Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Foodie Gifts!

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There’s a great gift here for every type of foodie in your life: Wine snob? Check. Adventurous home cook? Done. Baker? Check. Beer lover? We’ve got it. Busy mom? Covered. There are even gifts for those of us who like to watch and eat instead of, well, cook. One lucky reader will score all of the foodie picks here. Read more about each prize in our Foodie Gift Guide.

Enter to win by posting a brief comment below telling us why you’d like to win one of the holiday gift packages. Comments must be posted by 11:59 ET on Monday, December 20. We will randomly select one winner. Read the full rules here. Good luck!

236 Responses to “Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Foodie Gifts!”

  1. Yummy gifts!!

  2. Absolutely cute, thoughtful gifts!

  3. Love the variety of items. With a daughter getting married 12.18 not only would this help complete their kitchen but give us an opportunity to have some fun gifts for our other daughter as well. We are having Christmas “lite” this year due to the wedding and our limited budget, as well as loss of jobs. This would be a blessing.

  4. this would be great. many cooks in my family

  5. Great gift ideas!!

  6. YUM! amazing gift set!

  7. Wow, what a variety of food items this package contains. I am a great fan of the Barefoot Contessa and I’m just letting my imagination run amuck with what I could do with these foodie gifts.

  8. Coppola wine? Barefoot Contessa? Awesome gifts anyone would love!

  9. awesome collection — would love to win!!

  10. I love to cook, bake and am on a very limited budget these days…all my things are old and need to be replaced..this foodie packet would make my kitchen sing, and with the wine..maybe me too lol!

  11. what a fun set!

  12. Great looking selection of foodie items! Would love to win this category. Thanks for allowing us to participate.

  13. I love foodie gifts and I can already imagine the great goodies I could make with these prizes.

  14. These are wonderful, funny thing, these would be great for my dad!

  15. AWESOME collection and I would LOVE to win it!!

  16. Please pick me! This is my dream gift package and I’d love to have it :-)

  17. Because I heart food!

  18. In a word, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

  19. I love cooking, but I have limited resources. It would be so great to be able to cook amazing dinners for my husband with these gifts!

  20. I’m not the biggest cook so my kitchen is lagging. This would be an awesome package to win! Might help me enjoy cooking a bit more! lol.

  21. This would be so great for my gourmet hubby.

  22. My family LOVES WAFFLES! This whole gift box would really make Christmas even that more special! And the wine and toffee say uhm uhm good!

  23. I would loke to win this prize package because there are so may items in the bag that would be So much fun to try out!

  24. My mother is a true gourmet, and I would love to give her something this year that reflects that. The items on this list would be perfect for her, so naturally I would love to win them.

  25. This would be great for a few folks on my list. They would love receiving such nice gifts!

  26. I was married in July and have absolutely loved learning new recipes! I would love to win this gift set for myself as well as my friends who are newly married and engaged! We are all loving learning how to cook!

  27. I would love to win one of these prize packs. I am the foodie in the family and I would have a blast using all the items!

  28. These are fantastic gift choices! Something for everyone.

  29. All of these gifts are amazing and I would put every single one to use!

  30. I come from a family that loves food and cooking and there are lots of good presents in this set!

  31. I have two little sous chefs (ages 7 and 9) and we all think this gift package is scrumptious!!!!

  32. These are great gifts and any cook would love to own them. They would also be great gifts to other great cooks!

  33. I would love to win this because I love to cook and bake!

  34. I love food stuff! I want to make something tasty!!

  35. How fabulous – my family has a holiday gingerbread making tradition (among other things) this stuff totally makes me excited for that!

  36. AWESOME!!! These prize packages are incredible! I would love to share some holiday spirit through cooking (and this package!! ;) )

  37. What a great package. I am truly excited as cooking and entertaining is my secret passion!

  38. OO LA LA! This collection of gifts would certainly get me in the party hosting spirit.

  39. Great ideas! Finally, a gift guide that has stuff I’d actually buy!

  40. what a wonderful selection, it would be lovely to have!

  41. I’d like to win because all these items are things my sister lusts after!

  42. Who doesn’t need some “foodie” for the holidays? I’ll take the wine:) Foodie and Wine for holidays…perfect!

  43. This is a great collection. I visit Ladies Home Journal on a daily basis. I love your website! Thank you for all that you do!

  44. Great prize to win!

  45. I would love to win these wonderful prizes to use them!!

  46. I would love to win the “Foodie Gifts” because cooking & trying new foods is one of my favorite things to do with my 2 teenage children!!

  47. Really great things! I love LHJ!!

  48. I promised my son waffles for Christmas. This would be perfect. I would share with my family!

  49. I would love to with this because it would allow me to finally show off my cooking skills to the ones I love in style!

  50. You can never have enough wine!

  51. Dear LHJ,

    I love wine; as it happens I am in Napa as I write this, so I think if the stars align, then I would win the Coppola wine gift. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

    David Lincoln Ross

  52. Would love to win. Yummm!

  53. WOWEE ZOWEE! Would I love to win this package! HOLY COW and OMG!!!! This one fits me to a tee…I love Coppola wines, and I have been dying to join the beer of the month club. I have always wanted to learn how to make my own sushi; can make homemade tamales but never tried sushi before. The pizza stone and quesadilla maker would come in handy for my son, and I would so use the herb wreath as well as Ina’s cookbook…Pretty please with a cherry on top? Trust me…this package would definitely so not be wasted or unappreciated by me. Thank you so much in advance. :-)

  54. Can I just say, winning will make me your number one fan :)

  55. My family fills my belly- help me re-fill their kitchens! I couldn’t have put a better set together for my family if i had tried. From my mother and step father to aunts and uncles – this set covers everyone. It’s a food loving family’s dream – and that’s us!

  56. I would love to win one of these because my 4 year old and 18 month old love to cook and I would love to be able to share these with them.

  57. I need this!! I love cooking/baking/food blogging/etc.!

  58. I would love this to ive my MIL the movie, my SIL the wine and the food for my man.

  59. I’d like to win this b/c I love toffee

  60. I would love to win these prizes. My late husband was a wonderful cook and passed his passion along to me and my daughters. I would share the gifts with them!

  61. I would love to win this because I like to think that I’d be a foodie if I had a great cookbook like Ina Garten’s…

  62. Amazing gifts!

  63. Great selection of gifts! Wonderful opportunity! Would be awesome to win and even more awesome to share!

  64. The herb wreath would be so fun to have and to use in the kitchen.

  65. Spicy, gourmet, practical…in a word, Wonderful!

  66. What to share and what to keep? I would love to win.

  67. Claret, beer, pizza stone, quesadilla maker? With all those goodies, I’d be sitting pretty!

  68. Holy FABULOUS! Yes, I’m drooling as I read this. What fun it would be to win this one. I really really wanna. I pledge to put these items to good use, and to even serve others as I do so. :)

  69. Your list is good, but you missed a wonderful wine opportunity .. one that gives back.

    Cleavage Creek wines are a made by a man whose wife of 48 years died of breast cancer. He’s making fabulous wines and giving 10% of sales, before any profit, to breast cancer research. And, actual breast cancer survivors are on the bottles.

    If you have ever been touched by breast cancer, and who hasn’t, we can all be thankful for the good work being done by Cleavage Creek wines. I’ve bought them online (free shipping too if you buy 6 bottles) — superb Holiday gifts.

    Be thankful.

  70. I love to cook and love to eat…all of these things are awesome!!!

  71. As a mom of 4 it would be a huge blessing to me to win! Thank you!

  72. Amazing gift ideas! There’s something for everyone. My husband would love the “Beer of the Month”.

  73. Absolutely fantastic gifts! My sister-in-law and I would love to share these gifts. My waffle iron just isn’t working correctly and I would be a true “waffle Wonder” with the one included in this gift package. My sister-in-law collects teapots and the one pictured is so adorable it would make her so happy. If I could possibly win, I would know Santa definitely visited my home.

  74. Looks like everything I need to cook with my grand children.

  75. Amazing guide–would love to win!

  76. Winning this prize package fits in with my budget!

  77. Great food gifts to enjoy and share! Very enjoyable.

  78. I would love to win because I have so many people on my Christmas list that would love some these gifts!

  79. Love all the gifts! Happy giving!

  80. Love food stuff!

  81. would love to be able to give away some of lovely prizes to my friends. Pay it forward…

  82. I would love to win this!! So many cool ideas…

  83. I would be able to give a gift to everyone on my list.

  84. Yes, please! These gifts would be awesome in my new kitchen.

  85. These gifts would be perfect for people on my list and hey I can’t lie, some would be perfect for me!!!

  86. As a mom/wife of a family of 7, I do have to cook. But cooking is not my forte’ at all. So, I’d have to bless my son’s girlfriend’s mom, “M,” who is quite literally, the best cook I know! She is always entertaining and feeding a crowd (including my son, who can eat a horse).
    This would be an awesome gift for my future in-laws; lol!!

  87. Why? Why would I love this collection? Because my Christmas shopping would be FINISHED on one sweep! But I think I’d have to keep the herb wreath for myself…

  88. I love to cook & would love to win something for once!

  89. Because nothing beats good food, good drink and good things!!! :)

  90. My husband and are watch the food network all the time. I love to cook and try new things, this package would be put to good use in our house.

  91. The variety is great, there are many gifts that I would be able to share with my family and friends!

  92. My husband and I are foodies and love to travel & cook. This would be a great addition to our lives.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  93. I am on a fixed income and the only way I can give back to the community is through my baking. I donate baked goods to individuals who have lost their homes through foreclosure or fire and next week will be baking for a bake sale to help two children who lost both parents recently. The items would certainly add to the pleasure of being able to help someone through a devastating time.

  94. Perfect collections of gifts. My family and I all love to cook.

  95. I am a chef by trade and would love these gifts to give to a few of my ‘chef’ friends, and maybe keep a few for myself!

  96. Yum! Sushi-making – I never even considered it until now! My family would love these gifts!

  97. Anything food related is my favorite!

  98. I would love to win this for my mom!!!!!

  99. Great ideas for anyone, but especially wil be enjoyed by a foodie!

  100. Being a foodie I love all the gifts, would love to give them to my foodie children for Christmas.

    Thank you for this oportunity.

  101. So many awesome items here! Would love to win this and share it with all the other foodies in my life! :)

  102. Wow who wouldnt be grateful to have such a wide selection of wonderful gifts. I am just learning to cook and would love to add something like this to my kitchen collection

  103. Food, the gift that brings everyone together for the holidays.

  104. What a great selection! Would enjoy sharing these gifts.

  105. Great gift selections, thanks for the ideas.

  106. Great gift selection, good ideas.

  107. I love to share the kitchen with family. These gifts look so unique – what fun!

  108. WOW!!! LHJ really does know how to pick the perfect gifts for the cooks in my family. I had a special interest in this cook category giveaway because I am learnig a lot on the cooking shows on T.V. and I could use most of these gadgets to apply what I have learned.

  109. I would love to win these gifts! I know friends and family who would enjoy some of them, but there are a few I would have to keep for myself!

  110. Love these gifts. There would be joy in keeping some and sharing others.

  111. What a fabulous array of gifts! Some would be great to give as gifts and others to share with girlfriends on special nights as we get together to fellowship, cook, watch a movie together and just have old fashioned fun.
    It would be a great time for all.

  112. My husband and I are both foodies, love to entertain and many of our friends are in the same category! Winning these gifts would provide us gifts for our friends and family which we cannot afford on our salaries this year. What a wonderful gift for others – fun, unusual and food friendly items to help keep people eating healthily at home!

  113. Lots of nifty gifties!

  114. After reading my beloved email from LHJ, I fell asleep and had a wonderful dream. I dreamed my home was filled with family, friends, and incredible aromas of delicious food. My doorbell rang and there stood my sister holding the casserole carrier I had given her and she said she couldn’t wait for us to taste the delicious recipe from (you guessed it) Double Delicious! We walked past the living room where everyone was watching “Eat, Pray & Love” while snacking on homemade pizza and quesadillas Aunt Kay had made for them. Of course, Uncle Scott was sharing his favorite beer from the “beer of the month club” he was now a member of! When we got to the kitchen we saw our Mom picking herbs off the herb wreath in my kitchen and putting them in a dish from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook I had given her. She was really in the spirit – cooking barefoot & cooking with the Claret – sometimes she even put a little in the food! My daughter had put warm tea in the tea pot from Pottery Barn – she was especially proud because it had her “new” monogram on it. My best friend Jo was happily baking cute bundt cakes using the new pan I had given her. As I looked around – I couldn’t help but feel like everything was practically perfect. I walked over to my new Kitchen Calendar and wrote down a date in the very near future to make sushi for everyone!!! Please make my dream come true – it would make so many people happy!!!

  115. I’d like to win because we won’t be having a Christmas this year. I have not been able to find a job. Just getting by on my husbands disability. So money is real tight here.

  116. These are such marvelous gifts! It couldn’t come at a better time either. With the holidays upon us, every item would be a great gift to receive or give, to that special foodie in our lives. I, like everyone entering this sweepstake, would love to WIN; even just one item. CONGRATULATIONS to whomever wins! I wish it would be me.

  117. Since losing my job a year ago we have had to learn to make our favorite restaurant foods at home. Winning this package will make our kitchen-time easier and quicker.

  118. I would be grateful to win! There is not one of these fabulous items I would not want for myself! An extremely interesting selection of gifts. I am going to buy the Quesada Maker for my sister in law.

  119. Since losing my job a year ago, we have had to cut back on our entertaining with friends. Winnng this package would help us entertain our friends and family more frequently.

  120. So many unique items…there is sure to be something to please anyone on your list. Or, if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen like I do, there are a lot of interesting items to make your cooking and entertaining fun!

  121. Absolutely LOVE the foodie package! I love to cook, entertain, and am a single mom of a fourteen year old son. Teaching him to cook also. He has aspirations to be a chef. My 28-year old daughter cooks and entertains, so I’m sure she would share the package with me. I have a very tight budget and try to do the best I can with what I have. This package would just be fabulous to win and share with my friends and my family. There is NOTHING in the package that would be unused or unloved. Thank you for the consideration!

  122. OMG! I have a ton of foodie friends and relatives who would adore this, not to mention me the biggest foodie in the family!!! Way to go LHJ! Thanks!!!

  123. Thank you for sponsoring.

  124. I am a good cook, and something new to use is a real special treat. I never win anything, but I still try

  125. When my 3 year old granddaughter comes to visit and I ask her what she wants to eat, she responds with “I want a quesadilla.” Great gift package!!!

  126. Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Full time nursing student plus a mother of 2 (9 and 15)…my day is already hectic…these great ideas would make it a little easier.

  127. I have an overactive bladder! Pick me!

  128. love to cook-awesome prize to win!

  129. We are in the process of selling our house. We have boxed almost everything and will be getting ready to put our house on the market. Receiving these gifts would help us since we found ourselves in a position that we have little time left to purchase our holiday gifts. This would be a huge help/wonderful surprise for our family members and friends.

  130. Love the tea pot!! A great group of prizes here.

  131. These are charming gifts; it just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot to give a great gift.

  132. Love the Herb Wreath and I have a niece getting married soon who is quite the “CHEF”. And I have 4 sisters & 4 more nieces & Mom and we always SHARE!!!

  133. Thank you for these great ideas, and the chance to win is even greater!!! Merry Christmas LHJ!!!!

  134. Yummy! I’m in.

  135. Who doesnt like to cook? Especially when you have extra mouths to feed… This would be a great way to help out a single mom.

  136. There is something perfect in this collection for every friend I would like to indulge with a gift. Since I cannot afford to buy gifts, it would be a truly wonderful surprise to each of them to receive a neat gift from me. But the pizza stone would be the perfect gift for myself.

  137. What great gifts to give!

  138. I would love to win this. I love to cook and I cook most of our meals. The kids help but I love the gadgets and the cookbooks.

  139. My Mom would love this. She loves Julia Roberts and loves to cook. I can’t afford gifts this year but if I get to buy for anyone it will be her. Thanks for the contest.

  140. With this bunch, I’d have gifts for all my foodie friends/relatives, and still have a few to keep for myself. I’m thinking the Barefoot Contessa cookbook would have to stay with me….

  141. Love to cook and love to eat

  142. My husband and I are both foodies. We love to experiment. There are several thing here that are new to us and some that are not. Sounds like a nice package to me.

  143. hehehe.. If I won this package I would need to purchase the items listed in the active catagory to work off the unlimited yummies the foodie package provides.

  144. Great Gifts! It would be awesome to have any or all of these. Love to experiment with different ideas. Thanks, LHJ and Merry Christmas!

  145. It would be awesome to win the gift set as everything included is something I would love myself!!!

  146. This would be great! I might share with my daughter…just have to see :D

  147. Oooohh! A few people in mind already, and one or two things that might find their way into my kitchen…

  148. I would love to win these items to give some as gifts and to use some to make even more edible gifts!

  149. I would love to win these great gifts for my wonderful husband, the chef in our family.

  150. WOW!!! This package would make everybody’s tummy happy. I would love to spend a whole day in the kitchen with this package of helpful gadgets.

  151. We are a couple of foodies with a few ‘foodies in training’ and we would definitely have fun enjoying each gift and sharing our creations with friends and family.

  152. I love to cook!

  153. I can use all the help I can get in the kitchen.

  154. Oh My! These goodies are so exciting…I had to run get a cookbook, a snack, take my shoes off, & kick back with a drink…ahhhh… lol :)

  155. All these items would make great gifts for the family.

  156. this would be great for my aunt who is getting remarried and starting her life anew

  157. I’m doing this for my mom. I believe she deserve it. She does so much for my sister and I.written by Brandon

  158. Would love to win this prize pack. My hubby and I love to cook and I have an extensive cookbook collection. I also do a lot of cooking for church potlucks, sick friends and family. I share meals with my mom who lives a couple of doors down from me and who is losing her sight to a very aggressive form of macular degeneration at a young age.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity LHJ!

  159. Love to cook, amazing gifts!

  160. i love to win this to give them to my mom who donates so much time , m oney and energy to so many causes. thank you

  161. LOVE the tea cake bundt pan!! PICK ME PICK ME!!

  162. Since going from a 2 person household to a 6 person household, I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas for dinner, this would help me out a lot

  163. This package is AMAZING..MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. All I can say is PLEASE….AND most important THANK YOU ALL AT LHJ !!!

  164. What a wonderful array of foodie goodies! Definitely something for everyone on my naughty and nice lists. Thank you, Ladies Home Journal, for always thinking of your readers!

  165. I wuold love to use these as gifts for my friends and family.

  166. This is truly a lovely foodie gift assortment.
    The coffee warmer would be a great gift for
    my husband. I love the Monogramed Teapot,
    and the mini bundt teacake pan.
    Happy Holidays to all….

  167. I would love to win this–would be great!1

  168. Love these gifts!!

  169. This is just awesome!

  170. Everyone loves food, so who wouldn’t love these gifts!

  171. Great selection!! Oh, the things I could make with those goodies!!

  172. I’d really like to win because I absolutely LOVE food-so many items to win, it’s VERY hard to pick which one is my fave!!

  173. Wonderful selection of the practical and just plain fun!

  174. I absolutely LOVE all of the things pictured here, and PROMISE you they would all find grateful recipients if you gave them to me!

  175. Im super excited about all of these gifts! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook and bake! For a girl who works all the time, the break to bake and cook is such a relief! I especially love cookbooks for new ideas and EAT PRAY LOVE was such a great inspiration to enjoy life!!!

  176. Because all of this looks so good!!!!

  177. The holidays are about family and my son who is in the Marine Corps will finally be able to come home. His first request is some of my cooking. The gifts would be an awesome addition.

  178. I would love to give these to my daughter who is setting up her home for the first time. She has had some tough times and is in University and working to make a good life for herself.

  179. Oh, this would be so awesome to make my kitchen feel more ‘homey’ and useful!

  180. My son would go crazy for the sushi set! That would be one that he wouldn’t guess!

  181. I absolutely love cooking and baking and would love to have some more fun ideas and supplies for my kitchen!

  182. You don’t really have to be a foodie to love many of these prizes. I multiple family members that are fabulous cooks. These would make great gifts, that is, the ones I could manage to part with.

  183. What do I love most on this list? Ina’s book? the casserole carrier? the wreath? I love them all!

  184. This is a wonderful expression of generosity.
    thank you!

  185. Merry Christmas!!

  186. This package is great! I’m a dietitian, and we’re all huge foodies!! haha.

  187. These gifts are wonderful for any “foodie” which is my husband in our house

  188. I discovered an ability and love for cooking only in the past year and I need all the help I can get to develop and share this love. These gifts would satisfy any “novice” foodie.

  189. I would love to win this package! Gift-giving would be super easy for me this year!

  190. Wonderful assortment of gifts for fussy people on our list

  191. I so need these awesome items in my kitchen!! I never win anything….

  192. I LOVE everything to do with food…cooking, eating, gifting. I would love to win this package! Please, please, please pick me :)

  193. I have already begun teaching my two year old granddaughter about spending time in kitchen baking goodies and having her “help” me decorate cookies, dip marshmallows in chocolate, and simple things like that that bring such pleasure and quality time. All of the beautiful and useful gifts would be neat to share with her. And THANK YOU!!1

  194. perfect gifts for a foodie, or even a foodie in the making!! these would make someones holiday very fun!!

  195. These would make great gifts for my family and friends.

  196. I really love trying new kitchen gadgets and new recipes. These gifts would really broaden my horizons in the kitchen. My 11 year old daughter who loves to cook and loves Sushi would enjoy the Sushi kit. I’m encouraging her down the chef path!!

  197. Since I am the cook in the family, I would certainly be able to put to good use any of the wonderful gifts listed. They would also make wonderful Christmas gifts for a few real cooks that I know.

  198. Oh my. The decisions I would have to make – which to keep and which to give away. If only all my other decisions were this wonderful. Ah, one can only dream.

  199. Gift ideas that embrace all the senses. Love it.

  200. It all looks great to this foodie! Thanks

  201. Cooking brings me joy and happiness. After a hard day of work, I find release in my kitchen. New kitchen items are always fun and exciting and would enable me to share the joy with my family and friends.

    Thanks, LHJ!

  202. This is wonderful

  203. I have a newly blended family of 5. I need more cooking gear!

  204. I have a lot of time on my hands now since I’m unemployed and so I have been trying to cook and bake for the kids at home. I would love to have this crafty package for myself and be a better cook and baker!

  205. I smiled a little more everytime I clicked on the next “foodie slide.” I’d love to use and share all the gifts, other than the sushi! Thanks, T

  206. I seriously LOVED ALL of these! It would be hard to give them away!!
    Might have to keep one or three :)

  207. I am a die-hard tea fanatic and my ego demands the monogrammed teapot! I hope I win!!

  208. I’d love to win the Foodie prize pack and give my Dad some of the presents. He loves to cook!

  209. What an amazing array!!

  210. This would be a great “Merry Christmas to me”!!

  211. Love the entire selection, esp. the teapot and the wine, yin and yang!!!!

  212. Let’s see…the sneak veggies to your kids cookbook for my sister-in-law with 3 boys under age 4; the monogrammed teapot for my other sister-in-law who took herself to high tea for her birthday, and the beer of the month club for my friend who films a podcast where he reviews interesting beers…and my shopping is done!

  213. These are wonderful gift ideas. I’d use the casserole carrier for my work and church potlucks. I know my mom would appreciate a few of these items too, so I’d share with her. What a fun article!

  214. I can make tea cakes while drinking the wine and serving the beer or vice versa!

  215. My family all would enjoy these gift as part of our exchange team. We are sharing dinner making efforts weekly to help reduce financial cost and increase family bonds..
    great article and suggestions.

  216. I would share the gifts with several women that have inspired me to use cooking and these web site to reduce stress and help others. I really enjoyed the article great especially cookbooks idea very useful gift that keeps giving.

  217. What a fabulous prize. I’m in my 50′s and just getting interested in cooking! I’m so behind! I need all the help I can get, so this package would be a great start. And, there are some great gifts for my family as well!

  218. I have 6 older sister and one younger brother. Would this not be perfect????? Beer of the month for my brother and the rest….need I say more. So so PERFECT! I would be SO HAPPY. GOOD LUCK ALL!!

  219. I have two sisters that I love to cook with. We all have a lot going on in our lives but we usually get together at least a couple of times a month. I would love to share these great gifts with them. I can just see us putting together our own sushi party. How Fun!!!

  220. That wreath is amazing!

  221. I love Ladie’s Home Journal!!YOOHOOO!!

  222. Who wouldn’t want to win these gifts? They are awesome and they have to do with food! Can’t beat that!

  223. Foodie gifts, how perfect!

  224. I know I probably won’t win all these wonderful gifts but I’ve got to give it a try. With every click and the next idea came, I thought I someone different that would love each one. But, if I win, I’m going to have to keep a lot for myself. LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE!

  225. There is something for everyone in my family here. What a terrific assortment of ideas! Thank you LHJ.

  226. this would come in so handy due to there is so much we need in our kitchen with no money to buy half of it so this would mean so much to win **crosses fingers**

  227. I’d like to win because I’m a single male who needs all the help cooking I can get. This would be a great start.

  228. Food, food, food, wonderful food. Would like to win, just to have all the yumminess.

  229. I love trying out new things in the kitchen – this would be very fun.

  230. Yum! How nice would some of these be to have? Others would be good hostess gifts.

  231. I would also love to win-there are some great gifts that I would give to my sis who is a fantastic cook-thanks again

  232. I’d love to win because there are 6 January birthday’s in our family!! I’d love to not have to hit the malls for their gifts!

  233. This is perfect since I’m in the process of trying to update my kitchen tools. And food, too. WHat more could we ask.

  234. Because I love trying out new recipes.

  235. I would love to win as there’s quite a few things that I could use. Alot of fun items :)

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  236. Yummy gift ideas a lot of things I would love to give to friends and family and stuff I would love to have for my self thanks for the chance to win