Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Stocking Stuffers!

November 15, 2010 at 6:00 am , by


We love stocking stuffers because they’re low-pressure and you can have tons of silly fun picking out your little gifts. We’ve got a selection of cute (and useful!) stuffers all under $20, and one lucky reader is going to win all of them! (Seriously jealous of whoever gets this box ‘o fun delivered to their door.) Read more about each prize in our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide.

Enter to win by posting a brief comment below telling us why you’d like to win one of the holiday gift packages. Comments must be posted by 11:59 ET on Monday, December 20. We will randomly select one winner. Read the full rules here. Good luck!

192 Responses to “Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Stocking Stuffers!”

  1. I want to stuff these gifts in MY stocking!!

  2. would i have to give them all away or could i gift them to myself

  3. And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…If I were to win this package then everyone would rush to open their stockings first. But of course I would have to make the Gingerbread House to share with everyone by the christmas tree on christmas morning. Yum, yum.

  4. Would love to win this!! I am a mom to triplets and we love baking and doing gingerbread houses for the holidays. All the gifts look super nice…it would be awesome to win.

  5. Is that some kind of crazy corkscrew? Cool! They all look like cute gifts!

  6. Thank you so much for including my Day of the Week Clips among these amazingly fun gifts! Those gingerbread men are ace!

  7. These are so awesome. I would love these. I have not seen any of these in stores yet.

  8. How fun are these, I know my daughters would appreciate a couple of these! Oh and there’s one for my mom too!

  9. I would give out these stocking stuffers to my stepson and some co-workers!

    gdblogger1 at gmail dot com

  10. THANK YOU for featuring our Little Moustache! xoxo

  11. I’d love to win because I enter giveaways all of the time and have never won :-( I’m a mom of 2 precious babies and I’d love to win something besides the “who’s going to change this diaper” cointoss ;-)

  12. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Amy/Little Alouette, Beach House PR. Beach House PR said: @lhjmagazine Stocking Stuffer Gift guide is up & one lucky reader is going to win them all, including… [...]

  13. I would absolutely love to win these stocking stuffers because there are so many cute items in this package and I see lots of things that would make great gifts for friends and family! Also, Voluspa is the best and I would have to keep the Pomegranate Patchouli metallo candle as a Christmas gift for myself =)

  14. Because I am obligated to attend and participate in several gift exchanges this year and winning this will free me up from needing to shop for 10 generic gifts. PLEASE PICK ME!

  15. Yum, this package looks delicious enough to eat!! I’m game!

  16. I would love to have some help stuffing the stockings of my family. It gets tougher every year.

  17. I would love to win in order to receive that yummy Voluspa candle. They are my FAVORITE! The other things are extremely nice and I would probably donate most of them to a local charity thrift store.

  18. I really like the gingerbread house kit! That would be an awesome stocking stuffer!

  19. I’d like to win because I can think of the perfect person for each of these stocking stuffers – I would get almost all my holiday shopping done in one fell swoop!

  20. I’d love to win because ummm I’m broke LOL! It actually would be really nice to have some cute stuff to give to people this year – stuff that’s not handmade by my toddlers. And I certainly can’t afford the amazing things you’ve listed here!

  21. Ah,

    Something fabulous for me, something fabulous for the fundraiser I’m hosting for Ethiopian Orphan Relief. Everybody wins!!!!

  22. I want to win these because they’d be way better than the Snuggies my husband wants to give everyone.

  23. A fantastic collection; something there to please everyone.

  24. I would love to win this because all the gifts look fun and I know whoever I decide to give them to will enjoy them

  25. I’d love to win because I’m due with my first baby in late November, and I have no idea how I’m going to get all of my Christmas shopping complete. This would be a huge relief and time saver.

  26. I’m always looking for last minute stocking stuffers. Great idea for a prize. Thanks!

    kg4rmt at arrl dot net

  27. i would love to stuff some stockings with these great prizes! i always have trouble coming up with stocking stuffers.

  28. Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas!! It’s a great way to show you know the little things the recepient loves and throw in some surprises too.

  29. I like getting the stocking stuffers probably more that I like buying the presents. It is so much fun you can get useful things or gag gifts :)

  30. Everything in here is so cute that it would be hard to give them away!

  31. Stockings are so much fun – I can think of people I would LOVE to share this with.

  32. I love these! I’m going to have to hide these when they come, they won’t make it into the stockings!

  33. These would make great stocking stuffers for the people on my list.


  34. Would love to win these to give to my family! A little something for everyone! Thanks!!

  35. We have such a variety of ages and likes in our family, this would make my christmas shopping easy!

  36. Great stocking stuffers to give and receive… fun for everyone!

  37. Everything is so cute! These would be perfect for my mom and sister.

  38. Wow-what great gifts.

  39. I’d like to give the Rudolph Silly Bandz to my kids!

  40. They look like so much fun! I would love to win!

  41. I would love to win because everything is so cute!

  42. Loving the stocking stuffers…Perfect for so many different people on “the list”. thanks for hte great ideas! Pick me, pick me:)

  43. This is a great collection. I visit Ladies Home Journal on a daily basis. I love your website! Thank you for all that you do!

  44. Win to Give ! I always like to extra little gifts around the house for unexpected company or favors at Holiday Time.

  45. Really cool stuff! I love LHJ!!

  46. Everything on there is really cool. I would love to win any one of those things, let alone all of them!

  47. This will be perfect Christmas gift for myself who just delivered new born baby! This holiday would be very special one.

  48. good stocking stuffers are so hard to find, these are awesome. winning would help so much!

  49. This is an awesome stocking stuffer collection. Much better than $2 shop bits and pieces!

  50. Kung fu gingerbread men! Hello- best present ever!

  51. Genius products! I already sent links to my friends.

  52. Would love to win these to fill up the stockings!!

  53. Those spoons are super-cute

  54. Love these! The cookies are so cute and the Chrsitmas silly bands!

  55. These just look so fun! I can already think of who would get what…or should I keep them for myself?!

  56. Because stockings are one of the most fun parts of Christmas!

  57. I love all this fun stuff. They’d make for great grab-bag gifts! (for me!! haha!)

  58. I’d like to win this b/c those spoons are too cute

  59. These would definitely be fun suprises for my girlfriends.

  60. My daughters would love to find these gifts in their stockings. They might even share with their kids!

  61. What a great assortment! I’d like to win because I always forget about the stocking stuffers until the last minute, and then I have to scramble!

  62. It doesn’t get any better! And I promise I’ve been a good girl this year!

  63. Because not only are they fun, they are really smart picks! Good job LHJ!

  64. Love, love, love these! Great choices- would definitely love to have some of these in my stocking!!

  65. Eveyone loves to find a cool surprise in their stocking.

  66. Awesome assortment of stocking stuffers, something for everyone!

  67. Our family loves to get surprising little quirky items in our stockings. We are so blessed that we don’t feel as if we have to trade presents with everyone at the holidays, but filling a stocking is still fun.

  68. I adore the ninja bread cookie cutters.

  69. I’d love to spread the season with others.

  70. I would love to win.

  71. I’d like to win because I need more stuff around this house. Really…

  72. All the joyous little presents that make life fun! These would be great to have and share.

  73. There are so many great and cute items in this set, and I would love to win the stocking stuffers to be able to place in all my friends’ and family’s “stockings”

  74. I love many of these items because they are not “the usual things” that I normally buy to give to neighbors, teachers, etc, which is who I would share some of these things with.

  75. As a mom of 4 it would be a huge blessing to me to win! Thank you!

  76. Amazing guide–would love to win!

  77. Winning this prize package fits in with my budget!

  78. I love the holidays!

  79. Love all the gifts! Happy giving!

  80. What wonderful things, to have and to share!

  81. these would be great hostess gifts.

  82. Nice to give to favorite teachers! Or to my elementary school-aged daughters’ new friends, and their mommies, my new friends!!
    We are so blessed to have moved into a great neighborhood with loving, friendly people, and I would love a small way to repay them for their friendship~

  83. Oh, I love stocking stuffers!!! My fingers are crossed for this category…

  84. What great stocking stuffer’s, I usually don’t have money for the little extras like this so winning would certainly be a boon to my budget.

  85. These would bring smiles to my family. Stocking stuffers are always a challenge to find on the limited budget Santa has this year.

  86. I love De-Frosty! Too cute!

  87. Stuff my stockings…Please?!

  88. Wondeful presents to give.

  89. such fun stuff…would def make great stocking stuffers!!!

  90. Fun, new, and unexpected stocking stuffers for those been-there-got-that folks in my life!

  91. How fun to put these in my girls’ stockings! What a blast to watch them empty out their goodies on Christmas morning!

  92. The geek list is HUGE help. Now I know what to get every geek in my family and believe me their’s LOTS of them!

  93. What neat stocking stuffers! There is something for everybody.

  94. I LOVE this list. They’re such simple things, but I thought of several friends when I saw them. I might just have to order those Frosty ice cubes – they’re so fun!

  95. Since losing my job a year ago, Christmas stocking stuffers were about all I could afford for my family. If I were to win this package, I could use my Christmas money for better presents for my family.

  96. What can I say?? Awesome stocking stuffers. I want them all for me!!!

  97. All that stuff would fit real nice in my stocking.

  98. Thank you for sponsoring.

  99. cool stuff!

  100. I never get stocking stuffers for myself. Nice selection of very fun items.

  101. Stocking stuffers are a great way to choose a thoughtful gift without spending too much money.

  102. What better way to start out the season with all of these great ideas and with a possibllity of winning all these great prizes. Merry Christmas LHJ!!!

  103. So many people to buy for & so little money. This would be a great way to help out a single mom.

  104. Oooh! It would be so cool to have all of these things. I just love this kind of stuff!

  105. I have a very large stocking

  106. Plenty to share with others, and if there were a hole in one of the stockings, maybe one of these neat treats would be left behind for me…..

  107. what awesome stocking stuffers.

  108. Useful or whimsical, and all desirable! The best stocking ever!

  109. Well these are all non essentials. In other words 100% pure fun!

  110. These are great fun and creative stocking stuffers. Everyone in my family would love them!

  111. Some of these things are so cute!

  112. Wow! Would I be cooking or partying?! Eiher is good, but the latter is even better. ;)

  113. These items would make great gifts for the family.

  114. I’d give them to my wife. She deserves them. Trust me, I know. She has been my wife for 30 years.

  115. I love these items, I could use them during the holidays!

  116. I’m doing this for my mom.She does so much for my sister and I, that we would like for her to win.I think these would help her be more happy this Christmas, she gives to much of herself and doesn’t get much in return.written by Brandon

  117. i would love to win this to donate to my local community center for their christmas give aways and to my mom who donates so much time and money to great causes. thank you

  118. I’d love to be able to win these to give as presents as our income has dropped since my sis & her 3 boys moved in with us

  119. Something for everyone on the list in this group!

  120. Just moved to a new place and these would be great gifts for my new neighbors to enjoy!!

  121. I would love to give that travel mug to my sister!

  122. I would love, love the ninja cookie cutters. I take a turbo kickboxing class at the local gym and would love to give these cookies to my instructors!!

  123. 1ould love ANY of these

  124. My sister always gives great stocking stuffers but it would be great to get her some cool stuff.


  126. These would be cool for all those hard people to buy for!

  127. I LOVE everyone of these! Something for everyone (especially me!)

  128. I have 7 grown children and 4 grandchildren, so I really need lots of stocking stuffers!

  129. I am looking for stocking stuffers for my guy’s grand kids. These look wonderful!

  130. I’d really like to win because I just LOVE stocking stuffers!

  131. I’d really like to win because I just LOVE stocking stuffers-they make wonderful gifts!

  132. As I clicked through the ideas, each was perfect for my friends and family!

  133. My most favorite thing to witness is the expressions from friends and family as they open their gifts. What a wonderful gift to me this year, to win these items and pass them on to people I love!

  134. I would love to win this package! I have NO cute kitchen stuff – just a bunch of “college-y” stuff.

  135. What cute items! Perfect for those cooold days coming up!

  136. Those kickboxing cookies are awesome. I am slightly obsessed with my kickboxing class and my family would get a kick out of those! Not to mention all of the other awesome prizes!

  137. I want those nifty spoons. How cute are they?

  138. I love the ninja cookie cutters. I may have to buy a set anyway, but if I win, I can gift them!

  139. I have 18 stockings to fill on Christmas Eve. Boy, would I like to have some help with that!

  140. Merry Christmas!!

  141. Oh my goodness, that stuff is so cute!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!!

  142. Silly bandz alone are worth it this year! Plus, my Mom loves baking, she’ll have a great time making ninja cookies. Lots of fun useful gifts in this set.

  143. what great stocking stuffers for my three grandchildren

  144. This is a fabulous package. I would love to give any of these items as stocking stuffers. My mom in particular!

  145. Awesome, I wanna win! I never win anything….

  146. The stocking are hung
    By the chimney with care..
    In hopes that the stocking stuffers
    Soon will be there!!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  147. What I love about these stocking stuffers is that they are different…I’m sure my family is getting sick of lip balm and gum….these items would be pretty cool! :)

  148. I haven’t shopped for stocking stuffers yet. These would be perfect!

  149. Id love to have some of these things for stocking stuffers

  150. what great gifts. I could knock out some of my list if I won… not to mention plump up my own stocking :)

  151. I would love to win everything! They are perfect gifts for my family!! Love the gingerbread ninjas!

  152. I just burned my oven mitt so I need a new one! I hope I win!!

  153. I’d love to win because I’m having a terrible time thinking of stocking-stuffers this Christmas!

  154. What fabulous stocking stuffers, I love them all!!!

  155. Oh, my gosh! These are so fun! I would love to have any one of them, but all would be fabulous!

  156. I would love to win this prize. These stocking stuffers are so cute and original. They are useful and stylish, fun and unique!

  157. Wow!! This would be such a cool gift to receive. I’d have to share with my family – my step daughter would get a kick out of many of these items. Crossing my fingers!!

  158. Love the plastic ice cubes!! This would be my solution to my broken refrigerators ice maker!!

  159. What a wonderful bunch of goodies to get and then be able to give!!! I already know just the person to receive each of these — including one or tow for myself!

  160. Are these great gifts or what! As I looked at each one I knew instantly who I thought would just love it. Really a great list of gifts.

  161. For the first time in many years my whole family will be home for Christmas so we have many stockings to fill. These great gifts would provide some much needed stocking fillers.

  162. Love stocking stuffers. These items would be GREAT in several stockings I will be filling on Xmas eve.

  163. This items are so kool. I mean killer kool.
    You talk about last minutes stocking stuffers. I have home for most of these. Only two and the rest I will take to Christmas Care for less fortunate at this time of year.

  164. I could so use these for gifts for friends and family this year as Christmas funds are tight. Thanks for a chance to win!

  165. Would love to win these – it would be so much fun to keep some and give some away!!

  166. Unique, silly, and gotta-have stocking stuffers. So much better than the usual coal.

  167. These gifts are so cute would love to win them.
    Especially like the ninja cookie cutters :-)

  168. Wonderful ideas. Wish I would have thought of them, even better to win them!

  169. Would love these….wonder if I would give them all away….I think I’d have to keep some!

  170. I absolutely love funky, different gifts! The DeFrosty reusable ice cubes are too cute, and the Plaid Salad Servers are to die for gorgeous. I am always on the look out for really unique gift ideas – Thanks!

  171. There are so many good ideas here. Love them all! I always look for unique gift ideas and these are perfect! I have 11 stockings to fill, this would be a great help!

  172. I need those gifts!! The candle looks beautiful.

  173. I looked at all these gifts and was able to say so and so would like that and etc.

  174. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and this fantastic package!!!

  175. I haven’t even started my shopping yet so this would ease the pressure greatly! Great gifts from a great website!

  176. I just like to win!!!

  177. I would love to win this! I’m a single mom/ college student who never buys anything for myself. This would be a great blessing! Merry Christmasn to all!

  178. I would absolutely love to win all of these wonderful stocking stuffers. There is something for everyone on my list, and I could even keep one for myself!

  179. Plaid salad Thongs? Brilliant!

  180. The ninja cookie cutters and the corkscrew keychain are my favorites! Those would be very unique stocking stuffers!!

  181. When I was looking through all these items I couldn’t help but to think of a relative or friend who one or more of these gifts would be perfect for! Help me share the giving spirit by picking me to win these fabulous things!

  182. These gifts would be great!!!!

  183. I work in a large cosmetic department with 30 girls and I need a gift for each of them! These would be so cool to add to the $1.00 lottery tickets I plan to get for them!

  184. Love them all. But my favorite are the gingerbread ninjas. I could stage them around the gingerbread house. If only there were an extra large Godzillla cookie cutter to add to the scene…

  185. What a great give-away! I would love to give these away to friends and family!

  186. I would love to win this b/c I would love to give these away as gifts! I especially love the karate cookie cutters!

  187. These are all such fun, unusual things!

  188. I see stuff there that everyone in my family would enjoy :)

  189. What great stuff! Gifts for lots of folks I love those plaid utensils – they would stay with me.

  190. I see things I want to put in stockings and want to get in mine thanks for the chance to win

  191. I see something for everyone in the above prize giveaway-thanks so much

  192. Oh my gosh, these would be such great stocking stuffers for my family! Would love to win to give them as gifts!