Sound Off: Kate Middleton and Prince Wlliam’s Royal Wedding

January 6, 2011 at 12:46 pm , by

Given all the hoopla surrounding Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton, we’re curious to know your thoughts about their upcoming nuptials—answer our quick poll questions below and feel free to elaborate in the comments!


One Response to “Sound Off: Kate Middleton and Prince Wlliam’s Royal Wedding”

  1. I amm really looking forward to this wedding. I remember being so dazzled by the romance and pomp of Diana’s wedding to Charles. After watching Will grow up into the level-headed young man he appears to be I really feel emotionally invested.It’s a true-life fairytale isn’t it? And to all of the people who are annoyed with the hoopla—get over it!! The world doesn’t have many happy, romantic, magical moments anymore. Let the little girls (and not-so-little girls) enjoy this celebration.