Tenley Molzahn Talks Episode 3 of The Bachelor

January 18, 2011 at 11:49 am , by

Aaron Young - 20100#139A62A[2]When in a dating relationship there is eventually that moment when you choose to reveal who you truly are, becoming completely vulnerable, and unmasked before the other person. On The Bachelor,  it’s hard to know when the right time to do this is, especially when you realize you’re sharing your deepest secrets and completely opening your heart to someone you may only know for a brief instant in your life, but not only that, you’re about to share your intimate life details to millions of viewers.

By week three of my journey on The Bachelor, I knew I needed to become completely vulnerable before Jake (my Bachelor), so that he would have a chance to know me, to know my story, and how it had changed my life and helped me become the woman I was sitting before him. While looking for my “right moment” to open up my heart, I wanted to play a little joke on him to break the ice. As the two of us finally found some good one-on-one time together I said, “I have something important to tell you… I’m pregnant.” I surprised myself, I couldn’t believe I could even keep a straight face, the poor guy; his heart was beating out of his chest! After what seemed like forever, but actually only seconds, I shouted out, “I’m kidding, I’m so sorry…” The poor guy… then I shared my personal story, because I found my “right time,” and became vulnerable not only before this man, but the world. I conquered.

As I watched this third week of The Bachelor, I couldn’t help but feel the butterflies for the ladies as they searched for their “right moment.” The personal stories each one shared brought tears to my eyes, a thumping in my heart and a sense of triumph for each of them for finding the courage to peel back the layers so that they could become vulnerable to allow the possibility of love. Even Miss Madison, “fang girl,” showed how vulnerability is such a beautiful thing.

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  1. Why is she writting about this show?Her 15 minutes of fame were up LONG ago. Why can’t these fame seeking missles, that have NO talent whatsoever, just keep they day job and go back to a normal life. This is one person who will NEVER gain fame in Hollywood. She has NOTHING to offer.

  2. Oh, Phyllis, lay off the jealousy.. I can tell by taking time out of your day to sit here, read her blog and then put her down, means you have NOTHING to offer. Maybe lay off the internet, if you just want to put people down. There is no need for that. Get a grip on life.

  3. She is writing about her feelings. If you have a problem with it or her, why are you reading it?? Just to throw negativity out there?? Sad :(
    Tenley is a beautiful person, both inside and outside. She is always positive and is a great role model.
    I’m sorry you felt the need to bash her. :(

  4. Awww-I watch The Bachelor and have for years and love that this year many of the the former contestants are blogging or writing about their thoughts about the show. I especially love to hear from Tenley. Keep up the positive attitude Tenley and know that there are many of us that love to hear from you.

  5. Always one nut job surfing the internet. Isn’t it medication time yet Phyllis?

  6. Tenley seems like an awesome person and I enjoy reading her Bachelor insights and opinions! I wish you and Kip all the best, Tenley.

  7. I agree with the original post. Although it is stated a little harsh. I’m sure Tenley is a great person but I think its time to get real. She was on a dating show for six weeks and it didn’t work out. She learned a lot I’m sure but now go live your life. I don’t think going on the bachelor is what we should want for a role model for our children. I think its 2/16 have resulted in marriages. Poor odds and not something to look up to. Really we don’t “know” her. She does appear to want continued fame and thats too bad. Just be ahppy and live your life!

  8. I second the above. I don’t want to say anything negative about Tenely personaly since I don’t know her alothough I did loose respect for her after going on the bachelor pad (but that’s just my personal opinion). The Bachelor is entertainment not reality hence so many couples breaking up. I’m not really that interested in Tenley’s insight. I watch the show for a good laugh with girlfriends but in no way think this is something to try and aspire to. I have seen her and Kiptyn’s post of themselves in magaiznes and talking about going to kim kardashins party etc and they appear to be quite into themselves and have let the attention go to their head which is unfortunate.

  9. That being said. I wouldn’t mind hearing from a girl on the current show like Emily or Ashley. It is interesting to get a little insight with the current constestants but I’m not interested in all the past years runner ups. I think they should take the experience for what it was and hopefully they had fun and then go back to reality. Life is still fun and relationships are meaningful even when no one is watching!!

  10. Sh. Everyone loves Tenley. She will be around for a while whether you like it or not (but I think you’re the only one who doesn’t like it).

  11. For those who are posting negative comments on here why are you reading this if you have a problem with it? Tenley gives her opinion for those who care. I personally enjoy reading to get insight from a person who has been on the show and knows what’s going on. You all don’t have to read this and especially post something negative. Tenley takes time to write this for people who care, not people who enjoy bashing people for no reason. Tenley really inspired me on the show and this is a way that I can still be inspired, it makes me sad that there are people who take time out of their day to be mean when its unnecessary. Keep writing Tenley you’re awesome!

  12. I am not posting negative comments about her personally. I’m sure she is a nice person. I read it just as you because I was curious what she would still be writing about. Like I said I wouldn’t mind a little insight from the current contestants. Personally if a girl on reality TV inspires you then that’s a little wierd to me. I’m entitled to an opinion just as you are. Tenely wants attention so whether its negative or positive she is getting it. If it appropriate for you to say how inspirering she is then it is also just as appropriate for me to say that I don’t think she should be a role model or something to aspire to.

  13. And to the person who said I’m the only one who doesn’t like it. That’s just not true. I may be rare as one who would waste my time posting but many many people do not care and think its ridiculous.

  14. And one last thing to the person who said how nice of Tenley to take time out to write this….um she gets paid and gets to keep herself in the “public” eye. It is not because she cares so much that she takes the time to write to her “fans” lol. Anyway, I’m dumb for taking the time to write as well! To each their own!

  15. So sad that people have to be so mean and jealous…Keep living your life according to your purpose and God will never misdirect you Tenley!! Personally, I think you’re awesome and an inspiration to a lot of young girls. Some “young ladies” on reality TV should look to you for a positive example. You have a great heart, not mean spirited bone in your body (unlike the few on this post,) you live your life with wonderfully positive morals and values, and are walking the path that God has placed you on. Unlike “Phyllis” and “Joyce,” I seek out your views because I like to see what is going on in your life and am so happy that what started out as a painful ending to your initial experience turned into a positive and hopeful future for you and Kiptyn. Some people just don’t understand that God created this path for you and purposely placed you on Bachelor Pad for a reason. EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason people, and it’s time nonbelievers woke up and learned the truth! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TENLEY AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!! P.S. Before anyone decides to post on-line, please hit SPELL CHECK ;-) You’re just showing your true ignorance!

  16. Just a reminder to keep it civil, guys. We want this to be a space where we can have (sometimes heated) debates about everything from health to pop culture, but remember to respect each other’s opinions.

  17. I’m really not spending much time on this so I really don’t care too much about spell check. Ignorance is believing everything happens for a reason. People make choices. She choose to go on bachelor pad. God didn’t make her. Anyway, my opinion may be different then yours and that is fine.

  18. Also to whoever called me a #%&! that seems very unnecessary. I just don’t understand why people would be so infatuated with someone on tv for a dating show. Like I said I’m sure she’s nice but saying how she has high morals and is an inspiration etc. is extreme when you don’t know someone and they were on a reality show of 6 weeks and are still talking about it over a year later. Let it go and move on.

  19. The reason that I can say those positive things about Tenley is because I have followed her on Facebook, where you can learn a great deal about people…anyway, I don’t need to explain myself to you. People who believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior also believe that he leads us in our daily lives. I don’t really know your religious background, but I will pray that you too will have the privilege of realizing this in your life as well. The universe isn’t an accident, all of this was planned!!

  20. Not really sure how comments about a reality person has turned into a theology discussion. I do have a religious background and don’t need the God card played as that is highly manipulative move and something that is not concrete and very personal. I believe God is there to guide and help us but there is free choice and whether you pray or not people are able and capable of making their own choices which may not always be right. Believing in God or being a “Christian” is not a label to use to justify good and bad things that happen or choices that are made.

  21. Hey Heidi, Since you played the God card. Let me remind people of this comment made by Tenley on the bachelor,as she looked into the camera in front of MILLIONS of people.
    I would never date a non christian man. A non christian man,would not fit into my life. My personal relationship with God is my most important relationship and a non christian man, is not part of Gods plan for me. Then why is she so gaga over the non christian Kiptyn? She rarely goes to church on Sundays cause her Sundays are now for Kiptyn instead. If a person says one thing and lives their life another way. Does that not make them a hypocrite? And Joyce i agree with you 100% she is hardly a role model or an inspiration. I would not want a 26yr old quitter her job to be famous,be a role model for anyone.

  22. Being on TWO reality shows. She’s opened her life up to be talked about by people.Freedom of speech also gives us the right to voice how we feel. Like it or not.

  23. Reading an earlier comment of yours Heidi
    Kiptyn and Tenley were an item before bachelor pad even began filming. Tenley said in MAY when asked if she was the next bachelorette. I’m in a relationship right now, i have a boyfriend. I’m in love with him and hes the one for me. ABC made them wait until the show was over to go public, and ABC picked the Emmys as the place for them to go public to make it look like bachelor pad was where they began the relationship, so why would Tenley make that comment in MAY. When Tenley made the announcement her and Kiptyn were an item. Why wasn’t he standing there next to her???He was standing off to the side.

  24. While I think the attacks are becoming personal and no one really needs a theology lesson on a blog, perhaps it is time that we stop infatuating our lives with reality stars and take a closer look at the reality that is around us. While I do agree that Tenley appeared to be a very sweet and nice individual on the Bachelor, none of us (aside from her family and friends) really know who she truly is. I am not denying that she is absolutely gorgeous, neither am I saying anything negative about her, however, I am not sure I understand how everyone can come across saying that shes so nice, and wonderful and moral and etc etc. Unless you’re stalking her, you don’t know what she is like or who she is. Tenley – if you come across this – I am not accusing you of being a horrible person, in fact, I can assume that you’re a pretty nice person. However, it would be wrong and presumptuous of me to just assume that you must be this beautiful person because thats the way you appeared on TV. I am sure that some of the bloggers on here are mothers, do you really teach your children to trust and believe everything that they see on TV? Just my 2 cents.

  25. I’m surprised LHJ has allowed these comments to get out of hand like this.

  26. I agree with Kay. I don’t have anything negative to say about Tenley but I don’t think we should be making these reality “stars” into role models. I wish her and Kiptyn all the best but wish they weren’t trying so hard to be in the lime light.

  27. Some people need to have a little respect. If she wants to write about this then write. If you are going to complain about it don’t read it.

  28. Victoria…I assume that Miley Cyrus, Snookie, The Situation and etc. are more the kind of people we want our children looking up to. Get a clue girl!!!!!

  29. No definitely not. I don’t think any of those people should be role models (not sure what you mean by get a clue?) That is exactly my point. Martin Luther King…Great role model! Thats the problem we praise people like the situation, Snookie (which by the way Kiptyn and Tenly proudly announced they were hanging out with on a yacht). None of these reality starts should be role models for our kids.

  30. I am in shock. I have always considered LHJ as a class magazine. It isn’t another People or US. To read some of the comments here is absolutely shocking to me. These comments are the same comments that are written on the blogs of rag magazines. I am so disappointed!!

  31. Well, The Bachelor isn’t exactly a very classy show and a reality stars insight into being vulnerable while dating a man you’ve known for 3 wks that is dating 10-20 other girls on TV isn’t exactly the best dating/relationship advice out there.

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  33. It’s interesting to see people bashing Tenley, or reality stars of this “classless” show and others, saying that they are still seeking their 15 minutes of fame. True – they are ordinary people, just like us, who happened to become at least partly famous because they chose to go on a reality dating show. And maybe they are still seeking fame, and maybe they aren’t – but if you are so opposed to them still receiving fame, then why keep giving it to them (which is what you are doing, even if it is by putting them down)?Victoria stated that we don’t really “know” her, and I agree. But if that’s the case – and many of you seemed to agree that we don’t know her, or any of these reality stars – then how do you know enough about them to know that they are just here to seek fame, or that some of them are not actually worthy of being role models in how they live out their real every day lives? So they chose to go on a dating show, rather than the new Oprah network show to become your own TV host. So they might have said one thing, and acted completely different. All of us are human, all of us live our lives in less than “classy” ways at some point or another. A “role model” is defined as someone who is worthy of imitation or models a particular behavior that someone else would want to then repeat. Each of us should be striving to be a role model for whoever it is that sees us, be it our immediate family, or followers of a national reality show. But, I’m certain all of us do things unworthy of being imitated by anyone we know or don’t know. If you don’t want these people as role models in the lives of your children, then as a parent its your job to act as the filter. And, as an adult, if you don’t think their lives are worthy of being modeled after, then you are responsible for choosing to live differently than them. But, being judgmental and putting down others I don’t even know, is certainly not a trait I want to model for anyone else in my life or one I want modeled by others to my future children.

  34. I agree with the above statement. However when someone decides to go on 2 reality shows they are opening themselves up to being looked at differently. Everyone makes mistakes but do you need to go on national television and do a kissing contest, make a nasty survey about other girls in the house (who has the worst boob job etc. which Tenley won at) and all the other horribly tacky things she did on that show.

    That is enough to say this is not something to aspire to or model after. The worst part is she gets fame for this type of behavior. Its really not her as much as a poor reflection on our society. I think it is perfectly acceptable to say this is not okay and not to go with the the infatuation people have because she was on TV of a few weeks and post pretty pictures on FB and twitters.

    We should be commending people in society who are daily living their lives for good not to boast about it on twitter etc but just to be assets in their community.

    Like I said I’m sure she’s nice but I don’t think its right to idolize her when really her actions weren’t that great and its a sleezy cheap entertainment show.

    The fact that people delude themselves into thinking that it is a show about real love and committment are misguided and it actually disrespectful to what love and marraige should be. Anyway, I do no think these people should be given so much attention for basically nothing. I agree this gives them more attention so I’m officially done:)

  35. People should not put mean things on here. Tenley is such a lovely person!

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