Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Tech Gifts

November 15, 2010 at 6:00 am , by

These presents are just the thing to make a smart lady lose her cool. If you’ve got someone on your list who loves her gadgets and toys, you’ll find something perfect here. One lucky reader will score all of them. Want to know more about each item? Check out our Geeky Gift Guide.

Enter to win by posting a brief comment below telling us why you’d like to win one of the holiday gift packages. Comments must be posted by 11:59 ET on Monday, December 20. We will randomly select one winner. Read the full rules here. Good luck!

212 Responses to “Gift Guide Giveaway: Win These Tech Gifts”

  1. Know plenty of geeks who would love these presents

  2. i have already put a name to most of these should i win

  3. My geekey grandsons would love these prizes for Christmas.

  4. Would be great gifts for my hubby! He’s hard to shop for, but gadgets are always great!

  5. OHHHH my husband, son, and a few others..(me, me, me) would love to have these under the tree..ok so i’m a closet girl geek..somewhat..

  6. I love these “geeky” gifts. I would love these.

  7. Great idea LHJ! This would make the lean holidays not so lean!

  8. Because I have alot of geekly friends who will move me up their faves list once they receive some of the loot from this win. :o )

  9. Hey, I’m a geek. I saw Star Wars 17 times in the theaters.

  10. I’d like to win – (although this is lame to say so)so I could share these gifts with others for Christmas!

  11. I have a daughter who would be perfect to give these gifts too!!!


  13. This package looks so fun! I see a great at home date night with my hubby in this package!

  14. My son and I are both geeks. Would love this!

  15. I have so many geeks in my life, this would be a great package to share with them.

  16. I’d like to win because I am a shameless geek and I want almost all of this stuff for myself!

  17. I’d love to be the one giving the quirky, fun gifts this year that everyone talks about months afterward!

  18. What a great gift pack. I could definitely gift alot of my family with these prizes!

  19. Most of my family and friends are geeks and they would love these presents!

  20. Love the Darth Vader! These gift are great! I’d love to win them.

  21. My geeks and geeklets would love these!

  22. HOW FUN! This collection of gifts would certainly make me smile.

  23. Needless to say, this year has been a slim one financially-single mom with kid in college, no longer receive child support these would be great for my daughter and myself for presents. I already told my kidlet that we’re not able to celebrate until tax return refund arrives.

  24. I’d like to win so I can pass the prizes along to those less fortunate than myself- children’s hospitals, battered women’s shelters etc

  25. my family would love to get some of theses things, and i would donate some to beats and rythyms,for their fundraising auctions. they are a wonderful group that host a fun summer camp for cardiac kids. we have a family member that goes every year.

  26. Oh man, the Buckyballs would be so fun!

  27. i have several *geeks* to shop for this year… this package would be awesome to win!

  28. I have some geeks in my family that would love this stuff!

  29. Love the geeky gifts. Sad to say but I have a lot of geeks in my family and this would be just perfect!! Pick me, Pick me!!

  30. I absolutely L*O*V*E every one of these “geeky” gifts! Each one, is so FABULOUS in itself and would make a TERRIFIC gift for some people that are less fortunate that I have in mind for. Plus, I do have some “geeky” people on my list also, whom would be SO delighted to receive these WONDERFUL gifts! They are SO perfect!:)! They will be SO thrilled to recieve these FABULOUS and TERRIFIC gifts and it would make my Christmas to be able to win them. So that, I can give to the less fortunate, the “geeks” on my list and I would be VERY grateful, SO appreciative and most of all…VERY thankful, if I am choosen. What GREAT prizes!!! BIG thanks for doing this for us and have a Very Happy & Blessed Holiday Season!

  31. This is a great collection. I visit Ladies Home Journal on a daily basis. I love your website! Thank you for all that you do!

  32. Love these and I love LHJ.

  33. I have the GEEKIEST family that ever lived, and combine it with all our friends,geeks of course, THIS PACKAGE WOULD BE PERFECT!!!!!!!

  34. I have so many friends who would love these gifts. I hope I win and I can give them a Merry Christmas!

  35. These would be great gifts for me to win to create some quality time with my 2 teenagers while they teach me how to use them !!

  36. I would love to win all this fun, cool stuff. My iPhone needs that stand!!

  37. My kids would be so excited to open these items— especially Darth!

  38. My husband and daughter would love this stuff!

  39. I would love to win this prize because I’m a total geek, and most of my friends are geeks ;)

  40. Pick me so I can make delicious robot cupcakes!!!

  41. Why…becuase I’m super frugal and LOVE winning just about anything.

  42. How cute is all this stuff?! I’d love to win this and share it with my niece and nephew!

  43. I would love to win one of the holiday gift packages because it would definitely make my little geeks’ Christmas just a little bit merrier and more bright.Thanks!

  44. I would LOVE this because there are so many geeks in my life, including my brother, husband, and my middle aged mom!!

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. I’d like to win this b/c my husband loves Star Wars

  46. I’d love to win because these would make great stocking-stuffers – and everything is so unique!

  47. I have been unemployed for over a year and this way, I would have presents to give.

  48. Wonderful and unique selection of gifts for the geeks in my life, including myself!

  49. i can think of lots of geeks i love that would love these gifts!!

  50. The playstation move and the bucky balls would be so fun.

  51. I want to win these for myself.

  52. baby #3 is due in less than 3 weeks and im not finished my xmas shopping!

  53. Would love to win one of these packages!

  54. For all the loving, gifted geeks in my life!

  55. I would LOVE to win thie GEEK gift set. My iPhone is crying out for the jeweled case and stand, and my GEEKY
    older brother is a definite Datth fan. Being disabled and living on a limited income doesn’t allow for fun things like these. It would sure be an extra special holiday season if I were to win, so that I would have fun things to share with my family.

  56. These gifts are so fun, perfect for all of my family and friends!

  57. I saw several things that my family would love to unwrap this Christmas!

  58. As a mom of 4 it would be a huge blessing to me to win! Thank you!

  59. Winning this would be so much more fun than shopping on Black Friday.

  60. Amazing guide–would love to win!

  61. Winning this prize package fits in with my budget!

  62. as one of the older senior generation who has no idea what todays geeks would like – I’m sure all of these would be winners among my geeky family

  63. Love all the gifts! Happy giving!

  64. My geeky boyfriend and his father would love these items.

  65. This is a sweet gift giving guide for all the geeks in my life. I’m definitely looking into getting the 3D Drawing pad for my little sister, she just got accepted into college and is going for a degree in animation.

  66. Being unemployed right now is tough. I could use a Santa!

  67. A little something for the teen boys’ stockings; a surprise for their buddies when they pop over with flowers, calling me their “other Mom,” a way to thank the mailman who just had a new baby, a favorite coach or math teacher gift, a “thank you,” to the neighbor who always rakes and mows the lawn, because he “enjoys it.” God bless all these folks we love!!

  68. I have many geeky friends. :) This would be great to surprise them with!

  69. thanks for the great gift ideas

  70. Talk nerdy to me – Geek is chic! These are so much cooler than the run of the mill gifts out there.

  71. Something for everyone on my list and for me too!

  72. Love this stuff..would love to have it to give as gifts and hey, I can’t lie, I would love some for myself too!!!

  73. “Geek” is the new sexy. I need an infusion!

  74. Love them all!

  75. Family of geeks would be delighted to receive these as gifts. Smiles for all of them on Christmas morning.

  76. WOW, my family, especially the grandchildren would love to receive some of these unique gifts. Wouldn’t they be surprised on Christmas morning when their gift was not something “Grandma” made.

  77. This would be too cute…I have a geek that I love dearly!

  78. I LOVE these gifts! My family of geeks would love all of these – if I decided to share!

  79. Great gifts for a geek like me!

  80. Great gifts!

  81. Neat things! Great gifts.

  82. My friends and family would be delighted to receive such fun gifts!

  83. Nice gifts for a few many geeks including Cool.

  84. Yes, we’re geeks and yes, we’d happily love to discover any of these under our tree!

  85. We’ve a household of five geeks and one layoff. “Geek” may be a trendy thing, but I was geek when TRS-80 MOD1 was king. That, and I can see the next Rube Goldberg incorporating some of these…which would rock the Christmas tree!

  86. This package would be a great hit with my family. If I am lucky, I might be able to hang on to something!

  87. I have so many people in mind that these gifts would be great for…that is if I can bear parting with them myself! Maybe I’ll have to buy them for others and hope to win them for myself…

  88. My husband would love these!

  89. Nice Gift idea selections.

  90. I would be done shopping for Christmas gifts for all my geeky friends and partner!

  91. It’s sad to say, but as I scrolled through the gifts in this package, I was able to come up with someone for each.

  92. I am always looking for unique and creative gadgets online and I found them here on lhj. They are pretty clever. I like having something on my desk that can become a great conversational piece or an ice breaker for conversation.

  93. Love them all. Here’s hoping I win!

  94. Oh my goodness, LHJ ! What can I say ? Geeks aren’t the only ones that want to win today ;)

  95. Wow! I am from a very geeky family and have geeky friends. I can choose the perfect recipient for each and every one of these unique finds. I would love the chance to surprise them all. Since I am very low income, I never get to give gifts and they are never expected from me. What a special year it could be if I could give gifts like these just this once.

  96. I think I’d keep a handful of these….and give my friends the rest! I know I for one would LOVE to have the eyeglass stand; I’m terrible when it comes to putting my glasses in their case, this way I’d be able to find them every morning! Hahaha!

  97. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Very nice gifts, anyone would love to recieve. Hope it is me.

  99. I would like to be a geek

  100. I need to win because I’ve never won anything & I’d like to believe it can happen

  101. D’awwww! I’m in grad school and I’m surrounded by academics and computer nerds in my friends and family group…I could totally find someone who would love each and every one of these goofy things.

  102. Fun ideas. LOVE the robot cupcake!!!

  103. This would answer all my questions about what to give to everyone with my beer money budget and their champagne tastes..oh please, oh please. pick me.

  104. Lovely gifts!

  105. These are creative gifts…they would be fun to give or receive.

  106. My son’s a geek, my nieces all married geeks – they would love these – an dso would I:)

  107. What better way to start out the season with all of these great ideas and with a possibllity of winning all these great prizes. Merry Christmas LHJ!!!


  108. Wonderful, I’m in.

  109. Because I am the gadget girl !

  110. Me Me – Pick me! :-) What an awesome Christmas present(s) this would be with a family full of engineers…..

  111. I just love love love gadgets and constantly enter contests to win something fun but I never win. I’m totally broke and won’t be buying Christmas presents this year so winning this would be so awesome!

  112. Geek Great-Gram seeks Geeky Great Presents!

  113. My inner geek is calling for this.

  114. I need to win this because as I clicked through each picture, a different geeky friend came to mind -my best friend from high school who is now an environmental toxicologist needs a beaker mug, my guy friend who loves music but refuses to embrace new technology might be gently nudged into the present with the retro mp3 player (if I don’t steal it back after Christmas!), or even my 7 year old who just inherited my old computer and loves to listen to her tunes while dancing around the room would love the speaker laptop stand…Please, please please, Make My Christmas!

  115. Love the beaker coffee mug!

  116. Just what I need for the geeky grandbabies and my son!

  117. My husband and I are trying to catch up on the tech gadget craze. This could help!

  118. My girlfriend is a geek. She would love this!

  119. My son and son-in-law are major geeks and would feel like kids again with these things!

  120. Looking for gifts for my family but only found things that I want. Like everything on this list!

  121. I’m a total gadget person and would love to have some more!

  122. Goodness! I had heart palpitations just thinging about winning all these goodies! :)

  123. These items would make great gifts for the family.

  124. well first of all, my laptop is scalding my body right now, so that little laptop pad would be useful immediately. Secondly, who doesn’t need a darth vader bobble head??

  125. I feel like each of these were hand picked for my Fiance… Well there are a few on there that he might pass up- but I’d love them!

  126. I won’t lie I love them all for myself. I need something to keep me busy while I am at my home desk :)

  127. Great gifts to give for my whole family

  128. I’m doing this for my mom.She does so much for my sister and I, that we would like for her to win.Please.I want her to be happy this Christmas she deserves it,written by Brandon

  129. id like to win to give something back. these would be for the community center and my mom who donates alot of her times and money for great causes. i think she derserves something for her giving heart. thank you

  130. Since my sis & her 3 boys moved in with my hubby & I our income has dropped. These would make great presents for us to give out

  131. Lots of geeks on my list would love these!

  132. Great gifts for all those extra people at the holidays!

  133. Great Gift ideas for everyone on your list.
    Good job, Ladies Home Journal. Thanks for
    these gift recommendations.

  134. I know way too many people who would love any of this prize.

  135. WoW! Great gifts. Love all of them.

  136. My sons and son-in-laws would love these gadgets!

  137. These are so cool! Anyone would love to be called a geek with these!!!

  138. Have a geek husband and sons who would be “geeked” with these gifts

  139. Ohmygoodness! Those little Vader earbuds are awesome! My husband would love those!

  140. I fell in love with a tech geek who for the past 8 months has put his spending and wants on hold to fall in love with me, propose and give me an engagement ring. He reads,searches and surfs the net daily to see what’s new. I would love more than anything, to give him a geeky Christmas to let him know how much I appreciate him putting me first.

  141. I’d love to win this because I am a huge nerd – so of course I like all things nerdy =)

  142. I would love to win these. Great items!

  143. My adult children would go nuts over some of these prizes.

  144. I am a gadget-a-holic

  145. I was a “GEEK” before it was a cool thing.
    what a Christmas it would be if I should WIN!!!

  146. I would love to win because I know people who would LOVE to receive all those things as gifts (including me!!) :)

    Thanks for hosting!!

  147. I love “geeky” gadget to keep and to share with my sister

  148. I would love to win these things for my four kiddos, my three nieces and all the birthdays that come around this time of year. Maybe I might even be lucky enough to get one of those wonderful items. :)

  149. I am married to a geek and after looking at these items I am in a family of geeks, Great gift ideas. I would love to have these items to give to the geeks I love!

  150. Geeky gifts for the geeks on my list

  151. So many great things in here for my husband! (Who I have yet to shop for!) Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  152. How cool, I would love to win, I never win anything…

  153. I would love to be able to put this wonderful selection of geek gifts under the tree for my granddaughter.

  154. OK, so I was a little iffy on this one, UNTIL I read all of the descriptions! What a FABULOUS selection of oh so unique gifts! I would love to win this package. I never win anything…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick ME!!!!

  155. I have been VERY good all year & think Santa would want me to have these WONDERFUL items. Thank you so much!!

  156. You know the kid you told to “get outside to play, get off that computer”?? Well he’s 25 happy, and IT supervisor of an entire school district and making over 60,000.00!! That’ll teach you to nurture their talents!! The disc sticky notes would be perfect for his desk! A momma who learned a valuable lesson from her child…..KJ

  157. I would love to be able to give these gifts to my kids

  158. I have a hard time trying to figure out what to buy for my geeky sons. This would be a fantastic gift for them to share.

  159. I have two17 year old teenagrs, a boy & a girl, these presents would be greats for them!

  160. Help! Have 3 geeky men( all greatly loved) in my life( one husband and two sons). I’m outnumbered and these gifts would soothe their needy “geekiness” for the holiday.
    P.S. How do you encode information in their minds that buying flowers for their mom/wife would not result in them being seen as “non-geeky”???

  161. I want to win!!!

  162. Lots of good geeky gadgets. Make good gifts this xmas

  163. The only thing that ever seems to interest my dearest love is geeky gadgets. This makes gifts shopping so expensive.

  164. I want it all . . . and I want it now.

  165. My husband the other day said he needs a pocket protector. Maybe he will forget this if he gets all this loot.

  166. I am so UN-geeky that I still prefer pencil & paper to communicate near everything. The only thing I do on computer is email & eBay. I don’t even own a cell phone – or any other hand held thing-y. What a hoot it would be to be a Geek-y winner! Tee hee.

  167. I know just the giftee for the beaker mug – thanks for tip!

  168. I know just the giftee for the beaker mug!

  169. I want to win because I can defintely be a geek at times and I would share with my geeky friends and fam!

  170. These gadgets are all very cool and trendy. I have a teen who has not gotten a Christmas gift in the last three years due to our money problems, (lack there of any money) he would go wild to get geeky gadgets and feel he is up with the times. I really like the magnetic balls my self.

  171. It’s nice to see some very unique items to give for gifts. Not the usual slippers, robe, ties. You know they won’t have these items!!!

  172. I EMBRACE my geekiness! Pick me!

  173. Three children ages 12, 10, and 7…need I say more?

  174. I have so many geeks on my list who would love these gifts, including myself!

  175. With a tight budget this year. This would go a long way on Santa’s list.

  176. I would love to win this! I would cry tears of joy! Perfect gifts for everyone in my family!!

  177. The nosy eyeglass holder is sooo cute! I also like the beaker mug – I’m just geeky that way! :) I hope I win!!

  178. I’d love to win because I’m a total nerd and so are all my friends!

  179. These gifts would be adored by my husband and children, they are fabulous!! I want to WIN!!!!

  180. Geek gifting is the way to go. Have someone in mind for each gift. They all rock! Superb ideas!

  181. My whole family is full of geeks… This would be SO MUCH FUN!

  182. There are so many wonderful gifts in this gift pack. I could make quite a few people happy.

  183. I have nieces and nephews who would love to be the recipients of these geeky gifts and I would love to be able to give them these.

  184. Three of my brothers are engineers, our closest friend is an engineer, and my husband is an engineer. I’m surrounded by geeks! And geeks are surprisingly hard to buy for. That’s why I need these gifts.

  185. Who would’nt want to win these great prizes… I must be a

  186. So cool! Great ideas I wouldn’t have thought of!

  187. Lots of cute ideas for my family.

  188. My uncle is the hardest person to shop for, and he would LOVE more than 3/4 of these items.

  189. WOW! I could REALLY spread some Christmas joy if I was the lucky winner of these prizes. I can see there smiling faces now!

  190. Fun, fun! Geeky gifts to share with family and friends. Thanks for an opportunity to win these out-of-the ordinary prizes!

  191. Us retired folks would like to have fun and keep up with everyone else!!

  192. Love the beaker coffee cup for my geeky husband.

  193. Ohh, I can think of at least one person for each of these geeky gifts. Count me in and thanks for the great ideas!

  194. Winning these prizes may be the only way I can surprise my uber-geek husband with something new.

  195. These would make great gifts and stocking stuffers for my hubby and the family. We love quirky gifts!

  196. Having lost my home,job,cars, and a gone through an ugly divorce this year. This would bring my family a small bit of holiday cheer and hopefully some smiles and laughter which are sorely needed here.

  197. I think I know someone for each item here..including myself!

  198. My family ranges from 4 months to 87 years old and there is a gift for everyone. Merry Christmas to all!

  199. My 70 year old Mom plus 14 and 22 year old nieces would love these geeky gifts.

  200. Great ideas! So many that I could keep some (lots) and share some!! Even if I don;t win, the iPlunge will be mine!

  201. Being a “geeky gal” myself, I would love ANY of these, but have plenty of family and friends that would be delighted to find one or two of these in their stockings!! :)

  202. Would love to win these amazing gifts!

  203. I would love to win one of these gift packages because not only do I love gadgets and toys but this package has something each of my family members would love and would totally fit their unique personalities.

  204. My family and friends would love these great geeky gifts!

  205. I’m a geek who likes tech toys. Plus my family would enjoy them too.

  206. hooray for geeks! this would be very fun.

  207. What can i say? We are a pretty geeky family and we would love to have these amazing geeky gifts. This has been a rough year for us and we won’t be having Christmas due to finances so this would be a treat for us. I have arthritis and the playstation move might help me play some games with my kids and get a little exercise at the same time.

  208. my husband is a huge geek. He’d love some of these for his birthday, which is coming up.

  209. There is a gift(s) in the giveaway that would suit a member of my family-thank

  210. We are a family of geeks! We would love these.

  211. looks like alot of fun stuff in this package :)
    Would be cool to win….keep a few things for myself and give a few to some friends :)

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  212. I love tech presents I am a geek for sure and that is mostly what is aways on my list and my hubbys thanks for the chance to win