Snow Safety: Even Sledding Has Its Risks. Wear a Helmet!

February 2, 2011 at 1:31 pm , by

A few of my friends think I should consider staying far, far away from snow sports. I don’t know what they are talking about. Sure, there was the mild traumatic brain injury, whiplash and vertigo from a snowboarding accident, that took a year and a half and lots of physical therapy to resolve. And then there was the black eye (and maybe a mild concussion?) from that idiot who didn’t wait his turn when we were snow tubing. Oh yeah, and the time in high school when the sled hit bare road and stopped, and I continued, face first on gravel, with my little sister on top of me. And, well, I am currently nursing what I hope is not some sort of  rotator-cuff damage from pushing a giant boulder of wet snow on Sunday. My son and I were building a snow sofa. Hey, the snofa is an essential backyard accessory! (That’s him and me chilling on it, below, and him goofing around while sledding, at right.)

Snow is pretty, fluffy and fun as heck to build with, roll in, and slide down at warp speeds, and I am not about to back off from enjoying it, injuries or no. After a good snowfall I feel like about 80 percent of the whole point of having had a kid is being able to go sledding at age 47 without anyone thinking I’m immature. My kid is 4, so I’ve got sledding carte blanche through my mid-50s at least. But I do have a good deal of personal experience with the downside of hurtling down snowy slopes, so when I saw the press release today from the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott’s Children’s Hospital,  recommending the use of helmets while sledding, I knew they were absolutely right. Their number of sledding-related admissions has doubled this year, due to the extra-snowy weather. Check out their important recommendations and safety tips. And then put on your helmet, get out there and have fun! I can’t be the only one who thinks this winter has been AWESOME. (Or am I? Let me know either way!)

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8 Responses to “Snow Safety: Even Sledding Has Its Risks. Wear a Helmet!”

  1. I will just go on and tell you right now that you might as well get “I have a loser mom” embroidered on your kid’s parka if you make him wear a helmet while sledding. How do I know? Because my children have been conveying this information for at least the last 15 years, as I am the only mother in our neighborhood who insists on the use of helmets.

    Also, my verdict on this winter: NOT AWESOME.

  2. LOL. I believe you on the “loser mom” thing! By the way, readers, Margaret, despite her grinch-like attitude toward snow and loser mom status, is secretly a fun-loving gal. She’s the LHJ writer who did a great piece on the importance of play–including sledding! Check it out here:

  3. Yes. Yes, you are the only one who finds this winter awesome. ;-)

  4. This winter has been AWESOME !
    And you’re no loser mom if you bother to get out and make a snow sofa – how cool is that? We like to make snow sculptures as well (no helmets required) like snow turtles and snow snakes. My son tells me the way to judge a good winter is by the number of SNOW DAYS. Greater than three snow days = AWESOME winter. Today is the ninth or tenth snow day so far this year…yippee.

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