Go Ask Gab: What I’m Giving This Year

December 14, 2010 at 2:35 pm , by

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I love giving gifts almost as much as I love getting them. We gave you some great gifts ideas in the magazine and online, but here’s what I’m buying this holiday season!

My Best Friend Who Has Everything: A girl who has it all is always a tough person to shop for, but coffee table books are a safe bet. This year I think a wonderful gift is the Barbie Fashion Model book. As a person who is impossible to shop for, I would love this book (I have a weird obsession with Barbie and doll images… I have a collection).

My Football Fanatic Brother-in-Law: The minute I saw this toaster that imprints the logo of your favorite team on your toast, I knew I needed to get this for him (he’s a huge Dallas Cowboys fan). I like that the toaster design is sleek so my sister won’t get mad at me for uglying-up her kitchen.

My Adorable Nephew: He asked Santa for cars, trucks, toys and pots and pans (seriously how cute!). Of course I will get him toys but I will also be picking up some practical gifts like clothes (of course). Mini BodenThe Children’s Place and The Gap always have the best stuff for boys.

My Pregnant Older Sister:  I always like to give gifts that give back so I think getting a pair of Toms for my sister is perfect. The gold ones would be great because they’re an easy way to look chic while you’re pregnant and chasing after a 2-year-old.

My Twin Sister: She is in the process of buying an apartment so I thought I would get her some art for her walls. I made her something (yes, I am bit of an artist!) and I also plan on getting her this Shining-inspired poster. Creepy twins… perfect!

My Fabulous Mom: My mom is hard to shop for so I will check out one of her favorite stores, Talbots. I’m thinking she could use a new pair of gloves and this pretty necklace.

My Wino Dad: Just joking—he just loves his wine. I’m getting him some of my new favorite, affordable wine: “Red” from the St Francis Winery. Not only is it good, but it’s inexpensive and has nice packaging too… very Pollack-eque, no?

Hostess Gifts: I’m stopping by a few holiday parties this year so I’m going to grab some of these Marimekko bread baskets. I love them! (In fact I’m going to keep one for myself to store all my bracelets in… One woman’s bread is another woman’s bracelets.)

The Best Boss in the Whole World: Um, considering she works here… I’m not telling! But it will be something cool for her new home from one of the following places: Anthropologie, Johnathan Adler or Etsy.

So what gifts are you buying this year?

** Pink Santa photo taken by me at Hotel Shangri-La, Santa Monica, CA!

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5 Responses to “Go Ask Gab: What I’m Giving This Year”

  1. I love those posters! That whole series of posters is pretty brilliant really. Good idea for xmas!

  2. Bless, you, Gab! I never know what to buy my brother in law, but he likes toasters (my sister insists on a toaster oven) and is a Yankees fan. Amazon.com and I’m done!!

  3. for being our 4,750th! And Happy New Year!

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