to shopping. Winning this package would help out with gifts for my sister.

  69. You have so many great prizes!! I’d love to win.

  70. What beautiful and crafty gifts! I would love to win since I love delightful well designed handmade goodies! What a great gift guide!

  71. Wow! Everything is very cool! I would love to win as I have several “hard to buy for” family members!

  72. I would love to win because it would make me happy. I don’t usually win but it’s worth a shot! I’m going to think positive thoughts:) Pick me Pick me!!

  73. This puts me in the holiday crafty spirit! Love all the gift ideas.

  74. I would love the craft hope book! I have been following them for quite some time now.

  75. I love crafting + creating and all of the items on this gift guide look fabulous! I’d love to win because several items are actually on my Christmas wish list. :)

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  76. I would love to win one of these prizes. I spend many evenings crafting so that I might be able to give to others. My husband was transferred to another city and I am waiting for our house to sell (which could be awhile in this market.) Giving to others helps me focus on others instead of missing my husband.

  77. I’m a crafty girl and I love creating and sharing crafty fun with others. I would love to keep the Bakerella book, but I would also share some of the goodies with friends.

  78. I would LOVE to win any of these! I volunteer for a non-profit that does multiple charity events a year (including crafts for charity!) I would love to share the Craft Hope book with them! :D

  79. I’d love to win a prize. They all make great gifts. I wouldn’t give away the Craft Hope book. That one is a keeper :D

  80. We do a lot for our community, from food drives for the Wakefield Interfait Food Pantry to getting clothes to the ppl in need. We are a small group of ppl who dont have much ourselves but we still find the need to help others.
    This would be a much welcome addition to our miniscule library :)
    Thank you!

  81. Wow, what a great collection! I would love to win b/c it’s nice to support the DIY community.

  82. This is a great collection. I visit Ladies Home Journal on a daily basis. I love your website! Thank you for all that you do!

  83. Gotta win these crafty gifts because my 16 year old daughter & I love to get comfy & do crafts together!!

  84. I love totally unique and special gifts!!

  85. Love these and I love LHJ.

  86. I love all of those amazing gifts. I just had a little baby boy and havent had enough time to craft with him being weeks old. I am itching to get back to crafting for the holidays!

  87. I believe I was born with the “arts” gene in me. I am currently volunteering and teaching art to a 4th grade class at the local elementary school. I LOVE it!!! They bring me such JOY! Thank you for this opportunity…

  88. Great gifts. Would love the Craft Hope book!

  89. I absolutely love these gifts! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  90. This would be a wonderful gift, so many great items that would be nice to share with friends! I hope I win.

  91. Thank you for the fun give away!

    Good luck to all.

  92. Would love to win these fun items!!

  93. These look amazing!

  94. I would love to win all these goodies…especially the craft Hope Blog. I just got finished making pillowcases… felt so good to do something for little ones in the hospital :)

  95. Everything in this giveaway is gorgeous! I’d be delighted to win!

  96. Loving this beautiful prize package! It would be wonderful to get this package and share some of it with my other crafty friends for the holidays.

  97. Love, love, love the book Craft Hope! How can you not love a book that’s all about crafting for charities?! All the items look terrific.

  98. I love to make and receive holiday gifts! Last year we did home made spaghetti gift sets and I am looking for the next big idea!

  99. Thank you for the opportunity in letting me enter this sweepstakes. I would love to win for lots of reasons, 1. I am crafty and theres alot of fun materials. 2. I have children and love to spend time putting stuff together with them. 3. Just becuz I would use every single item with good spirits.

  100. Would love to win cause winning is fun. Can’t decide if I like the ipod case best or the crane. Fun slideshow!

  101. I would love to win because Amanda has great taste ;)

  102. My mom is an artist/art teacher and I would love to win this so I can check her off my list! (and maybe keep some of the items for myself!!)

  103. Great stuff!

  104. What a collection…when I spied the Craft Hope book among the other goodies, this crafty mommy got so excited!!

  105. Great gifts! Love the robe!

  106. I’d love to win b/c these gifts look great!

  107. Me! Pick me! I’m a crafter by heart, and I would totally keep every single one of these for myself.

  108. I would like to win because it is a lovely surprise when the UPS guy brings you something unexpected…

  109. any of this would be SO great to share with my family

  110. These items are wonderful. I wiould to win these gifts.

  111. I am inspired by the book “Craft Hope” and would love to win things created by other artisans.

  112. ohhh! i would love to win these!

  113. I like the Pigeon Toe Ceramics Kerr Planter and the veggie bags.

  114. Great gifts. I would like to win.

  115. Fabulous giveaway! I would love to win because I’m such a girl-girl. When money is tight like it is now these are the types of things you wosh you could buy cuz you love em, but they’re a bit frivolous. So what better way than through a giveaway?

  116. I have been following Craft Hope for a while now and just found out about your giveaway! Their book is still on my wish list. :-)

  117. Thanks for supporting craftspeople and small businesses! These are beautiful items, and I would be delighted to be the lucky winner so I could share some with family and friends. The “Craft Hope” book is a special bonus – it’s been on my wish list for months! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  118. I would love to win these items so I could share with friends and family!

  119. Love the quality and retro feel to this group of gifts…keeping some of these for myself!

  120. I have been making things since I was a child. My darling grandma taught me to knit , crochet, tat, quill, quilt, make lace, and bake wonderful pastries and cookies. My wonderful mom taught me to cook, sew, paint and encouraged my love of all crafts. By the time I was 11, I was designing and sewing my own clothes. All my nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews have all gotten crocheted afghans at least once.
    I am now taking care of my 78 year old mom who has Alzheimers Disease and receiving this craft gift set would mean so much to me, as money is tight and mom and I still share a love of doing things together. Thanks.

  121. I would be interested in winning any of the gift sets because the holiday season is for giving, and because of limited money supply, it makes it difficult to get as much as I’d like for the people I really care about, because there are so many of them (and that’s even just counting family!). If I won any of the gift sets it would give me the opportunity to give more, and that would make my holiday season that much brighter. :)

  122. I’m in love with the stained glass stars and crane necklace, but am too cheap to buy them for myself,…I’m keeping my fingers crossed so that maybe I will be the winner of this ensemble of products!!!

  123. As a mom of 4 it would be a huge blessing to me to win! Thank you!

  124. I’m more crafty during the Christmas season.

  125. Amazing guide–would love to win!

  126. Winning this prize package fits in with my budget!

  127. I would love this. Christmas is tight this year. My husband doesn’t have a job and we have three small boys.

  128. Wow! I’d love to win – I’ve been working very hard lately to pay down my debt, and this would be a super lovely Christmas treat!

  129. I’d love to win because there are so many amazing prizes :D

  130. love love love the robe!!!!

  131. Love handmade gifts! They would be lovely to win for Christmas.

  132. I’ve done several projects with Craft Hope and would love to have their book. And everything else is gorgeous!

  133. I would lve to win this and put some of it into the family xmas eve white elephant.

  134. What a great way to be able to gift everyone on my list!! I always feel sad that I can’t give more to friends, neighbors, you know, the people we come in contact with daily who enrich our lives and yet, we do so little to thank them. It’d be neat to be able to give a little something to those folks!!

  135. thanks for the great gift ideas

  136. These are beautiful and fun items. I want to win!!

  137. Wow!! How great would this be?? I’m teaching both of my 6 yr. old granddaughters to craft. I know they’d love to win it!!

  138. I would love to win these items. I could bless many people and place a smile on their day!

  139. These gifts are truly special! I’d love to see the faces of loved ones opening these presents.

  140. Fingers crossed…!

  141. Would love to have these craft gifts…everyone on my list would be so happy when they opened them on Christmas and hey I can’t lie, I love them too!!!

  142. What wonderful craft gifts, would love to win so I can share with special people in my life.

  143. What a wonderful selection of unique and thoughtful things. I am a crafter, and I really appreciate homemade and thoughtful things.
    I would love to win these gifts, many of which I would give to my family and friends.


  144. I’m making gifts for all my family, and it is a large one: 9 siblings and their spouses/partners, 12 nieces & nephews, my husband, and his family (that’s 10 more!). This gift collection would help me with the “hard-to-craft-for” individuals.

  145. Winning these items would certainly help with the lack of Christmas budget we have this year. I love crafting.

  146. I’d LOVE to win because I know a lot of craft mama’s and this would sooooo clear of a bulk of my list. Plus I get to keep the coolest stuff!!!

  147. These would make great gifts for several people. We are on a very limited budget and really should not buy gifts for people, winning this would help make our Christmas Merry!

  148. Wow! This would be great to win….I love giving thing that are homemade!

  149. I’d love it for the Geek guide alone!

  150. Awesome ideas!

  151. Great ideas!

  152. Great stuff for Christmas gifts.

  153. I would love to win!! I’m a lover of crafts and these are extremely special!
    Thanks for the chance….

  154. Wonderful things for presents.

  155. This was a fun collection to look at! I’ve been swamped with grad school (and working full time) for the last two years. I’ll be done in December and am looking forward to being more “crafty” when I’m done. I’m also not able to even THINK about Christmas gifts until I’m done, so having some great things like these come into my life in a few weeks would be spectacular!

  156. have been doing crafts with my Gram since I was a little girl I would love to give her any and all of these as xmas gifts!!!!

  157. What an awesome assortment of crafty gifts! I would be proud to find just the right recipient for each of them, if I would have the chance! I know a few persons who deeply deserve a special gift but are not likely to receive much this year. I have little myself, but really enjoy giving gifts to those who need and deserve them more than me!

  158. I love everything in this give away and know so many friends and family I could give them to as gifts.

  159. OMG! What unique and different gift ideas. As I scrolled through them, I could think of someone for each. Awesome!!

  160. What unique gifts! This would take care of everyone on my list!

  161. I am a stay at home mother of 2 girls. Our oldest is special needs which prevents us from leaving the house unless to dr appt’s. I feel that this would bring creativity to our table and not only reward me but all the others whom have helped us through out our toughest times. Thank you for the great gift ideas!

  162. Wonderful gifts and ideas!

  163. It would be great to win “luxury” items.

  164. Wonderful gifts and ideas. What a great way to give to family and friends.

  165. I’m using my craft skills this year to make items for a Christmas charity. Material donations are very welcome.

  166. Winning this would be a double prize. I would enjoying having the craft materials, plus I could make things to give to others or make together with my grandchildren.

  167. Winning would mean I would be that much closer to completing my shopping list!

  168. This would be great for me and the kids…

  169. I would love to win these gifts because then I would be able to give my family gifts. I am retired and money is not there for presents this year.

  170. These are some fabulous prizes that I would never buy for myself. I would love to win these.

  171. Since I lost my job last December, money is very tight. I would love to win something for myself that I can afford.

  172. These are really great ideas. I love to either make gifts with a personal touch or purchase thoughtful gifts from nonprofit organizations or small business. I believe this is community helping community.

  173. I would like to win because it is like giving that person a piece of you. Your hard work and good ideas will make them think of you every time they look at it.

  174. Like many others, money is tight this year for my family. This incredible selection would go a LONG way to spreading some holiday cheer for all of us! Thanks for all you do LHJ!

  175. Thanks for sponsoring.

  176. It’s been a long, exhausting year, with the death of a dear family friend in July and the loss of my dad and my husband’s uncle within three days of each other. (This on top of a continued battle with infertility and my husband’s ongoing search for a job where he can actually use his training and earn a steady income.) I’ve found myself in the unexpected position of being the emotional support for both my mom and my brother. So, dad gum it…it might be selfish, but I could do with a bit of spoiling!

  177. They are all so unique…I love it!

  178. What a neat group of great gift ideas!! Who wouldn’t love to win this!! Thank you for the clever ideas some of which I will be using this year. :)

  179. this would be cool to win!

  180. Super cute ideas….would make excellent holiday gifts!!!

  181. What a thoughtful, creative selection! I wish I could find ONE store filled with such unique gifts.

  182. What better way to start out the season with all of these great ideas and with a possibllity of winning all these great prizes. Merry Christmas LHJ!!!

  183. Me Me – Pick me! :-) What an awesome Christmas present(s) this would be

  184. My oldest daughter would love these wonderful gifts. I taught her to sew and she is getting very creative in the house since times have gotten tough. We only have the basics to work with and some of these special items would let us do so many more things. Be my Santa this year with a gift to her. Thank you.

  185. Wow! These gifts are great. My mom and I craft all the time and these would be great for both of us. We don’t have money this year to get each other gifts, only handmade items, so this would be a God send.

  186. Wow! Cool stuff! I want it all!

  187. I would like to win because it’s been a tough couple years and I could use some good news.

  188. I think any one of these prizes would be great to win. And all of them!! Wow

  189. I already know each person that I would give these gifts to! I was thinking about this as I was looking them over, thinking ” Sure wish I could afford that for…..”. It will be so much fun to give these gifts!

  190. I am one of those people that love making homemade gifts for others. If I was able to win this prize it would help me out greatly.

  191. I love crafting and giving people thoughtful gifts. These prizes would help me do that. Thanks for the opportunity!

  192. Very unique and fun gift ideas, I would never think to buy or even know about asking to recieve. With the way this year has gone financially it would be absolutely amazing to recieve all of these items and be able to give away the awesome gifts. Of course maybe keeping one or two for myself! :)

  193. I know the perfect crafter to share these goodies with.

  194. I would like to win so I can give better gifts to my family this year. I am in grad school, so gifts are definitely budget friendly so far.

  195. Amazing guide–would love to win!

  196. Would love to win this as I enjoy doing crafts!

  197. My daughter and sister would love receiving these as gifts!

  198. I LOVE EVERYTHING! Sorry but if I win these are gifts for ME.

  199. These are such great gifts! I would love to win one and keep it for me!!! :0)

  200. Everyone who knows me, declares that I am the biggest craft queen they know…or was that craft addict! whatever…lol…I’m really good at making stuff from other stuff!

  201. I would give most as gifts, except the robe!! My “mom” robe needs to be retired. This would be a great replacement.

  202. It would be great to win and have special gifts for all the family members.

  203. I love all things crafty….I used to have so much time to do these, but not so much anymore. But, I believe that the best gifts are those that are crafted with your own hands and from your heart.

  204. I would love to win these gifts. I always feel like I give lame gifts and I could truly use some help.

  205. I’m doing this for my mom.She does so much for my sister and I, that we would like for her to win something.I think she would like this,it would help with her stress.written by Brandon

  206. I never win anything and figured there is a first time for anything so lets give it a whirl!

  207. I would love to win!

  208. id like to win to give everything to my mom. she donates alot of her time and money to many causes and she deserves something great herself. thank you!

  209. I’m an art teacher and my students love doing crafty things! one of those books would be so exciting!

  210. LOVE to do crafts this collection would be great!

  211. I am a stay at home Aunt. Since my sis & nephews moved in, I don’t have any “me” time. I LOVE to craft.

  212. Great giveaway.It would be a nice win. Mame

  213. I would like to win because crafting is a hobby of mine and by the time I get home from work I never have time to go get the materials.

  214. I would love to be the winner. What a wonderful group of items.

  215. It would be awesome to win this for me and my 13 tear old daughter Sydney. She is really artsie and loves crafts. She is getting to the age where there is not that much that she can do with mom that is cool!

  216. These awesome crafts would make great gifts for everyone on my list.

  217. WOW! This giveaway is a crafty mom’s dream come true! I have been itching for the “Craft Hope” book, and “Make Do and Mend”- awesome! And that robe is to die for! The whole package is pretty sweet.

  218. I am always looking for unique items and I love to support artisans and small businesses!

  219. I’d really like to win because I absolutely LOVE to craft!!

  220. I just would like to win something for once! :P

  221. I love to craft things. People have such warm smiles when they receive a handmade gift. I love making people happy.

  222. I recently retired and finally have the time to be crafty. I may never become an expert at any one craft but I am enjoying trying new crafts. This year I am making all of our Christmas cards by hand and it is so much fun. I try to include my grandchildren in as much crafting as I can.

  223. I would love to win one or some of these holiday gifts because I am a current advertising student and have zero income. Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy my family or girlfriend gifts. Although they have told me time and time again that they do not expect a thing from me, I always want to give. So I would give these presents to my family, girlfriend, and friends!

  224. I would love to win this giveaway because I love pretty, fun things! And, that robe would make a lovely gift =)

  225. I would love to have this for my family!

  226. My favorite thing to do is take a Saturday afternoon/evening and do crafty projects. I love baking and coming up with new fun ideas to try. This weekend I’m going to make some holiday candy chocolate molds! I’ve never done it and am excited to see how it goes!

  227. Who doesn’t like to win especially when the prizes are this much fun.

  228. I can’t even begin to choose my favorite item in this list. I’d love them all!

  229. Thank you for your generosity. I am a very crafty person (in a good way!)

  230. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

  231. I am presently not the “craftiest” person, but I have great aspirations!! I have some friends that would LOVE many of those things, however.

  232. I would love to win this package for my daughter. She recently has discovered that she is good at crafting and would appreciate this very much.

  233. I often have a crafts party for friends this time of year. We decorate picture frames and mugs and make ornaments and jewelry. This set would be perfect for prizes and gift bags(I’m keeping the robe for me though)!

  234. As a Girl Scout leader we make craft all year and love all things crafty. I would love to share these with my girls.

  235. These are great gift ideas. So much imagination and craftiness!

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