Ladies’ Man: singer Nelson Serieux, aka “Cherry L”

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35316_117434351638113_111238592257689_104504_5810284_nIn a post a few months ago, I briefly mentioned our new friend Nelson, a Brooklyn neighbor who happens to be an up-and-coming r&b/reggae/hip-hop artist going by the stage name “Cherry L.” The other LHJ ladies and I were astounded when my mommy-blog post was basically mobbed by adoring Cherry L fans. “Who exactly IS this guy?” we wondered. So we invited Cherry L to stop by the Ladies’ Lounge and tell us a bit of his story.

LHJ: Nelson, you do seem to be quite the ladies’ man.

Cherry L: [laughing] Yes, I do love the ladies.

cherry-199x300LHJ: In your native St. Lucia, looks like you’re pretty much a rock star. You’ve had top radio hits there with “Turn Me Loose” and “Like That,” won the Best New Artist award, and—according to the Youtube videos of your live concerts—you’ve played to packed venues with screaming women in the front row trying to get their hands on you. When did you come to the U.S. and what’s the reception been here?

Cherry L: I came to New York in 2008, and that first year, I was the only reggae artist to win one of the biggest hip-hop showcases in New York, called Faces in the Crowd. I’ve been performing at various clubs and bars around the city and people love the Caribbean element I bring to my shows.

LHJ: Your lyrics sometimes get raunchy but there are none of the demeaning expletives about women that so many other hip-hop artists use to sound cool. Why not?

Cherry L: It comes from the way I was brought up. I love my mom, who is a music teacher, and I look up to her a lot. She taught me to love and respect women. My dad also taught me to respect and help my mom around the house with chores, stuff like that, and he had a very close relationship with his mom.

LHJ: You recently worked with some high-profile producers and created a mix tape that has a Jamaican dancehall niche flavor, but the songs you do with your partner, producer Sherwin “Dupes” Brice, like “Please Stay,” “Candy” and “All Over Me,” sound like American top-40 r&b/hip-hop hits—very “crossover.” In fact, “All Over Me,” which you chose for your first professionally produced music video, is straight r&b. Tell us about your style and inspiration as an artist.cherry-732539

Cherry L: I did just work with Jamaican producer Left Side, who has produced for dancehall superstars Sean Paul and Buju Banton, and another producer, Vigor, who has also worked with well-known Jamaican artists. Since I got the chance to work with them, I decided to go with a more hard-core Caribbean vibe, with some hip-hop influences. One example of that is “You Check It,” which Left Side produced and which is slang we use on my island to mean, “You understand?” But most of my songs are a collaboration with my in-house producer, Dupes. We have been working together since high school—we were both in the band, I was first violin and he was keyboards—and we both like r&b, hip-hop and pop, so I guess that’s why our sound is more crossover that way. Some of my biggest musical influences are the Beatles, Billy Joel, Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Jay Z and Sam Cooke.  Even Neil Diamond—he’s an amazing songwriter. I like listening to a lot of ’60s, ’70s and ’80s music, because the music was more based on raw talent and real instruments.

LHJ: What’s your process in the studio?

Cherry L: We are kind of like cooks. I write the music and lyrics and Dupes produces.  We try to use musical ingredients from hip-hop, r&b and pop to come up with infectious sounds and hooks with a Caribbean flavor. I’m more hands-on in the production part of it with him, so I have a lot of creative freedom.  We have good chemistry and understand each other.

LHJ: What’s your favorite Cherry L song and why?

Cherry L: That’s hard, they are all my babies! Does a mother have a favorite? [laughs] “Please Stay” may be my favorite because it’s very catchy, sentimental and it can play in a club. My goal as a performer is to bring the excitement, fun, creativity and Caribbean party culture to audiences around the world.

LHJ: Since you’re not signed with a label at this point, how can people get your music?

Cherry L: A bunch of my songs start to play if you go to my website, And some are available for download on iTunes and CDBaby. [UPDATE: Nelson is now recording under his given name, Nelson Serieux. His latest single, "My Love," featuring Fatta Diamond, released February 16, 2012, is here; for news check his blog or follow Nelson on Twitter.]

LHJ: Last question: What’s up with the stage name “Cherry L”?

Cherry L: [laughing] A girl from my hometown gave me that name. I was very light-skinned with red lips. She thought I wore lipstick so she called me Cherry Lips. Soon everyone was calling me that. It stuck through high school and college. Afterward I dropped the lips and kept the L because I bring flavor to the Ladies’ Lives with my Looks and Lyrics. [more laughter] You check it!

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  1. Mr L in the ladies lounge!!! Just keep doing it and moving up homie…we have you

  2. great interview.very well put.keep doin what u do cherry

  3. I have had the pleasure to work with Cherry! He is an incredible musician and songwriter. I’ve always admired his work. Keep up the good work, and keep’em coming!! much love always. -Tay

  4. Niiice to see real talent getting out there. Big Ups Mr. Cherry

  5. keep on movin up cherry nuff luv

  6. OMG……my elementary school classmate n friend…Congrats on your many blessing….You’ve truly open up st.lucia on a new n brighter horizon …..Much Love n continue with the inspirations

  7. Congratulations bro on yet another successful interview. keep doing it big. Nuff love. Blow! Blow! Kaboom!!!!!!!

  8. Nuff respect, and nuff confidence in you Cherry! Keep the vib real, keep trusting in Jah. He has started a good work in you and I know he will see you through.

    Caribbean People…and the Entire world!
    let’s keep supporting Mr. Cherry L as our support helps him rise to top.

  9. yea man lets put this Island on the map.keep pressing bro .dont stop till u get that grammy.St.Lucia yuh large.cheybey wed pas mollie.boom

  10. Nelson is one of the most grounded souls i’ve ever met. He’s found some way to balance the knowledge of a Tibetan mystique with the suave of a 80′s Jazz musician. I look forward to working with you bro…not just for the betterment of entertainment but also for the development of the BLACK MALE as a whole…The last of a dying breed.


  11. Yo Cherry keep up the great work man. Nice to see you telling it like it is.

  12. Very well said Cherry. I know good things are coming your way just keep pushing…

  13. Reaching out from thee Gaza empire big up cherry L!!

  14. St.Lucia is infested with talented individuals,and I must hand it to Cherry L, holding it down for the People, serving them with good music. CHECK OUT HIS mixtape “I MAKE MUSIC” SELL OFFFF!!!!

  15. So proud of you Cherry L….I always remember the days when u would tell me that u will work hard till you make it…and with God’s blessing u are here and u did it…Keep your head up and the sky’s the limit…Love the tunes..keep them coming…

  16. Big up to Cherry L real Hustler..keep the music flowing..real talented yute you know.You Know Long Time…Cherry L 2 Multitalented Fi Dem.

  17. big up L. always keeping it real and not forgetting your roots. success is right round the corner…keep doing what you do kid. bless!!

  18. I’m happy that ur dream is unfolding because I know how passionate u are about ur music.keep doin ur thing babe be strong and represent!

  19. L’s Worth …. as usual keep going hard ma yute..eventually those flood gates will open… one love

  20. still keeping it raw as real mopo peeps do. Well conducted interview yute.. Keep raising the bar to epic proportions…. BLESS

  21. wowww not only sexy!! also talented!!! am so happy and proud of having a friend like you,i hope you can achieve your goals may allot of blessings come to you!! muahzzzzzzz un besote pa ti chulo!!!

  22. Excellent interview…To the world cherry.. big respect….. keep the faith never loose that Jarry… lol bless

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  24. Cherry L happens to be one of the most amazing musicians in Saint Lucia, and now has gale through the Tri-State.

    Cherry, keep doing what you love. Giving me too many favourites. Your Fans are appreciative.

    Thumbs up! Way up!

    Bigger than Life!
    Cherry L to the World…

  25. To every man his own, and this is yours; talented and gifted. Keep Doing what you do. You know I have your back.
    Like the vibe, like the music.
    Nuff respec to de dancehall poet… big tings ah gwan.. Large up..


  26. So talented and down to earth. Such a great gift, keep it up.

  27. I’m so proud of you!! Not only because of your accomplishments but because of the struggles you managed to overcome to get to where you are today and the fact that you’re still ‘Mandela’. Keep smiling, keep singing and most importantly keep praying. :)

  28. Cherry, Keep on doing your stuff and be true to yourself. You make us all very proud to be fortunate to call you our home boy. Blessings!

  29. I am in Love with his voice and his features.Omg!!!! so cute and Talented!!! Make us proud hun

  30. Yeah..!!!Cherry you large..we got your back backhome homie…remember chillin with u in the streets back home and even hicking ride from salcc on an afternoon or even chillin by a football game…yeah my youte now u making it big more love man.

  31. WOW this man is talented! He has a unique style.

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  33. Great interview man…Good vibes…L to the World brother!!!

  34. great interview Nelson… I’m so proud of u. brought back memories of high school days with sessions on the steps of the TD block… you have come such a long way .. Keep reppin Cherry<<< we got ya back :p

  35. I loved it…love the way you bigged up our island and those around you. Keep it up cuz!!! Still gonna call you Cherry Lips though. lol.

  36. first time i heard cherry was at intersec sport and we mashin up the roof…i say boi got talent….u jus keep it real great interview…bless up my yute.. keep doin wht u best at…lucia to the world mi say

  37. I’m happy for you dog.I’m glade you never gave up.From day 1(Faces in the crowd)I lost my voice making noise for this guy.Cause I know he got something different and fresh to give.That wasn’t just givin to him.He had this from birth.Cause his mom got it.Keep doin ur thing dog.You gat this.1LUV.

  38. Great work as usual. Keep doing your thing and never give up!

  39. Hats off to the LHJ for shedding light on hard work and raw talent.I urge them to keep up the good work and also want to tip my glass of wine im drinking right now to Cherry Legend for being and inspiration to me and so many others….NO HOMO BUT I LOVE CHERRY L…….kabooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!

  40. very interesting interview! Never knew that the L meant all those things, lol. All the best and keep bringing out those great tracks!

  41. L to the world!!! Luv this guy. Keep representing

  42. Great job Mr. Cherry look forward to hearing u on radio and seeing u on tv. Do it for St.Lucia:)

  43. BIG UP CHERRY!!!!!! u doin big things repping us hard in new york!! continue the hard work it will mos def get u places.. of course we miss u down here.. and hey we ready for our show lol but stay blessed keep ur head up and continue makin us proud!! lots of love dude!! :)

  44. hey nice to see what you’ve achieved so far but keep rising the sky is the limit

  45. hey cherry, keep doing your thing, one day you must reach at the end of the tunnel and see the light!!!

  46. nice keep doing you thang….

  47. Genteel qualities in a total package..Loving your humble nature, your respect and appreciation of women and the fact that you keep true to yourself and your culture…Keep doing you…

  48. You have accomplished much but know that you have great things ahead of you so keep the pace and the faith. I know you will succeed. Much love

  49. I’m so proud of you Cherry! I know Jade will be proud as well. remember the little folks when (not I said when) you get that grammy…remember Bedford ave…much luv…tiff

  50. Well articulated and put together interview bro, keep making movements bro. Pepperskull…

  51. stay bless bro keep the good tunes coming

  52. you are trully one of ST. LUCIA’s best. keep up the good work of entertaining us. all the best to you, thumbs up to you, always.

  53. I think we all know that Cherry L is a talent!!! Not only is he an amazing person with a great personality and positive attitude about life at all times but he is also so creative with a huge artistic spirit!!!! This interview just shows pieces about him, but there is much more beautiful things we dont know about him….we should all wish him lots of luck in his music journey and support him to the fullest :)

  54. You are our Lucian Star!! I am indeed expecting you to grow and grow Nelson, I have wished you nothing but many many positive blessings in all you have accomplished and is about to. I am very proud of you and so is my family, you know that. To you I say, keep doing what you love, and do. Keep aiming high, keep your head high, there will be some obstacles, but never give up, attract positive energy, and I’m looking forward to more. I wish you More!! Love from your Neighbor, cousin and friend. Also from your fans in my house, who has nothing but love and respect for you…I know my daughter Jade, passes endless love…Go on Cherry L.

  55. Great interview……I’ve been admiring cherry from high school up till now and this guy keeps getting better and better .Its just someting bout his choice of words that pulls me and forget bout his looks I think the almighty took a little more time on him…..more love more support more blessings …luving it cherry ….st.lucia we Large.

  56. Ive always been a fan of Cherry L. Used to stop an stare a while at rehearsals. Embracing his unique style and i could tell you he is definately some good eye candy! Continue what you do Cherry! Im backing you 100%. St.Lucia on the Map

  57. I have known cherry l for over 20 years now and can testify to his star quality. I think it’s time for hime to reach a larger audience to display the talent and hard work he has put in over the years. Big up cherry l all time .

  58. Loved this interview cherry….we cant expect nun else but ur realness n thats y ur fans n frenz stay tru to u n support everything u do….stay focused and keep bein exactly who u r it can only get better evrytime…one luv…guidance.

  59. personally I know the artist from skool days and respect him for bussing of the scene in a time an place where dem ting is not normal.. I also respect d artist for remaining orignal and down to earth rooted and not corky and givin respect where respect due. I know fruit in due season gone ripe..bless

  60. I love ya my boy…………keep up the good work and stay strong n blessed. I am supporting you all the way. Do what you do best and that’s being you. Loads of love shabine!

  61. Nice interview, especially with the links to songs. Keep it real Cherry L, you check it

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  63. I’m still learning from you, as I’m making my way to the top as well. I absolutely love reading everything that is posted on your website.Keep the posts coming. I loved it!

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  74. Cherry L: I did just work with Jamaican producer Left Side, who has produced for dancehall superstars Sean Paul and Buju Banton, and another producer, Vigor, who has also worked with well-known Jamaican artists.
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