Dishing It: A Festive Martini for any Martini Lover

December 17, 2010 at 10:43 am , by

gag-pomcocktaildrinkBack in October, I decided to make The Pioneer Woman’s Holiday Pom Cocktail, featured in our December/January issue, for all the holiday parties I would be invited to in December. Turns out I was only invited to 1 party… guess I am not as popular as I was last year!

The party was at my dear friend Jess’ apartment in the West Village. Her apartment is very nice and has very light colored furniture. Immediately I thought: klutzy me + red colored drink + light furniture =  disaster! I promised myself that I would not leave the kitchen with the drink and neither would anyone else drinking it. I reassured my friend who didn’t seem too concerned (did she not remember all the times I spilled diet coke during our art history lectures in college?!?)  I also brought straws- just to be extra safe!

I lugged all the ingredients cross-town to the party. The only thing I didn’t have was the sanding sugar, so I put real sugar around my solo cup. Oh yeah I didn’t have martini glasses egag-pomdrinkither. Note to those making the drink: Do as I say, not as I do… put more emphasis on presentation! It matters. Why make a fancy cocktail if you aren’t going to use a fancy glass!

Anyway, I thought it came out pretty good and the few who braved the crowded kitchen thought the same. Any martini and pomegranate lover would be pleased. It’s easy and delicious and worth making.

Please note: none of the pictures I took that night was acceptable, which was too bad because I wearing my New Year’s sequined jacket. The shot above is of me drinking an equally delicious drink at our company holiday party in front of a pianist with a funny chair… Cheers and Happy Holidays!

2 Responses to “Dishing It: A Festive Martini for any Martini Lover”

  1. Done. Anything you say…I’m doing :o )

  2. Sequins, straws and solo cups…3 essentials for any holiday party. Braving the crowded kitchen was totally worth it! Thanks for sharing.