Tenley Molzahn Talks Episode 4 of The Bachelor

January 25, 2011 at 11:29 am , by

Aaron Young - 20100#139A62A[2]Being on The Bachelor is certainly a challenge for the women for obvious reasons. There are several ladies vying for one man’s attention, hoping to have the greatest connection and to be the last girl standing in the end. For myself, it was a quiet battle in my head and heart, and as I watched this week’s episode I remembered all of those emotions. Just like Brad’s women started to break down as they were gaining connections and feelings for him, the women on my season did the same. It almost became a daily thing to hear that someone was packing their bags to go home, yet none of them really did leave, and as the emotions grew deeper the more intense it became for all of us.

When I stepped out of the limo on the very first night I had no expectations—I didn’t even think I’d make it past the first night. Not having expectations helped, but I still fought my own insecurities and doubts as I fell for my Bachelor hoping I’d be that girl that he would share a very special connection with. It was hard, because in the beginning of the journey I had to share most of my time on group dates and I even went a week not sharing any quality time with him. I began to doubt any connection as I saw him connecting with the others. As I quietly struggled, I realized I wasn’t the only woman there wanting that man’s attention or favor. We all wanted to have a fair chance to get to know him and test the waters. Once I became conscious of this I began to build confidence in who I was and trust in knowing that if we were meant to be we would be. I couldn’t force it.

It’s hard to watch these women go through this psychological roller coaster as they all fall for Brad. I just wish I could tell them what I learned. It will be interesting to see how these women handle themselves in the coming weeks. I’m curious to see if the dynamics from this week will break one of them…