Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Fashion & Beauty Gifts

November 15, 2010 at 6:00 am , by


Give a little pampering and holiday sparkle to the stylish ladies in your life (or the gals who need a bit of an update… hint, hint).  One lucky reader will score all of these lovely fashion and beauty gifts. Want to know more about each item? Check out our Stylish Gift Guide.

Enter to win by posting a brief comment below telling us why you’d like to win one of the holiday gift packages. Comments must be posted by 11:59 ET on Monday, December 20. We will randomly select one winner. Read the full rules here. Good luck!

166 Responses to “Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Fashion & Beauty Gifts”

  1. After having my second child, I feel like I need something to spice up my life a little bit. Winning this prize pack would give me the lift I need for this holiday season!

  2. to help with christmas presents for my family.

  3. Could use a little style in my life :)

  4. these would make great gifts

  5. I had 5 surgeries last year and I’m still on the mend. Winning this prize could help me get back to the person I was. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  6. Would be great for Christmas presents for the family!

  7. these prizes are awesome!! a great start hopefully to a better year!!! thanks for the chance

  8. After just losing over 70 lbs in 2 yrs, and going to be going out on my own in my own business..i’m looking to be stylish..and not look old and frumpy..I’m drooling over that coat..I need new things that don’t fall off the hips or me show off the weight loss..and at 47..start over…

  9. I would donate this to a womans shelter.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE these items!

  11. My teenage daughters would love this, wow my Christmas shopping could be over! :)

  12. I just had our second child and am in desperate need of something other than maternity clothes and headbands. Please pick me and make my husband’s job a little easier ;-)

  13. Because I have not had a wardrobe update in 2 years and this will be a nice wake-up call as to how much outdated stuff I have.

  14. The only clothes I’ve been able to afford this year were one set of casual and formal clothes for my new job.

  15. Is this my entry?!!! I hope so!
    I would like to win these gifts to share with others for Christmas – a no-brainer! :)

  16. Fun and feminine! Great to give, good to receive!

  17. great gifts!! just fab!

  18. I know that my daughters and I would have fun with this package.

  19. would love to win this is great style kids say i dress in the old style need to get updated

  20. i won’t b getting any christamas presents this year so this will be a nice surprise :)

  21. I am a first time Mom and although I love it I’m really stuck in a funk. I haven’t put any effort into me lately. I miss being fashionable and girly! I love the wool peacoat!

  22. I have four sisters, and we would love to split these presents. We don’t normally treat ourselves to very much, or splurge on luxuries, so these would definitely be treats beyond the usual!

  23. I could use a little pampering in my life and would love to win!

  24. I would like to win one because I just had baby #3 and I’m in that weird in-between stage where my maternity “transition” clothes are falling off me, but my old clothes don’t fit yet. I’m impatient and tired of feeling frumpy and that pea coat is calling my name!

  25. Happy Holidays indeed!!! A generous giveaway thank you.

  26. I’d love to win because I’m graduating from grad school after 3 long, hard years and am in-between jobs. This would cheer me up considerably, especially since I want to get into the beauty industry and love cosmetics and fashion. Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. I would love to win because money has been a little tight and this would definitely cheer me up :) Thanks!

  28. i love the pea coat! and this is a great package of christmas presents… it would really help to win something like this!

  29. I could use a lil help style wise!

  30. Ha-I think I would be one of those in need of an “update”. This would be SO fun to share with friends!! Thanks!

  31. I would love to win because I spend this time of year catering to everyone else and I need some pampering!

  32. I would love to win. My girls would love to find these items under the Christmas tree.

  33. A hip, smart list of gift ideas!

  34. I want to win these gifts to give to my friends!

  35. These are adorable presents that would be great for my sister and my sister-in-laws!

  36. Just broke up w/ my bf and a treat like this would cheer me up!

  37. Who says a mom of 3 can’t be stylish? I love feeling beautiful! It’s time to lavish a little love on myself!

  38. I’d look really cute in that hat!

  39. I am a pastor’s wife and try to look my best for my husband, the pastor, and to represent our congregation well. I would also love to be able to give these as gifts.

  40. I would like to win because I’m starting to look too much like a housewife, and not in a good way!

  41. I need all the help I can get in being stylish!

  42. What an amazing collection of items… would certainly make me smile!

  43. I would love to win this! It has been such a hard year. I would love to have some new goodies to celebrate.

  44. I am a mommy of 5 sometimes you just need to pamper yourself.

  45. I have four daughters age 13 to 21. I think it would be fun to look more stylish than them and less like a middle aged mummy!!!!!

  46. I would love to win this for my sister. She has a busy hectic life. Style has dropped down on her to-do list. This would be a great gift for her!

  47. i would love to win b/c i can’t afford to buy any of it!!

  48. I’d like to win because I’d like to have the Wool Pea Coat.

  49. I’m in a total style rut! I would love to win!

  50. I would love to win because I love all things cute and pretty! ;) lol

  51. because i could use some help with my style right now and this looks great

  52. This stylish group would be perfect for me and my 13 year old! WE culd use some pampering…it’s been a tough year.

  53. Something for all the family. Perfect!!

  54. This is a great collection. I visit Ladies Home Journal on a daily basis. I love your website! Thank you for all that you do!

  55. I would love to win these stylish gifts because I am recovering from a long depression & could use some style to re-enter my social life !!

  56. Really nice things! I love LHJ!!

  57. How fun and cool it would be to choose one gift to give to every fabulous lady in my life (and of course keep one for myself) ;)

  58. WOW !!!!! I have lost 35 lbs in the past year and am on my last 10 lbs. I could use a fashion boost. However my 2 18 year old twin girls might argue that they could use it more since they are in their first year of college. We are all broke!

  59. It’s been a difficult year for my family. Gifts are going to be few (if any) and well chosen. Winning these would be a great way to spread some joy to loved ones that I couldn’t do otherwise. Thanks LHJ!

  60. Would love to win these pretty gifts!!

  61. These gifts look so wonderful!

  62. I’d love to be able to win one of these gifts. Would be a great pick me up to give to my sister in law who is dealing with bone cancer.

  63. I wanna win because everything looks so awesome! I’d be in heaven :)

  64. So cute!

  65. These gifts are gorgeous. I’m always looking for new pieces to update my wardrobe.

  66. Wow – this collection is super girlie I love it! Would love to win it to have and to share with my girlfriends.

  67. I’ve looked the same for the past 10 years. At 31, I’m ready for a change and a total makeover! I could never afford these things on my own though, they’re all so beautiful! I need a mommy makeover!

  68. Who doesn’t want to look chic and cute for the holidays! Such fun stuff!

  69. I would like to win because it would take care of half my christmas list!

  70. Money’s still a little tight, but I would like to give my extended family nice things. This would help with the girls.

  71. I would love to win these fabulous prizes to help me out with gift giving. I have a large family with a tight budget. I especially love that necklace!

  72. I would like to win because in this family of five subsisting on one salary, there are no treats for mommy–boo hoo

  73. “pampered” is how any lucky will feel with this package. FUN!

  74. I think I need the wool pea coat. So cute.

  75. I want to win because I like these fashion and beauty items and I like getting gifts.

  76. Oooooo! Love love love every one of these items! I hope you pick me because these are things I NEED. My coat is way outdated. I love Stila make-up but can’t afford it. I love the umbrella! I jsut have one of those old ghetto foldy ones. I love gold and the necklace would go with SO many of my outfits. I love yummy perfume. I am a lip gloss and lip balm nut. This rocks!! I even posted it on my blog sidebar.

  77. As a mom of 4 it would be a huge blessing to me to win! Thank you!

  78. Oh what fun to share with the girls in the family at Christmas.

  79. Winning this prize package fits in with my budget and I love that umbrella!

  80. I am a mother of 5 children (4-12) and my fiance is a SSG in the Army.. We dont see eachother much lately and hes scheduled to be deployed in April to Korea (his 4th time in 11 yrs).. I would love to be able to pamper myself a lil before he goes again and maybe add a little “spice” to our life =)

  81. I could use a bit more style in my life! I have three sons, one with special needs and one with ADD. My husband is unemployed. Could use a pick me up!

  82. I would like to win this as a Christmas gift to myself and my mom :)

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  83. I would lov to win this and give the items as birthday gifts throughout the year.

  84. My just-divorced daughter is scraping the bottom of the barrel with only her income. What a joy to gift her with these!! Thanks for your generosity.

  85. Fed up with frumpy! Ready to sparkle!

  86. Two lovely ladies are my heart and I’d love to bless them with wonderful gifts!!

    My bff is a few years younger than me but she’s always there for me and my kids, and I would love to give her a blessing, as she blesses my family.

    My son’s girl; what can I say, at only 18 y.o, I hope she stays in our lives and is a blessing to him always. I’d love to give her a special Christmas, as she is a giving person, and always remembers all of us!!

  87. I love love love these gifts…But I am not sure if I could part with them…Well, guess they will just be gifts for little ole me!!!

  88. These would give me the confidence I need as I look for a new job!

  89. I have 2 young adult daughters who love fashion. This would be a great gift to share!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  90. After losing 90 pounds my wardrobe is very basic, I could really use some style in my life!!

  91. I think everyone needs something new and stylish during the Holidays and I can think of several family members who would love these beautiful items. I would love to win and be able to present them with something really nice for Christmas.

  92. A little pampering is what i need!

  93. Great items for gifts/

  94. awesome xmas gifts!!!!!


  96. Ah, the best gift anyone could give this outdated mom — a style update!

  97. I have been doing so much for everyone else. I could use a little pampering this holiday season.

  98. Love this give-a-way! Lot’s of great gifts for giving and few treats for myself!

  99. It would be wonderful to have “luxury” items for the holidays.

  100. 52, feeling blue. Seeing fun, the fun has begun!!

  101. We have two children and I lost my job last April and have not been able to find work since. Things have been very tight…these items would allow me to give my mother & daughter nice Christmas presents and also spoil myself a little as I have not really been able to buy myself much this year. Also, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! I would be totally shocked if I won :)

  102. Working full time and never have time for myself anymore or time to go out and look for things that are fashionable. So I do feel drab, out of fashion, uncared for – go figure as it turns out that I do not care for myself.

  103. This would be a perfect gift for my daughter.

  104. Thank you for sponsoring.

  105. Thanks for sponsoring.

  106. Been along time since I bought something new for myself. Would like to go strutt my stuff in new things.

  107. I can totally see my two daughers and son’s fiance fighting over these. Great gifts!!!

  108. I may be 53, but I want to be fashionable, not frump!

  109. Just trying to get by, like a lot of folks out there. I work on a horse ranch to make the rent and my son and two daughters help out, even though the oldest two have part time jobs after school. My daughters and I are about the same size and it would be great to put a few nice things under the tree, even if we share. We don’t mind it though. I guess the harder things have gotten the closer we are. Still, I would love to give them a few extras under the Christmas tree to show them how much I appreciate all their work and all the times they didn’t complain when we just didn’t have. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity. It is very generous of you. :)

  110. These would be great gifts for a couple of special people I know and I would enjoy a couple of them myself. Merry Christmas LHJ!!!

  111. So many people to buy for & so little money. This would be a great way to help out a single mom. I have a couple of girls that would love these!

  112. These gifts would allow me to give some gifts that I otherwise would not have been able to!

  113. I am one who could use an update, and have friends that would need to join me in the fun with all these things to share.

  114. I’m the most un-stylish person around. I haven’t bought any new clothes in a few years and I would be so excited to win this!

  115. My daughter and I are always competing for the same clothes – I would so love to win this so I can give her some and still be able to wear some myself.

  116. I just want to win something

  117. Everyone here needs clothes but we haven’t been able to buy anything new in a while. It would be so great to put some new clothes under the tree for my Mom and my sister, maybe something for my brother from Target. I love that peacoat pictured here. Thanks for the contest.

  118. I would love to win these great items to give as Christmas gifts.

  119. This has been a tough year. My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma and we are self employed and do not have insurance. This would allow me to give some nice gifts to my daughters-in-law and grand-daughter this Christmas.

  120. I am a widow with little money and would love to have stylish gifts give to my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas.

  121. how cute is that coat

  122. Ahhh….Perfect for my granddaughter, she is the stylish one!

  123. If I won this package, I have a few recipients in mind. I would probably also keep a few things for myself for two reasons. One is because I’m trying to expand my “style vocabulary” a little and the other is because I’m asking family to just get me a couple small things and give the rest of the money to me in cash so I can put it toward a high-ticket item for my husband that he has wanted all his life. I don’t want much for Christmas myself, but I’m hoping to give him his dream and it’d be fun to get a little surprise (like this package) myself!

  124. These are fantastic gifts and would be appreciated by friends and family.

  125. I can hardly believe all the great gifts in this package. I could finish my Christmas shopping from these gifs, and still have a couple to pamper myself. Pick me, pick me, please pick me.

  126. These things are so cute and trendy. I’d love to have any of them.

  127. I would love to win these gifts – it would help me spread a lot of holiday joy among my sisters and nieces. Thank you for the opportunity!

  128. ooooweeeee! yep, I’m just a little ole’ redneck down in Tenn & this would make me look real “purty” & ‘mell good to boot…my honey would have to take me down to the barn dance then…ya know…the one by the Hog Hollar Saloon! lol

  129. I like them all ..especially the coat. I am looking for a big change for my upcoming midlife crisis

  130. Well, I think my mom would enjoy this.She gives up everything for my sister and I.She wont even go to a salon and get her hair done because it would take away from us,she hasn’t done that for many, many years now.She buys one pair a shoes every 2 years.She says that she cares about us kids more,and that she isn’t important. YES SHE IS to me.written by Brandon

  131. id love to win this to give my mom something for all the hard work she does for all the charities and helo shes givin to myself and son. thank you

  132. OH MY GOSH….WOULD LOVE, LOVE, LOVE !!!! Merry Christmas to Me!!!!! XOXOOXX

  133. Great prizes – I would keep some for myself and give some away.

  134. This would be great to share these prizes with my grand daughter.


  136. I will have to say….I would keep all of this for myself! Merry Christmas to me <3!

  137. My 4 daughters deserve to be pampered!!

  138. Love to stay stylish with some cute and fun fashion and beauty gifts. And I always am in need of cute umbrellas especially with the crazy wind and rain here in NYC!

  139. I’d really like to win-especially the Stila set. (LOVE the pic on the front!!) I absolutely LOVE stuff like this!!

  140. i am getting older and i need all the help i can get. :) and i like the “good” stuff.

  141. This would be great to help me get some more style! I’m trying hard to recover mine.

  142. I love keeping up with the latest trends but am sometimes a little late for them… this would help me stay on top of it! Everything looks so cute!

  143. It never hurts for a woman of “age” to add a little update and spice to her same old, same old wardrobe. These items would do the trick.

  144. Thanks for your generosity in giving these great gifts away.

  145. This is a great gift package! My sisters would love some of that stuff!!

  146. Stylin………

  147. I would love to win a gift pack this year in order to treat myself! We’re too low on funds this year; both Christmas and my birthday (which is on January 5th) will not be celebrated so we can save money.

  148. Fashion lovers can be so hard to buy for. Thanks for the great choices. There are some great items for all the women at work, and family too.

  149. Who wouldn’t love such stylish things. Merry Christmas

  150. I think I totally deserve to win because I never win anything….

  151. With 3 teenage girls and 2 pre-teens to buy for, this package would make Christmas a LOT less stressful this year! And I know my beautiful daughters and neices would really appreciate any or all of these items :)

  152. Everything in this package is so beautiful. The coat is gorgeous and would be the perfect gift for my mother.

  153. This would be a great gift for my sister who’s having a baby shower this month plus her birthday too! She’s been through a tough pregnancy and I would love to give this to reward her.

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  155. I would love to win because the peacoat is ADORABLE!! plus everything else is fabulous too!

  156. I would love to win this prize pack so I can actually look cute for a change.

  157. My daughters would L<3VE this!! THanks!!

  158. I never have time to shop or look cute. I could definitely benefit from this!

  159. These styles are great. I would love to win these great gifts to give my wardrobe a nice lift.

  160. this looks like such a fun assortment – something for me and lots of great things to share :)

  161. I’m a new mom need I say more? lol I can’t afford new clothes my old clothes still don’t fit along with the after baby body. Man I could use a pick me up to make me feel young and sext again :)

  162. I am always doing for others and seems I put myself on the backburner…would boost my morale/self confidence thanks

  163. Great gifts for my stylin’ friends and me, too.

  164. For my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas.

  165. As a mom of 4 my fashion has fallen of the charts. This would be an amazing way to update my look and feel pampered!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  166. great gifts I could use a little help in the style department especially here lately after baby #3 thanks for the chacne