5 Stick-to-Your-Workout Tips from Harley Pasternak

February 1, 2011 at 10:41 am , by

Harley PasternakYou may remember celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak from last August’s outdoor workout story. Since we’re officially one month into our weight loss resolutions (and we wish we looked a little more like Jennifer Hudson and Katy Perry), we asked him for some tips to stick with your workout, and to make sure you don’t get injured while doing it:

  1. Keep Moving. Many of us let sore muscles or common injuries derail our fitness routines. The key is to not let them become an excuse to give up all together. You can actually work out around injuries, by temporarily trying out a different activity focused on other muscle groups, and making sure you’re properly treating your injuries to get back on track. Sore muscles or sprains, for instance, can be treated with bandages/braces or hot and cold therapy.
  2. Exercise Hidden Muscles. As a culture that celebrates flat tummies and sculpted pecs, many people actually overdevelop muscles on the front of the body because these are most visible when we look in the mirror. When some muscles are overdeveloped, others tend to not be developed enough, and that leaves you susceptible to injury. The key to address this is to work towards balance by assessing where your vulnerabilities lie, and focusing on the antagonistic muscles (the triceps to your biceps, the hamstrings to your quads) during your workouts.
  3. Choose Your Footwear Carefully. It’s important to wear shoes that are the right fit for the activity you are doing. If you are walking, wear walking shoes, and if you’re running, wear running shoes. Cross-trainers are great for activities that require quick side-to-side movements or fast changes between different fitness activities.
  4. Work Out at Home. You don’t need to spend a fortune on fitness gear to work out at home. Cans of soup or led pipes are just as effective as dumbbells. You can also try my 3-in-1 barbell/dumbbell kit called the Harley Bar, which was specifically designed for my celebrity clients who are sometimes too busy to make it to the gym.  Simple muscle strengthening exercises help prevent your chances of getting injured, so maintain your strength with household items when you can’t make it to the gym.
  5. Adjust to the Weather. When it’s cold outside, your muscles aren’t as warm or pliable and are at a higher risk for injury. Throw snow and ice into the mix, and winter weather can wreak havoc on your body. If the weather is cold and you want to exercise outside, make sure to thoroughly warm up your muscles first, and to bundle up with 2-3 layers.  For everyday outdoor activities, avoid sudden movements. When you first step outside remember that your muscles are cold, so also try not to sprint to catch the bus or run when you are late to work.

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