Guest Blogger: Easy, Beachy Waves

December 8, 2010 at 10:00 am , by

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So maybe Mother Nature, aka The Queen of Coif, was a little stingy in the beachy waves department. No worries. You can still take that stick straight mane into the wavy zone with the Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Deep Waver Styling Curling Iron ($25).

With 30 heat settings, you’re sure to find at least one that works for you, and when you do you won’t have to wait long. The device, which looks like three jumbo curling irons attached together at the sides and works kinda like one of those big crimping irons from the ’80s (remember those?), heats up in less than a minute.

And it’s a breeze to use. Just place a chunk of hair into the Deep Waver, and let the heat go to work. After about 30 seconds, slide the device about two inches further down the same chunk of hair, and repeat the process of waiting and sliding until you reach the ends. Tada! Easy beachy waves.

I like the Deep Waver by itself, but I love it combined with a good heat protecting spray like TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray ($5) and a styling spray like Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay ($15). The trio work wavy wonders together, helping waves stay put all day long while remaining touchable and soft.

I have shoulder-length thick hair, and the whole styling shebang takes me about 15 minutes to do. If your hair is thinner and/or shorter, it should take you even less.

If you’re a little gal, the Deep Waver is quite a handful. It can be a little hard to wield, so be careful not to burn yourself when using it around your ears and neck.

14 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Easy, Beachy Waves”

  1. Very interesting post. Just wanted to comment and let u know that realy its really cool.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to guest post, Mandy!

  3. I love the results! You make it look so easy, Karen!

  4. Heat protecting spray sounds like a great idea for that thing!

  5. Love the amount of volume you were able to create. This is a must-try in my book!

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  7. Good gracious, that thing is wild looking! I’m pretty intimidated. :/

  8. Hi Laura,

    It does look scary, but it’s still surprisingly easy to use despite the size. Have you ever used a crimper before? This is like a super sized version.

  9. Hi Erica,

    I hope you try it! If you want even *more* volume, you could also spray some dry shampoo at the roots before you start deep waving for even more lift. Batiste makes a pretty good one for about $5.

  10. Hi Fang,

    Yeah, it is. That thing gets hot!

    The one by Tresemme is awesome, btw. It’s really affordable and it works.

  11. [...] their online edition and not the print magazine, but finally, after all these years, it was beachy waves that did it… Beachy friggin’ [...]

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